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The festive events devoted to Vasil Levski's memory

The actions devoted to memory of one of the most famous fighters for liberation of Bulgaria from the Turkish yoke of Vasil Levski took place on February 19th, 2017 in Pazardzhik. The solemn procession and a flower-laying to a monument of the historical figure took place in honor of memory of the hero. A city management, many citizens and guests of Pazardzhik participated in festive events.

Creation of an educational orchard

The educational orchard is created near Bezier's city in the settlement of Gargayan. The garden is created by representatives of service "Gardens and Parks" of city administration with assistance of the local commune. It is located in the former wine-growing nurseries and occupies an area of 1.5 hectares. 40 trees were planted , each of which is provided with a plate with explanatory information. Availability of training will allow a relevant field lessons, excursions to acquaint the schoolchildren with the natural cycle of plants, train them to care for trees and protect nature.

Meetings for the beginning entrepreneurs

Within the organization of seminars for the beginning entrepreneurs devoted to business opening bases, the meeting with Kelly Marki, the founder and the chief executive of "Dorothy's House" will take place in March, 2017. A main objective of a meeting – rendering assistance to young entrepreneurs in opening of business on the basis of an own experience of investment attraction, conducting marketing and business activity.

Job fair in the city of Zhenjiang

The job fair took place on February 19 in Zhenjiang in which more than 60 companies took part. More than 1200 workplaces were provided to job seekers. Holding two more job fairs for students and graduates of the highest and average educational institutions, and also other residents interested in job search are planned.

Programs of social support to the Armenian families from Syria

The Yerevan city hall continues to give various social support to the Armenian families from Syria living in the capital. The number of migrants from Syria to Armenia has made about 22 000 people from whom 90-95% live in the Yerevan. Programs for social support are aimed at providing prime needs of the Syrian Armenians, providing the social help, an opportunity for training of children, and also their integration into public and cultural life.

Construction of the plant on water purification in Chandzhou

Construction of the first stage of the plant on water purification of "Changdanghu" with a total amount of investments of 700 million yuans, it is planned to finish in June, 2017. It is one of the largest projects of the province, start to which it was given in October, 2015. The project will be of 135 000 sq.m with capacity of water supply of 300 thousand tons daily. Now construction of waterworks is complete, engineers started installation of the equipment and testing of capacities. After putting into operation the plant will provide water supply of the area Dzhintane.


Meeting with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Bulgaria
On February 17, 2017 the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Bulgaria A.A. Makarov paid a visit to the city of Pazardjik. The mayor of Pazardjik, representatives of the municipality and the embassy took part in the meeting.
The mayor of  Pazardjik acquainted representatives of the embassy with social and economic development of the city of Pazardjik. Much attention during the meeting was paid to the issues of development of friendly sister relations of the cities of Stavropol and Pazardjik which have more than 45-year history. The ambassador of the Russian Federation highly appreciated a long-term cooperation of sister cities. At the meeting it was offered to develop interaction between Russia and Bulgaria, in particular in the sphere of economy and tourism.

Opening of an art exhibition in the city of Pazardzhik

The exhibition will be open at the beginning of March, 2017 in Art gallery of the city of Pazardzhik. It will be devoted to the 130 anniversary since the birth of the famous artist of the sister city Georgi Maschew. Works of collections of National gallery of Bulgaria, the National ethnographic museum of Bulgaria, the National military and historical museum of Bulgaria, art salons of Bulgaria will be a will be presented at an exhibition. Within the action with assistance of city administration Pazardzhik the release of the catalog of creative works of the artist is planned.

Title of honor appointment to the city of Bezier
The Ministry of Culture of the French Republic appointed Bezier the "City of Art and History" rank. This title is given to the cities in which consecutive work on preserving, recovery and promoting of the historical heritage is conducted. 
 In the world more than 180 cities and countries have this honor title. In Bezier there are 32 historical, cultural, natural and architectural significant objects, and also rich intangible heritage.
Award of the "City of Art and History" rank promotes increase in a tourist flow and, as a result, development of city economy.
Rewarding of active citizens of Des Moines
The ceremony of delivery of awards of the award " Juice and the Young Professionals Connection— 2016" to citizens for an active civic stand was held on February 9 in the sister city of Des Moines. 12 finalists in several categories were marked out for a big contribution to development and improvement of Des Moines in various city’s spheres. Young specialists, representatives of a business community and the public participated in the ceremony.

The 4th Selection Activities of Top 100 Virtue Students in Zhenjiang
February 13th is the first day of Zhenjiang 300 thousands students going back to school from their winter vacation. This day the 4th Selection Activities of Top 100 Virtue Students also starts. The head of Educational bureau of Zhenjiang municipal government said that to know being good and helping each other is the first class that all the students need to learn.

Meeting with the representative of Corporation on network energy services
The mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan met the chairman of the board of Corporation on network energy services (NES) Ghaith of Madi. The company performing activities in the international market is a world leader in the sphere of energy saving. The Armenian side provided programs of a cooperation with various international organizations, and also successful examples of projects implementation on increase in energy efficiency. By results of a meeting the agreement on creation of a working group for a further cooperation was reached.
Visit to the scientific-industrial zone in Wujin district of the city of Changzhou
On February 14 this year the delegation of Hong Kong and Macau leaders and specialists of foreign countries participated in the 1st Session of the 14th Changzhou Municipal Committee of CPPCC, and also visited the scientific and industrial zone in Wujin district of the city of Changzhou. Members of delegation examined achievements of the China-Israel Innovation Park and modern expo halls. They highly appreciated the economic and social development that Changzhou reached in recent years.


The IV National meeting of experts in the field of education

The IV National meeting of experts in the field of education was held in the sister city of Pazardzhik during the period from February 8 to February 10. The city hall of the sister city together with National association of the Bulgarian communities organized this action. About 200 teachers of the Republic of Bulgaria participated in the National meeting. They discussed the main priority questions of development of education in Bulgaria, and also exchanged experience of the practical solution of problems.

Works on improvement of urban areas of Bezier

The Bezier city administration pays much attention to questions of improvement of the city. Works in the territory adjacent to the Les Halles mall were begun. Creation modern parking spaces, increase in level of the carriageway is provided, installation of a tiled covering and curbstone will be created following the results of works. These measures will allow to create the safety pedestrian zone around the building of the city, significant for historical heritage. Further this urban area will be used for holding city actions, and also installation of trade tents.

Seminar for entrepreneurs in the city of Des Moines

The seminar concerning business development will be held in March of this year in the sister city of Des Moines. Consolidation of a business community "Greater Des Moines Partnership" together with consulting and law companies of the city will be organized by actions. The purpose of the workshop is to help budding entrepreneurs, Iowa as quickly as possible to be realized in the market of goods and services by attracting investors and equity capital. The issues of forming a business strategy, efficient use of resources and implementation of equity participation in companies etc. will be discussed at the seminar.

Achievements of the sister city of Chzhentszyan

On January 28, 2017, in the first day of the Chinese New year, the team of the sister city of Chzhentszyan won the VI Ping-Pong World Cup which was held in London (Great Britain). The Chinese team is not professional that attracted unprecedented interest in success of team both in Zhenjiang, and in the country. On return athletes met in a festive atmosphere.

Municipal-private partnership of the sister city of Yerevan

On February 4, the representatives of the municipality of Yerevan visited the construction site of the sports club "Reebok". The facility is being built in accordance with international standards and on the basis of a franchising agreement signed with the world famous trade mark Reebok. The cost of the project is 23 million euros, of which at the moment invested about € 19.5 million. The opening of the sports club is scheduled for April 2017. About 300 new jobs will be created on the basis of the facility for 3 years.

Construction of a production object in Chandzhou's sister city

The ceremony of laying of the base of the project on production of polymeric composite materials with a total amount of investments of 5 billion yuans took place on February 4 of this year in the city County Liyan of the sister city of Chandzhou. Products intended for electromobile accumulators will be issued on the basis of the Japanese technology. Entering of an object in operation is planned for the I quarter 2019 with an expected annual sales return to 7.2 billion yuans.


Conference for young people in Pazardzhik

Conference "Aim at success" will be held in Pazardzhik, in the period from 4 to 5 February 2017. "The Council of youth policy" and students of the sister city organizers of the event. During the conference, youth activists of the city will discuss the development of information technology and graphic design, the important role of motivation in achieving goals. Thematic lectures also will be held.

A favorable "business climate" of the city of Beziers

In recent years, more innovative small and large firms, and various businesses choose the city of Beziers for the placement of production facilities. Among them, firms that lead the construction and development of industrial and social spheres. Plant for the manufacture of food products and packaging were opened and are successfully working now. The nuclear medicine centre is also under construction.

Achievements of the city of Des Moines in the economic sphere

The annual reception for representatives of business community was held on January 24 in an adopt town Des Moines. Consolidation of a business community "Greater Des Moines Partnership" is the organizer of the event. During the action the activities results of this organization for 2016 were summed up, in the context of joint operation they discussed achievements. Among achievements: investment attraction on the amount of $569 million, opening of 12 new companies, and also implementation of 24 business projects. Strategic directions in a business environment in 2017 are considered.

Celebration of the Chinese New year 

On January 28, 2017 residents of the sister city of Chzhentszyan celebrated the Chinese New year. According to the Chinese philosophy every year has the designation depending on zodiac signs and five elements of elements. The come year became a fiery rooster. According to Chinese in the first day of New year the spring begins and there is an awakening of the nature therefore the second name of the Chinese new year – the Spring festival. The meeting of New year begins with a family dinner. In Zhenjiang the set of festive actions is dated for New year: show of lamps, start of fireworks, carnival processions. As it is considered that the holiday will be louder, the more happily and more joyfully there will pass year.

Meeting with representatives of the Oracle company

On February 02 of this year the mayor of an adopt town Taron Margaryan met representatives of Oracle. The company is the largest American corporation on development of the software for the organizations. During the meeting the Armenian side provided the planned projects and the available results in the sphere of electronic control. The arrangement on creation of a working group became a meeting result. The group will develop the acceptable directions of a possible cooperation in case of implementation in Yerevan of the concept "Smart city".

Achievements of an adopt town of Chandzhou in the field of innovative development 

According to the report on the innovative development of the Province of Jiangsu prepared by scientific and technical institute of a strategic development of the province it became known that the "100 best high-technology entities of Jiangsu of 2016" list included 12 companies of an adopt town of Chandzhou. Among them - the entity of the energy industry overworking automobile, etc. The list is created on the basis of information on use of advanced technologies of production and the latest raw materials for production.


The international festival in the sister city of Pazardzhik

During the period from January 26 to January 29, 2017 the traditional international festival "Winter Musicales of the Prof. Ivan Spasov" will be held in the Pazardzhik’ Maestro Georgi Atanasoff hall. The famous musicians of France and Greece, young Bulgarian performers will participate in the festival organized by the city hall of the sister city. The exhibition of theme "Classical Music on a Record Player Plate" will work within the action. Works of symphonic orchestra of the sister city will sound for inhabitants and guests of Pazardzhik.

The fair "Book Avenues"

From February to December, 2017 in the territory of Paul's Avenues Ric of Bezier the fair "Book Avenues" which will include a wide range of editions – from ancient volumes to modern comics will be monthly held. An opportunity to choose magazines, collections of journalism, collection and popular editions, novels, the essay, scientific works, books on art, entertainments, encyclopedias, educational literature, guides, and also cards and posters will be provided to inhabitants and guests of sister city. Sellers of printed materials and bibliopoles will provide necessary information, give help in the choice of books.

Celebration of the Chinese New year

The Chinese New year - traditionally family holiday which can be celebrated in a circle of the family. In this regard on the eve of New Year's holidays the temporary migration when many Chinese come home to spend days together with a family is observed. This year from January to February about three billion moving will suppose. Nearly 1/10 part of trips are carried out by railway transport.

Visit of Yerevan delegation to the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic

During the period since January 19 and 20 the delegation headed by the mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan was in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) on an official visit. During stay the meetings with the president and the prime minister of NKR, and also the mayor of Stepanakert took place. During the meeting questions about implementation of a cooperation program between republics capitals, multidimensional interaction at the regional and local levels were discussed, the perspective directions of a further cooperation were planned. Within the visit members of delegation visited organizations of the social sphere of Stepanakert. Meetings of heads of administrative areas of Yerevan with heads of areas and cities of Artsakh (NKR) took place.

Preparation for celebration of the Chinese New year

On the eve of the Chinese New year more than 150 guests from 23 countries and regions of Europe, SA and South-East Asia arrived in our sister city of Changzhou to participate in the celebrations. Many city-wide holiday events organized in Changzhou: the concert of the famous youth Chinese orchestra was held, VII "Show Lantern" was opened. The show includes seven themed zones with thousands of lanterns and covers an area of over 200 thousand sq. m.


Art exhibition in the city of Pazardzhik 

The exhibition of the famous artist, the founder Sodruzhestva of artists of the city Boris Rezov opened on January 20, 2017 in Art gallery of Stanislav Dospevsky of the city of Pazardzhik. More than 50 pictures painted in 2016 were presented at the exhibition. It should be noted that fifteen personal exhibitions took place at the artist earlier. His works are in private collections of Bulgaria and various countries of the world. More than 120 works performed in a genre painting, plasticity and a sculpture were property of Art gallery of Stanislav Dospevsky.

The opening of the exhibition in the Regional historical Museum of Pazardzhik

24 January 2017 the exhibition will be opened in the Regional historical Museum of Pazardzhik. It is dedicated to honorary citizen of the city Ivan Batakliev, who was the famous Bulgarian scientist, author of many scientific papers in the field of geography, Ethnography, geopolitics, geography of settlements. Historical materials, academic manuscripts, photographs, attesting to the research and teaching activities, as well as scientist awards will be presented at the exhibition.

Festival of truffles in Bezier's city

"The festival of truffle" will take place for the first time on January 22 on Paul's Avenues Ric Bezier's cities. The sound of a hunting horn will inform on the beginning of an action then the fair will be solemnly open. Truffles and local gastronomic products it will be provided. More than 10 producers of the region will participate. Visitors of a fair will be able to taste the truffle dish called in the people by "food of the gods" and also to purchase all necessary for their preparation. Restaurants of the city will provide for gourmets the updated menu on the basis of this product of French cuisine. Also demonstration performances of collectors of the truffles working with specially trained animals on search of mushrooms will be held during the fair.

Approval of the Action plan on steady energy development of the city of Yerevan

The joint research center in case of the European Commission approved the Action plan on sustainable energy development of Yerevan. The relevant activities directed to energy saving, an energy efficiency and application of the recovered power in such sectors as transport, street lighting, public services and also in residential and public buildings are included in the project. Accomplishment of these measures will allow to reduce emission of carbon dioxide at least, than by 20% till 2020.

Acceptance of delegation of the province Satakunta (Finland) in Chandzhou  

Within implementation of the Agreement on establishment of friendly twinning communications on January 9 of this year of the vice-mayor Chandzhou mister Fang Guoqiang met members of official delegation of the city of Satakunta (Finland). For the purpose of development of a cooperation in the social sphere the Finnish guests visited pensioner's houses and public organizations. They studied experience of provision of support and senior care by people, questions of the organization of medical attendance of the unprotected segments of the population. During stay of Satakunt official delegation the decision on carrying out "Weeks of Chandzhou" in 2017 was accepted.


Celebration of the 139 anniversary of release of the city of Pazardzhik

On January 14, 2017 inhabitants and city visitors Pazardzhik will celebrate the 139 anniversary of release of the sister city by the Russian troops from an Ottoman yoke. This day flowers be laid at monument of the general N. P. Brock. He was a commander of vanguard of the Russian troops which were taking part in release of the city of Pazardzhik. The exhibition devoted to a historical event will open in the Regional historical museum. Residents Pazardzhik will submit documents, photos, historical materials and household items.

Fund raising for restoration works

Due to the expensive restoration works planned in Bezier, the city hall announced fund raising. Works will be carried out on the fountain of the Titan – the best creation of the famous sculptor Inzhalber, and also on the plateau of Poets. Fund raising on the charitable purposes Bezier's city hall is practiced not for the first time. So, in 2015 residents of Bezier raised more than a half of funds for creation of a monument to the mayor of sister city Kazimir Pere.

Urban consumer fair

In the framework of the festive Christmas events the 5th urban consumer fair dedicated to the Chinese new year took place in early January. A wide variety of consumer goods were presented at the fair. Residents had the opportunity to acquire the necessary food, and other merchandise at reasonable prices and good quality.

Cultural events in the sister city Yerevan

For the first time from 2 to 5 January, the museums were open for free visits by citizens and guests of the Armenian capital. It was held on the occasion of New year and Christmas and in the framework of the program of events "New year in Yerevan 2017". Tourists from Russia, China, EU countries and CIS countries visited the Museum of history of Yerevan city historical and archeological Museum-reserve "Erebuni" and the Museum of modern art. The students of border villages also visited museums.

The Chinese-Finnish forum in the city of Chandzhou 

For the purpose of development of the international multidimensional interaction the I Chinese-Finnish forum concerning development of a cooperation in the field of education was held on January 8, 2017 in Chandzhou. A management of Chandzhou’s bureau of municipal education and bureau of foreign affairs, representatives of China’s various universities, and also the mayor of Chandzhou’s sister city - Satakunta (Finland) participated in an action. The main activities in the field of education, questions of implementation of the international exchange are considered in a forum work progress. Training opportunities students of sister cities was discussed. 


The Christmas football tournament in Pazardzhik

XVII traditional Christmas football tournament was organized by the municipality of the Community of Pazardjik in the period from 24 to 26 December. Thirty-nine teams of the Republic of Bulgaria participated in the event. Representatives of local authorities, residents and guests of the city attended the tournament. During the competition, the team of Bratsigovo, Pazardzhik province took the first place. Rewarding the best players in various categories was held as a result of the tournament.

The creative contest in the sister city

City Hall and Children's complex of the sister city Pazardzhik organized contest "Make Good on Christmas", in which children in the age from 7 to 18 took part. More than 500 postcards, pictures, Christmas gifts were represented to the organizing committee. On December 22, 2016 during the closing ceremony of the event the Mayor of Pazardzhik Community Todor Popov congratulated the winners and participants.

The restoration works in Beziers

The Acropolis, on the territory of which in the past were the bishops Palace, a prison, a Cathedral, a monastery, at present is the most important part of the historical heritage of beziers. In this regard, the city administration adopted a decision on restoration of the Acropolis with the purpose of placing in its ancient buildings the modern hotel complex class "Lux", and the religious art Museum. Hotel, SPA with wine therapy, wine cellar and a restaurant will be part of the hotel complex.

Forum of young entrepreneurs - 2016 

On December 27 this year the Forum of young entrepreneurs - 2016 was held in the city of Zhenjiang, more than 10 000 people took part in its work. The young  businessmen had an opportunity to discuss the prospects of development of business activity, to make business contacts, to exchange experience in the sphere of business.

New Year’s festivities

In spite of the fact that the celebration of Christian Christmas and New Year on December 31 is considered to be the European tradition, the city of Zhenjiang was prepared for these loved by all holidays. New Year trees are set and decorated, bright festive illumination is hanged out, various events for children are organized at schools and kindergartens. Citizens and guests of the sister city participate with pleasure in all festive events.

Charity Christmas marathon in Yerevan

25 December 2016 the municipality of Yerevan jointly with "Yerevan half marathon" and "Triglav" organized in the Central streets of Yerevan annual charity marathon "new year's good run". Participants in Santa suits had to cover a distance of 5 kilometers. After the event participants were treated. All proceeds for the participation in the marathon aimed at implementation of charitable programs.

The development of international cooperation of the sister city of Changzhou

27 December China-Africa international conference was held in Changzhou. According to the results of the last conference decided on the construction of an international industrial Park. Officials of Guinea, Egypt and China attended the event and presented more than 80 investment projects in industry, energy, water, health etc. an Agreement on establishing sister city relationship between the city district Changzhou - Tanninen and the city of Kindia (Guinea) was signed in the framework of the conference.


Competition in the construction sphere

The competition "Building of 2016" took place in the city of Pazardzhik. A competition is held since 2008 and organized by the city’s Association of builders. The chief architect of Pazardzhik, and also representatives of the city administration and the public participated in an action. Following the results of a competition, winners in the following nominations were rewarding: "Housing buildings" and "Industrial buildings".

Organization of festive actions 

The city actions dated for celebration coming Christmas and New year continue in Bezier's city. The theatrical performance "Princesses", fair pavilions, a skating rink were organized for guests and residents on city platforms. The Christmas farm «Sessenon» working in the mode of a contact zoo opened for children. For persons interested to prepare a special gift to the relatives the service "Photo with Father Frost" is provided.

The development of agro-tourism in Zhenjiang

In order to improve the leisure activities of residents and guests of the city of Zhenjiang in the winter time, the Chinese Government allocated financial support for the development of agro-tourism in the sister city. Thanks to these measures, the 10 greenhouses growing strawberries and care of the berries were built. In addition, when visiting the agricultural complex provides a variety of services and entertainment.

Philatelic exhibition in Yerevan 

International philatelic exhibition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Armenia's independence was held in Yerevan from 13 to 16 December. Stamp collection from Artsakh and the United States were represented at the event. Also during the ceremony, the best philatelists who submitted the best stamp collection were awarded with diplomas and medals.

Commissioning of a chess school in Yerevan

Junior chess school in the administrative district of Kanaker-Zeytun was officially opened in Yerevan. Mayor Taron Margaryan and other officials attended the opening ceremony. The building was built in accordance with modern requirements and equipped with everything necessary. From 1 January 2017 the facility will be able to take up to 400 children.

International seminar

Within development of international cooperation the Chinese-Israeli seminar on processing industry took place on December 15 in the city of Chandzhou. The seminar was organized by the municipal national government of sister city together with Department of Economic Affairs of Israel. The purpose of the event is to assist in the creation of favorable conditions for attracting foreign investors. More than 200 representatives of authorities of various levels and the industrial industry of both countries participated in a seminar.


50th Anniversary of Pazardzhik Art Gallery 

Art Gallery of Stanislav Dospevski of sister city is 50 years old. In this regard, the exposition of art works will open on 17 December. It will feature 8 information panels, accompanied by photos. Materials exhibition will allow to get acquainted with the history of the gallery and the gallery stages of transformation into a major cultural center. "Book reviews" will be exhibited in a separate exposition.

The literary project in Bezier's city

The Book Box project was started by the Bezier city administration together with Lion's Doyen club on December 1, 2016. The action purpose - providing free access to reading adults and children, and also formation at younger generation of interest in books. Within the project capacious boxes were established in various districts of the city from which it is possible to take the pleasant book, and also to put in them already read.

Archaeological exhibition in the city of Zhenjiang 

30 years ago the State Council of China has included the city of Zhenjiang in the list of "the historical and cultural cities of the country". Due to celebration of this date the historical museum of the sister city organized an archaeological exhibition. Here are antiquarian products from porcelain, various metals, stones, etc. are presented. Visitors can get acquainted with exhibits of more than 2500-year within several months.

The admission Director of the Russian Hermitage Museum 

12 December the mayor of sister city Taron Margaryan met with the Director of the state Russian Museum "the Hermitage" Michael Piotrovsky. He is the son of a scientist, academician of Academy of Sciences SSR and Armenian SSR, Boris Piotrovsky, which was born in Yerevan. During the meeting the Armenian side expressed its gratitude for the great contribution of academician of the view of the Urartu period of Armenian history. In this regard, the opening ceremony of a memorial plaque perpetuating the memory of the outstanding scientist Boris Piotrovsky took place in the city of Yerevan. A visit to the Museum-reserve "Erebuni" , "round table" on issues of conducting joint excavations in the reserve Karmir blur were organized for the Director of "Hermitage".

Results of a competition of chrysanthemums

The XXII Chinese exhibition competition of chrysanthemums took place in the city of Jingmen of the Province of Hubei (People's Republic of China) on December 5. Municipal management on gardening and gardening of the sister city of Chandzhou presented on the action the model of a traditional garden from more than 8000 plants of 300 grades of chrysanthemums. Following the results of a national exhibition competition the municipal service of gardening won a significant amount of awards.

New world record in the field of culture

The new world record of Gines on a number of people at the same time playing a national reed wind instrument of Hulusa was set up in Chandzhou's adopt town on December 03. 2 525 people of different age groupes gathered from 5 to 81 years on the city square. The former record of Gines is set up with the participation of 2 204 persons.


Organization "Christmas festival" 

On December 09, 2016 n the eve of Christmas and New year the "Christmas festival" was organized with the support of city administration and the Center of youth policy of the sister city. Opening ceremony of a 15-meter Christmas tree held in the framework of the event. The mayor of the municipality of Pazardzhik Todor Popov, as well as famous artists of Bulgaria participated in it. Entertainment for children, concerts, Christmas fairs is planned in the program of the festival.

National contest of agricultural machinery

II national contest of intelligent agricultural technology among students was held in University of Jiangsu city of Zhenjiang on 4 December. About 40 representatives of colleges and universities from across the country participated in the event. Mini enterprises, equipment, three-dimensional structures for the cultivation of fruit trees, plants and strawberries developed by students were presented during the competition.

Forum of the Armenian-French cooperation

The III Forum of the Armenian-French decentralized cooperation took place in sister city of Yerevan. The authorities of Armenia and France, as well as more than a dozen French cities participated in the event. The meeting-discussion on the topics of education and Francophonie, urbanism and urban infrastructure, tourism and agriculture held in the framework of the forum. Prospects for cooperation between the local authorities of the two countries, as well as increasing interest in the French language by means of new technologies considered in the working groups. 

Achievements in the field of tourism 

City County Liyang city Changzhou was awarded the title of "the Most beautiful Chinese resort" during the conference "a New era of tourism in China in 2016" (Shanghai). The decision of the organizing Committee of the conference was based on the results of special surveys and online voting about the level of meet the needs of tourists, as well as comprehensive resource analysis. Liyang is recognized as the national outstanding tourist destination with a rich history and culture, unique natural resources and geographical position and developed industry of tourism.  


The holding of business forum in Pazardzhik

Business forum "European funding for business" held in Pazardzhik on 1 December 2016. The Bulgarian members of the European Parliament, representatives of the real sector of the economy of city and region, various experts took part in the event. During the forum, they discussed the possible financing of the Bulgarian business in the framework of European programs.

Participation in the national fencing tournament

National fencing tournament "Chocolate" for children aged 11 to 15 years held in Sofia (Republic of Bulgaria) on 27 November. Representatives of sports club "Pentathlon" the sister city of Pazardzhik worthy performed in the course of the competition. They are awarded on the results of the silver medals.

Preparation for Christmas holidays in Bezier's city

Within work on preparation for Christmas holidays in six various regions of sister city of Bezier trade pavilions were opened. There it is possible to purchase a candy store and souvenirs, Christmas-tree decorations, and also various gifts. The charitable Christmas running on city streets with a general extent of 8 km will be held on December 16. The raised funds will be allocated for the help to the Syrian sister city – Maaloula.

Visit of the Stavropol group of pupils and teachers to the sister city of Zhenjiang 

during the period from December 01 to December 03, 2016 within implementation of the Agreement on establishment of friendly twinning communications the group of pupils and teachers of a gymnasium No. 24 of Stavropol visited the sister city of Zhenjiang. The Stavropol school students took part in lessons and master classes of calligraphy of Zhenjiang high school No. 3. Meeting with representatives of the Department of international relations of Zhenjiang municipality were organized. The extensive excursion program for acquaintance with culture and sights of China is organized.

Achievements of the city of Yerevan in the field of design 

Professional competition of National Association of surveyors and designers for the best innovative project in 2016 held in Moscow on November 18. About 200 applications were submitted, including a plan of educational and sports complex of JSC "Yerevanproject" of Yerevan municipality. The site plan took 1st place in the nominations "the Best project of the multifunctional complex" and "the Best project of the object in the field of education". President of National Association of surveyors and designers, people's architect of Russia's Mikhail Posokhin presented the prizes and diplomas to the representatives of JSC "Yerevanproject".

Holding charity events in the sister city Changzhou

For the purpose of improving the living standards of elderly people living alone in the sister city the charity event was held. It is organized by TV and radio station of Changzhou. Within the action a walk took place, representatives of local government bodies and business, and also inhabitants and city visitors participated in it. Following the results of the share more than 155 thousand yuans for persons of old age were succeeded to collect.  It is worth noting that in the past year thanks to such measures about 700 persons in this category received assistance.


The program of the holiday events in the city of Pazardzhik

During the press conference, the mayor of the sister city of Pazardzhik Todor Popov presented the developed program of pre-holiday events "Christmas in Pazardzhik". The opening of the city Christmas tree, concerts, performances, activities and entertainment for children will be organized in the framework of the program. The Council of youth initiatives of the city of Pazardzhik assists in the implementation of the program.

Creation of fund in sister city Pazardzhik

The Entrepreneur Association of sister city of Pazardzhik created special fund of a financial support of exceptional children for achievements in the science, culture and sport fields. The fund accepts requests for receipt of a grant both from individuals, and from various associations and collectives. By results of consideration Council of fund awards young people for progress at the regional, national or international levels. Cash bonuses will constitute from 500 to 2000 Bulgarian levas.

Cultural action in Bezier

During the period from November 14 to November 26 the XXI Orb Salon is organized by the art association of the same name and is carried out in the House of associations of the sister city of Bezier. Painting, a sculpture, art photos are presented to expositions of Salon. At the end of the event participants in various categories will be awarded prizes.

International exhibition in the sister city of Zhenjiang

In the period from 28 to 29 November 2016 municipal people's government of Zhenjiang organizes Forum on new low-carbon economy and the First international trade fair of low-carbon technologies "Tech Expo – 2016". Sessions concerning creation of the environmentally safe city, seminars, meetings of experts groups, the projects presentations, technologies and products exhibitions will take place within the actions. Discussion of development of the low-carbon industry, and also promotion of technologies and products in this industry is supposed. Participation representatives of foreign countries and also heads of national and foreign industry companies is planned.

"Yerevan festival of external advertizing 2016" 

At the initiative of Yerevan city administration the "Yerevan festival of external advertizing 2016" for the first time was held during the period from November 20 to November 25, 2016. The action purpose - to promote development of an advertizing industry in the region, and also to implementation of the best international experiment in this direction. Representatives of world advertizing agencies, the leading foreign experts, and also the best specialists in the field of external advertizing participated in a festival. The conference, master classes, and also a forum with participation of representatives of telecommunication and bank spheres were held during the action. Modern approaches to creation of marketing materials, innovations in outdoor advertizing, and also a creativity role in public lighting were discussed. Within the ceremony of closing of a festival rewarding of the best models of advertizing in various nominations took place.

Assessment of service industry in Chandzhou

According to researches of Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau and comprehensive index of public satisfaction, Changzhou ranked second in the «Top-10 of the best cities on service industry development - 2016». The analysis took into account the quality of services: home improvement, elderly care, socio-economic sphere, etc. Among them, Changzhou’s kindergarten education satisfaction rating ranked first in Jiangsu.


The preservation of the historical heritage of the city of Beziers

In order to preserve the historical heritage Bezier city administration bought the building the ancient chapel of "Bon Pasteur". The chapel was built in 1860 and is of particular importance for the history of the city: the part played by well known sculptor Antonin Injalbert, a native of Beziers. This is exam work when it arrives at the Paris fine arts school. For a long time the building was used as school hall.

The establishment of twinning 

8 November the Vice mayor Fang Guoqiang city Changzhou met with the Chairman of the Committee on Commerce and consumer protection city of Johor Bahru (Malaysia). They signed Agreements on trade-economic and socio-cultural cooperation. A Malaysian city is the third largest in the country and plays an important role in ensuring the economic well-being of the population of the entire state. The sides discussed priority directions of twinning relations development and they are ready for mutually beneficial cooperation.

International cooperation

In the framework of the program of cooperation between Yerevan and Lyon (France), as well as to exchange experience in the sphere of municipal economy, an official delegation of the sister city visited the French city from 7 to 14 November. For representatives of local authorities of the Armenian capital meetings and visits to urban sites were organised. Guests considered questions of work planning on Lyon gardening, the strategy of investment attraction, system of transport, management of objects of the world heritage. Also members of delegation participated in the military parade organized on the occasion of the holiday symbolizing the end of World War I.

Creation of a science and technology Park

In the first decade of November the representatives of local authorities met with leaders of the cultural and scientific centre of the district Cinco, youth and the Internet community of Zhenjiang. During the meeting the parties considered issues of education and culture, the prospects of innovative development with the involvement of youth, the problems of cultural heritage preservation and development and measures to support small and medium businesses. It was as a result decided to create the scientific and technological Park with assistance of representatives of real economy sector. Implementation of the latest projects in the sphere of virtual reality, use of innovative technologies, and also assistance to employment of perspective youth of the city is planned on base of science and technology park.

Global entrepreneurship week in the sister city Pazardzhik 

In the period from 14 to 20 November 2016 global entrepreneurship week is held in Pazardzhik. This large-scale international project, in which representatives of 160 countries will take part. The project aims at the development of entrepreneurial potential of young people. In the framework of the project November 17 campaign "Manager for a day". Sixteen students of the sister city held the positions of Mayor, Deputy, Secretary hall, as well as responsible positions in the State archival Agency, the United Bulgarian Bank, the Center for career orientation. One participant took up a leadership position in the Central office of "Siemens" in Sofia. Lectures and practical classes on the theme "My place in the world of professions" will also be organized in the framework of global entrepreneurship week.


 The results of the contest "Fashion Week Bulgaria"

National fashion House of the Republic of Bulgaria organized the contest "Fashion Week Bulgaria". About 50 experts on photography from all over the country participated in the event. A talented photographer, a resident of the sister city of Pazardzhik, Maria Barakova-Radeva won first place in the nomination "Fashion photographer". The results of the competition the city of Pazardzhik was awarded the diploma "The Most stylish city in Bulgaria".

The improvement of the city of Beziers

In Bezier's city works on improvement are continued. After reconstruction of the upper part of Avenues of Paul Ric the downtown became more well-groomed. The pedestrian area was paved with limestone and porphyry, stone vases for flowers installed, a ramp and multi-level transition were created. Besides, on November 09 the restored Lafayette Galleries were opened in the central part of Bezier. Galleries are one of the first shopping centers established in France in the nineteenth century. Thanks to the efforts of Beziers’ municipality, an ancient building of the Galleries have managed to retain in municipal ownership.

Results of the Tourism forum

Tourism forum and awards ceremony of the contest "Most beautiful China - 2016" was held in Guizhou (China). According to the results of Zhenjiang city recognized as the best in the nomination "The Most Beautiful Tourist Destination in China-2016." More than 300 tourist companies, investors and tourist representatives took part in event and talked about how to promote China’s tourist industry and service.

 Days of St. Petersburg in Yerevan

Due to the carrying out on November 10 and 11 "Days of St. Petersburg in Yerevan" the delegation headed by the vice governor of St. Petersburg arrived to the capital of Armenia. The forum concerning a bilateral cooperation took place within implementation of a cultural event, exhibitions and other cultural events were organized. Investment opportunities of sister cities are provided during the "a round table" concerning a trade and economic cooperation.

Celebration of the 85 anniversary of the history museum in Yerevan

The mayor Taron Margaryan participated in the ceremony dated for the 85 anniversary of the museum of history of the city of Yerevan and the 15 anniversary of the museum of Karen Demirchyan. The short films devoted to creation and activity of the museums were presented during the action. The collection of scientific articles "Yerevan 4" presented. Within the ceremony several employees of institutions were awarded diplomas for significant contribution to the development of museums. The Yerevan history museum was awarded by the commemorative medal "Arms of Yerevan" which will find the place of honor in the museum and will become 96700 exhibit.

 Аrt fair in Changzhou

The 2nd International Art Fair was opened in Changzhou in which more than 260 art’ entities and organizations from the different world countries participated in it. Traditional and modern crafts of the different people were presented at the exhibition. Numerous exhibits are placed on the area about 15 thousand sq.m. Active policy of Changzhou municipal people's government in the culture field helped to increase GDP in this sector to 5.8%. Sister city occupies a worthy place among the main cities of China.


Events dedicated to the Day of the Bulgarian enlighteners
Events dedicated to the Day of the Bulgarian enlighteners held under the auspices of the municipality of Pazardzhik. A torchlight procession was organized. It began near the monument of the famous Bulgarian revolutionaries Vasil Levski and Hristo Botev, supported the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke. The participants carried portraits of Bulgarian revolutionaries and flowers along the main street of Pazardzhik, laid flowers to the monument of SV. Cyril and Methodius. The actors of the city performed the words of the famous Bulgarian figures. A festive concert was held at the city hall of Georgi Atanasov.

Gastronomic actions in Bezier's city

During the period from November, 2016 to June of next year the gastronomic evenings of "Nocturne des Halles" devoted to wine tasting and foodstuff of last summer will be organized weekly in a market complex of the city of Bezier. Local products, the Iberian products from smoked meat, traditional Spanish snack, wine of the region of Bezier will be provided to citizens and guests of sister city. The program of actions includes musical representations.

Zhenjiang Chrysanthemum Show
The chrysanthemum festival opened in the sister city and will run for one month in one of the recreational areas of Zhenjiang - in Beigu Mountain Scenic area. Visitors to the event will see over 70 world-renowned data varieties of flowers grown chief gardener of the city, Mr. Yu Xuelong.

Achievements in the field of protection of intellectual property rights
In 2016, Zhenjiang City was recognized as the best in providing services for the protection of intellectual property rights. In this regard, a seminar to promote good practices of sister cities took place on November 2nd. The event was attended by more than 200 representatives of authorities and business community of the cities of China.

The Days of Moscow in Yerevan
On 28-29 October, the official delegation of the city of Moscow arrived in the Armenian capital in the framework of the initiative "Days of Moscow in Yerevan". During the meeting the representatives of the Government, Duma and the branch departments of the partner cities with the mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan discussed prospects of cooperation between the capitals, noted the cordial friendly relations between two peoples, as well as a willingness to strengthen and deepen bilateral relations. The extensive program of events included a forum of business cooperation to government and business representatives in Moscow and Yerevan, "round table" on the development of tourism between the partner cities. Gala concert with the participation of the Moscow groups, children and youth all-round game, judo and chess, which was attended by Russian and Armenian teams were organized in the course of implementation of the initiative "Days of Moscow in Yerevan."

New project in the health sector in Changzhou
Sister city Changzhou was one of the first pilot cities to establish a medical center for processing and the effective use of specialized information "Big data healthcare." In accordance with modern trends in the development of technology this project is an information platform and designed to modernize the health sector through integration of all subjects-participants: national, provincial, municipal and other medical institutions. The project will include a support system of doctors and pharmacists (clinical solutions, disease diagnosis, drug development), resources for telemedicine and medical equipment development, etc.


Conference on youth employment
Conference on the implementation of the project "New opportunity for youth employment", funded by the EU program "Human resources development 2014 – 2020" was held in Pazardzhik on October 27. The aim of the conference is the establishment of direct contacts between young people in the job search, and representatives of the business community of the region. Meetings with the Minister of education of the Republic of Bulgaria Miglena Kuneva, heads of vocational schools and representatives of business circles were organized. They discussed issues of further improving the quality of education and prospects of business cooperation.

Celebration of the Day of People's adherents
Annually on November 1 Bulgaria marks the Day of People's adherents – the liberation movement against the Ottoman yoke. Lecture topic: "The Leaders of the Renaissance and the personality of Stanislav Dospevski" will be organized on this day. Also in the House-Museum and art gallery named St. Depovski exposure will take place on relevant topics.

Cooperation in the field of use of renewable energy resources
The municipality of Béziers and the company "Quadran" entered into a mutually beneficial agreement. In accordance with the terms the company placed 30 of the photovoltaic elements in the parking of city sports facility. Placement of solar batteries by representatives of private business allowed to provide production of "green" energy in the amount sufficient for consumption more than 5 thousand residents. Also it provide to create a roofing covering for this object which was reconstructed recently. The volume of company investment into the project constituted more than 7,7 million euro. Also annually during the term of the agreement (22 years) payments of the company in the amount of 10 thousand euro will arrive in the local authority budget.

International conference in the sister city of Zhenjiang
The international conference application of innovative technologies in the field of physics was held from October 23 to 25 in Jiangsu University. Program activity  included sessions and reporting to participants. The conference was attended by more than 300 experts from Switzerland, Singapore and France and other countries. Discussed the scientific achievements and directions of development in this sphere.

Reception of science representatives in the Yerevan city hall
Within holding a scientific conference the mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan met  the director of the Joint Institute of Nuclear Researches Victor Matveev and the world famous Armenian scientist Yury Oganesyan. During the meeting they discussed the latest technologies in the field of physics, and also an essential role of institute at the international level. Have noted the considerable scientific capacity of the organization: on the basis of institute six head elements were opened. Besides, the famous scientist and the employee of institute Yury Oganesyan made a significant contribution to the discovery of the 118th element of the table of Mendeleyev - "Oganesson" named in honor of the scientist. The name element will be officially appropriated on November 8, 2016.

Development of an interregional cooperation of the city-pobratma of Chandzhou
Following the results of signing the Memorandum of understanding between the Jiangsu Province and Macau (People's Republic of China) – the former Portuguese colony, the decision on created of the Park cooperation in the city of Chandzhou was made on October 21. The object oriented to development of a multidimensional interregional cooperation, including maintenance and support of business projects of Macau in the territory of sister city. In addition, on the basis of the Park the retraining and practice of government employees will be organized.


The construction of the reservoir in Pazardzhik region
The construction of the reservoir "Luda Yana" will be begun on October 25, 2016 in order to provide uninterrupted supply of drinking water to residents of Pazardzhik region. Minister of Regional Development and Public Works of Bulgaria Lilyana Pavlova took part ft the opening of the construction. The reservoir with volume of 20 million of cubic meter will provide drinking water to more than 45 thousand people. In addition the reservoir will help to protect against floods and will have a beneficial effect on the climate of the region. The construction period is around 900 days.

The athletic race in the city of Pazardzhik
With financial support from the City Hall of Community Pazardzhik the traditional athletic race "Golden Autumn" was held in the park "Svoboda" of the sister city on October 20, 2016. The event was attended by students of 5-12 grades of Pazardzhik schools. The winners were awarded with medals and cups, diplomas and valuable prizes.

The creation of frescoes in Beziers
Frescoes-optical illusions created by Patrick Kommesi, enliven Béziers city center. In addition to the fact that they popularize historical heritage of the city and look very realistic frescoes, placed on the facades of buildings, became the reason for the creation of new tourist route through the streets of the sister city.
Three frescoes, dedicated to the memory of the famous sculptor Antonin Inzhalbera, a native of Beziers, winegrowers uprising of 1907, as well as the famous composer Camille Saint-Saëns will appear in the city in this year.
Also new frescoes, dedicated to famous citizens as well as history of Béziers will appear in 2017 year.

The World Food Day in Zhenjiang
On October 16, 2016 in the framework of celebration of 36th “World Food Day” Mr. Hu Yongxin, the president of Jiangsu Yongyou Grain and Oil Group, as well as an alumnus of Jiangsu University of Science and Technology donated RMB 10 million ( about 1.5 million USD) to building an Institute of Food. A cooperative agreement, which involved in ways of cooperation, school scale, philosophy of schooling, personnel training and students employment was signed.

The International Marathon in Zhenjiang
On October 16? 2016 the International Marathon started in New Area of  Zhenjiang. Dozens of international runners from Russia, Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, US, Germany, UAE, Australia and Swiss participated in the event. It should be noted, that it is the second Marathon in Zhenjiang, participants increased from 10 thousands to 15 thousands.

The delegation of the sister city of Yerevan visited Riga
Yerevan official delegation headed by the Mayor of the sister city Taron Margaryan visited the city of Riga (Republic of Latvia). During the visit the delegation met with the Mayor of Riga Nil Ushakov, representatives of the local Armenian community and discussed the prospects of further development of friendly relations between the cities and expansion of cooperation programs. Also members of the official delegation took part in the opening ceremony of the park "Yerevan", equipped with a modern children’s and sports grounds.

The delegation from Pori (Finland) visited Changzhou
Within the framework of the Agreement on establishment of friendly sister cities relations on October 14 this year Vice Mayor Fang Guoqiang met with the delegation headed by Aino-Maija, Mayor of Pori, Satakunta, Finland. The prospects of mutual humanitarian cooperation between Satakunta University of Applied Sciences and Changzhou University, as well as programs of international summer camps, cultural exchanges in 2017 year were discussed during the reception.


The celebration of the Day of the Bulgarian community in Pazardzhik
The celebration of the Day of the Bulgarian community dedicated to the activities of local authorities was held in Pazardzhik on October 12, 2016. During the solemn meeting of the City Duma Mayor of the Community Pazardjik Todor Popov made a welcoming speech to citizens and guests of the sister-city and noted the important role of local authorities in ensuring the city life. Representatives of political parties also sent congratulations to the citizens of the sister city.

The cultural life in the sister city of Beziers
The cultural life of the sister city of Beziers is dynamic and diverse.
A concert of very popular German music group «Greogorian», performing pop and rock songs in a style imitating Gregorian melodies will be held on October 19, 2016 in the Cathedral of Saint Nazaire.
A concert «Lo Grand Balèti del Camèl» which will bring together performances of creative dance groups of Languedoc folklore will be held on October 21, 2016.

The celebration of the National Day of the People's Republic of China
The celebration of the National Day of the People's Republic of China was held in the city of Zhenjiang in the period from 01 to 07 of October, 2016. Series of events, exhibitions, concerts were organized on different venues of the city. More than 1 million tourists visited Zhenjiang during the holiday.

The celebration of the Day of Yerevan
The celebration of the 2798th anniversary of sister city Yerevan was held on October 8, 2016. A lot of interesting activities under the slogan "Sun City – Yerevan" were organized for residents and guests of the capital. The exhibition "Standard - Made in Armenia", which presented samples of products of Yerevan of Soviet times - the products of light and food industries were opened at the History Museum of Yerevan as part of the celebration. The exhibition of retro cars with more than three dozen different brands of cars and production dates were opened on Shaumyan square of the sister city. Several cars are winners of international competitions. Festive events dedicated to the 2798 anniversary of Yerevan, ended with fireworks.

Establishment of friendly sister cities relations
Recently Jintan District of Changzhou (PRC, Jiangsu Province) signed a Friendship City Agreement with Shepperton (Australia, Victoria). The sides agreed about mutually beneficial cooperation in photovoltaic, agriculture, tourism. The project of co-constructing a photovoltaic power station in Australia were discussed. It should be noted that prior to this, Jintan has established sister-city relationships with Cuijk (Netherlands), Saint-Georges (France) and Fauquier (United States).


The National Reading Week in the city of Pazardzhik
The National Reading Week, organized with the support of City Hall of Community Pazardzhik, Municipal Theatre named after K. Velichkov and Regional Library named after N. Furnadzhiev will be held in the sister city of Pazardzhik in the period from October 10 to 14, 2016. The various events with participation of pupils and students of the Community Pazardjik, writers, poets, journalists and creative people are planned within the Reading Week.

The tango festival in the city of Béziers
The tango festival will be held in the period from 14 to 16 October this year in Beziers. According to the program of the festival master classes on dancing tango, instrumental concert programs performed by Argentine and French soloists and ensembles, performances by famous dancers will be organized in the concert halls and on the city’s venues. Appetizers will be organized for the festival audience.

The international chess tournament in Yerevan
The sister city of Yerevan hosted the opening ceremony of the international chess tournament "Yerevan Open", which was attended by the President of the Republic of Armenia, the chairman of the Armenian Chess Federation Serzh Sargsyan, Mayor of Yerevan, the chairman of the Yerevan Chess Federation Taron Margaryan and President of the European Chess Union Zurab Azmaiparashvili. The tournament will be held in the period from October 01 to 10, 2016. Participants of the event will be representatives from more than 10 countries.

Development of China-Israel cooperation
The official delegation headed by Ambassador of Israel to China Matan Vilnai visited Changzhou. A working meeting with the secretary of the Communist Party of China Mr. Yan Li was held during the visit. It was noted that next year is the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Israel
The sides discussed the latest developments in the China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park, as well as issues of further international cooperation in the field of medical devices, agriculture and new materials. Members of the delegation visited the Park’s companies, met with representatives of business community.

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