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The solemn concert in the city of Pazardzhik

The solemn concert dedicated to the 240 anniversary of the city of Stavropol was held in the city of Pazardzhik on December 19, 2017. The event was organized by the educational partner-organization – the secondary school of general education "G. Bregov" of Pazardzhik. Within the concert a film about Stavropol was presented, Russian and Bulgarian songs, poems of Russian poets were performed. Students of "G. Bregov" school of Pazardzhik shared with the participants their impressions about the trip to Stavropol in September of this year. The greeting and congratulations of the mayor of Pazardzhik Community Todor Popov were send to the participants of the concert.

Participation in the tournament on majorettes sport

Recently the International majorettes sport tournament «Roma Christmas Magic» was held in the city of Frascati (Italy). More than 250 majorettes of Europe participated in the event. The representatives of Mystery sports club of the sister-city Pazardzhik successfully acted and won two gold and one bronze medals.

The festive events in the sister-city of Beziers

The citywide events, dedicated to the upcoming Christmas and New Year, are being continued in the city of Beziers. Trade pavilions offering confectionery and souvenirs, Christmas-tree decorations as well as various gifts are opened for residents and guests of the sister-city as part of the preparation to the Christmas holidays. Theatrical performances, fairground pavilions, ice rink are opened at various city venues. A mini-farm, working as a contact zoo, workshops on preparing hand-made gifts, decorations from fresh flowers are opened for children. There is an opportunity to take pictures with the popular characters of cartoons, one of them are the favorite heroes of Russian children – Masha and the Bear.

The sociological survey in the sister-city

About 2,600 residents of the city of Des Moines participated in a sociological survey organized in December 2017 by «Human Capital Survey», created by business partnership «Greater Des Moines» in cooperation with Drake University. This company is engaged in studying the opinions and experiences of the city's residents on the issues of relations with the local community and the possibility of succeeding in Des Moines. According to the survey 90% of the participants believe that the city of Des Moines is a favorable place to create a family, 87% think that their colleagues treat their job duties, 89% are ready to recommend the city of Des Moines to another.

The celebration of the Winter Solstice Day

The Winter Solstice Day, one of the traditional Chinese festivals, was held in the city of Zhenjiang on December 22, 2017 year. It annually falls on December 21st , 22nd or 23rd. On the eve of the celebration residents of Chinese cities prepare various traditional dishes, gather as a family. So, for example, the traditional dish in the sister-city of Zhenjiang is “Tangyuan” – kind of balls made of glutinous rice flour and filled with chopped vegetable and meet or with sugar, walnuts, sesame, rose petals or marmalade.

The opening ceremony of the New Year tree in Yerevan

The solemn opening ceremony of the New Year tree was held on the central square of Yerevan on December 19, 2017. The mayor of the city, representatives of the municipality as well as students of music and art schools, students – winners of international contests and young athletes took part in the ceremony. The opening ceremony of the New Year tree was accompanied with a festive concert and was ended with fireworks. It should be noted that the festive decoration of Yerevan in this year became one of the most successful examples of cooperation between the city administration and business community.

Satakunta delegation visited Changzhou

The delegation of Satakunta (Finland), headed by the mayor of the region, visited the sister-city of Changzhou on December 12, 2017. The official delegation included also heads of the City Hall, representatives of higher education institutions and business community of Satakunta. The members of the delegation were welcomed by the vice mayor of the sister-city Mr. Fang Guoqiang. During the meeting the sides discussed further prospects of development of friendly sister-city relations, issues of socio-economic and humanitarian cooperation.


The charitable exhibition-fair in the city of Pazardzhik

The charitable exhibition-fair "Christmas dreams ", organized by Pazardzhik City Hall will take place in the sister-city in the period from 18 to 22 December, 2017 year. Pre-school and secondary educational organizations of the Pazardzhik Community will participate in the event. The proceeds will be transferred to the treatment of children. A creative program will also be presented within the framework of the exhibition.

The guest performance of the Moscow Circus on ice in Beziers

28 artists of the Moscow Circus on ice arrive to Beziers with guest performance. The performance will take place on December 20, 2017 in the concert hall «Zinga Zanga» of the sister-city. The plastic and air acrobats, jugglers, gymnasts on uneven bars, skaters on stilts, ballet dancers on the ice and clowns will show their skills to residents and guests of the city during the performance. The show "Traditional Russian matryoshka" will hold.

The annual corporate games in the city of Des Moines

The registration of companies for the participation in the third annual corporate games – 2018, organized under the "Iowa Games" program was started in the beginning of December this year in the city of Des Moines. The participation of 75 teams is expected, which will be able to prove themselves in 26 kinds of sports in June-July of the following year. The aims of the competitions are strengthening the corporate spirit, team cohesion as well as attracting employees to lead a healthy lifestyle and go in for sports. Winners will be awarded the Corporate Cup of the Games during the annual Iowa Fair.

The program on separate waste collection

A program on attracting primary school students to separate collection of domestic waste was launched in Zhenjiang. A creative program dedicated to environmental problems was presented to students within the framework of the event, an exhibition of crafts made of used materials was organized. The municipality presented schools more than 100 garbage containers for separate waste collection.

The preparation to the New Year and Christmas

On the eve of the New Year and Christmas the City Hall of Yerevan is carrying out work on the festive decoration of the capital of Armenia, installing parade lighting systems and LED decorations. The XIII season of the ice rink "Swan Lake" was opened for fans of active recreation and winter sports. The annual Christmas Fair which features New Year's and Christmas souvenirs, festive decorations and a wide range of food products was opened for citizens and visitors of the city.

The meeting with a delegation of representatives of French universities

The Mayor of Changzhou met with a delegation of representatives of French universities Lille и IMT Lille Douai. During the meeting the issues of development of cooperation in the field of education and youth exchanges as well as further implementation of the bilateral program on improving the level of education between the University of Chaohai in Changzhou and French universities were discussed. The prospects for the establishment of the Sino-French institute as well as opening of a campus of the Confucius University and the Water University of Hohai in France were considered.


Rewarding of the best businessmen of the year in Pazardzhik

On December 4 of this year in the city of Pazardzhik the ceremony of rewarding of the best businessmen of the year was held. The Association of businessmen of the city of Pazardzhik was the organizer of the event. The mayor of Pazardzhik addressed with a welcoming speech to participants, the Deputy Governor of the region sent words of Governor’s congratulations. Awards were presented in the following nominations: "Businessman of year", "Innovations and technologies", "The fast-growing company", "Successful investments", "The socially responsible enterprise". Within the action the charity event – fund raising for talented children was also organized. There was a bright creative show in end of the ceremony.

Release of the elderly citizen’s card in Bezier

Near 76000 people live in the city of Bezier, 20000 citizens are aged more senior than 60 years. For rendering social support to the population of the senior age group the “elderly citizen’s card” is issued, that allows taking privileges and advantages at purchasing various goods, fee of public service establishments, medical and cultural institutions. Any resident of the city and agglomerations at the age of 60 years and more senior can receive the elderly citizen’s card. The service is provided free of charge.

Public Policy Issue Forum on the topic of immigration reform in Des Moines

In the city of Des Moines the Public Policy Issue Forum on the topic of immigration reform took place on December 07 of this year. Issues of immigration, the state reform and also possible consequences of its implementation in Des Moines were discussed at the meeting. The forum is organized within the new national "iMarch" event which will unite representatives of business, religion, industry, and mass media for the solution of problems of immigration. During the action the real stories of inhabitants of 50 states will be presented for the general public proving need of reforms for this sphere.

Agreement on investment cooperation in the sphere of aircraft industry

In Zhenjiang the agreement on investment cooperation between Slovenia's bat aircraft manufacturing company and the general aviation aircraft manufacturing in Zhenjiang is signed at the beginning of December. The agreement supposes production of new airplanes in the city of Zhenjiang. Special attention is paid to development of electro-and hybrid models.

Exhibition of creative works of physically disabled people in Erevan

During the period from December 05 to December 08, 2017 in Erevan city administration the exhibition of creative works of physically disabled people is organized within the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. During the ceremonial opening organizers and participants of the exhibition and also paralympic athletes were awarded by thanksgiving diplomas of the mayor of Erevan.

New park of financial innovations in Changzhou

Changzhou has started creation of a new park of financial innovations specializing on interactive approach to industry and financial sector development.  Working-out of a new model of interaction of the industry, the financial industry and the city is planned. It is supposed to implement direct investments, financial control, production incubator and also additional education in the field of business for development of strategically important branches: innovative and intellectual production, medicine, energy saving, environmental protection, creation of new materials. The park will be located in the National Hi-tech Zone in the Changzhou center.


Tournament on majorettes sport in the city of Pazardzhik

In the city of Pazardzhik the majorettes sport tournament "Europe the Grand Prix of 2018" will be held in June, 2018. The decision to hold this sport competition was made on the General meeting of the International federation of majorettes sport in August, 2017. The seminar concerning the tournament organization was organized in which more than 25 heads of on-stage performance groups of the cities of Bulgaria took part. All-sided assistance and support are promised by the Mayor of Pazardzhik.

Five-a-side tournament in Pazardzhik

In the city of Pazardzhik preparatory work was organized on a traditional Christmas five-a-side tournament on 23-25 December. Participation of more than 30 teams of various age categories is expected. Winners of a tournament will be awarded with memorable and valuable prizes of the mayor's office of Pazardzhik.

Sports show in Bezier

On December 02, 2017 in the concert hall of the city of Bezier the "Geometrix" sports show will be organized in which 70 sportswomen of the city club on rhythmic and rhythmic gymnastics "ASB Gym" will participate. More than 200 suits are used in the show; colorful performances of gymnasts will be followed by various musical compositions.

Program for improvement of education level of the working population

In Des Moines essential results were achieved within the realized program the Education Drives our Greater Economy. According to the latest data more than 61,7% of the working population of the city have education beyond high school or have completed advanced training courses. It is 10,4% higher, than in 2008. The age group from 25 to 64 years has the necessary diplomas, certificates and other documents confirming existence of knowledge demanded by employers now. This program promotes career development of talented youth and also preservation of skilled workers in the region.

Construction of the high-speed railroad

The first box girder of the high-speed railroad Zhenjiang- Lianyungang (the large seaside city in the east part of the PRC) was collected in Zhenjiang. The carcass was established on the bridge of the 11th meter height. Construction of the high-speed railroad will be finished in 2019 and opening is planned in 2020. The new transport way will promote increase goods and passenger traffics to promote economic growth of the cities.

Participation in a business forum on tourism development

On the occasion of the 25 anniversary of establishment of the friendly relations the delegation of the mayor's office of Yerevan paid an official visit to the city of Marseille (France) and participated in the business forum organized by the Armenian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Marseille. Within the forum issues of tourism development in the context of event tourism, creation of infrastructures and implementation of investment programs were discussed. The Memorandum of cooperation between Erevan and Marseille was signed for development of tourism also further exchange of experience.

Visit of delegation of Sri Lanka

For development of cooperation in economic and social spheres the official delegation headed by the Ambassador of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in China visited the city of Changzhou. During the meeting with the Mayor of Changzhou issues of expansion of interaction in the sphere of trade, culture and tourism were discussed. Representatives of delegation of Sri Lanka hoped to adopt the model of development of agriculture in Changzhou and also to get acquainted with the best city practices.


Day of Christian family

Annually the Day of Christian family is celebrated on November 21 in Bulgaria. During this holiday it is supposed to take children to church, to tell about belief and bible events, bringing up Christian values. Within the festive actions in the city of Pazardzhik the concert was organized with assistance of the mayor's office at which artistic groups of the twin-city participated, and the exhibition of drawings was opened.

Tournament on swimming

During the period from November 18 to November 19 the ІV swimming tournament "Sprint" took place in the city of Plovdiv (Republic of Bulgaria). More than 450 swimmers from forty sports clubs of the country participated in it. Representatives of "Champion" sports club of Pazardzhik won gold and two silver medals and also a cup of the best swimmer.

A new fountain construction on Jeanne Jores Squareof Bezier

Large-scale works on improvement of Jeanne Jores Square are carried out in the city of Beziers. By June, 2018 it is planned to place on the square the big musical fountain with a water mirror of 350 m3 and the channel. Now engineering works on installation and debugging of the underground equipment are carried out. It is expected that after opening of the fountain Jeanne Jores Square will become one of favorite vacation places of citizens and Bezier's guests.

Winter farmers’ market

With Thanksgiving around the corner, the Winter farmers’ market is opened in Des Moines at which food products of more than 130 local producers will be presented: meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, smoked and bakery products, honey, jams, wine and also products from greenhouses. Besides, buyers are able to get everything for decoration of the house and a holiday table. The farms presented at the Winter market also take active part in charity, having offered food for the needing population more than for 146 250 dollars.

Social programs for elderly in Zhenjiang

The municipal national government of Zhenjiang organizes a number of social programs on involvement of the elderly population to cultural life of the city. Inhabitants of the senior age can visit free of charge various creative dancing and vocal presentations, dressed-up opera statements. Many actors perform on streets or in parks; programs enjoy popularity and attract a keen interest of citizens.

Festival of outdoor advertizing

The Second festival of outdoor advertizing takes place in Erevan in which work representatives of the international largest advertizing agencies take part. The main objective of the festival is development of the sphere of outdoor advertizing by means of introduction of the international experience. Within the action there will be a number of master classes of representatives of the world famous companies, the creative competition of the best advertizing, winners will have an opportunity to realize the ideas. Awards will be presented in 7 nominations: creative approach, the best advertizing campaign, the best social advertizing, the best advertizing carrier, the best design of the advertizing carrier, unrealized advertizing company and the best adaptation.

Exhibition of the Chinese artist Liu Haisu

The Drops in the Ocean exhibition will take place in Beijing. It is devoted to magnificent landscapes of the Huangshan mountain chain, a UNESCO world heritage site, poets and artists have been admiring its beauty during many hundreds of years. 28 pictures of the native of the city of Changzhou the known Chinese artist Liu Haisu (1896-1994) are also presented at the exhibition. These mountains inspired the outstanding artist, tens of times he represented them on his pictures, combining classical Chinese traditions of painting with the European achievements and techniques.


Competitive selection of the best athletes of the city of Pazardzhik

The annual traditional selection of ten best athletes of the city takes place in Pazardzhik. Questionnaires of participants – representatives of twenty five sports clubs of the city will be considered by the contest committee consisting of experts and journalists in the field of sport. When summing up individual achievements of the athlete, his participation and awards in the international, European and national competitions will be considered. Winners will be marked out by diplomas and gift money. Also the best trainer of the twin-city following the results of 2017 will be defined.

International tournament on rhythmic gymnastics

During the period from November 11 to November 12 of this year the VІІІ international tournament on rhythmic gymnastics took place in the city of Pazardzhik. Competitions are held since 2004, the organizer is the mayor's office of Pazardzhik. This year twenty sports clubs of Bulgaria and Italy participated in this tournament. The representatives of Dilyana sports club of the sister city successfully acted and won nine gold, seven silver and five bronze medals.

An exhibition of a sculpture of Rodin "Thinker" in Bezier

In the hall of city administration of Bezier Rodin's sculpture "Thinker" is exposed for a public attention. This authentic work, acquired by Bezier's mayor's office in 1900, has been created in studio of the world famous sculptor and carries a personal brand of Rodin.

Long time the sculpture was in school of the fine arts of the city of Bezier and served as a model to the beginning artists. "Thinker" has 71 cm in height. For comparison: the well-known sculpture in Rodin's museum in Paris has 90 cm in height.

Fifth annual forum on problems of variety and social equality

In Des Moines the Fifth annual forum devoted to issues of variety and social equality took place on November 16 this year. Within the forum problems of integration of inhabitants of the region, granting equal opportunities for adaptation in the society of various representatives of the population, business starting and also career development of talented youth were considered. Discussion of ways of involvement of organizations and institutions to the solution of problems in this sphere became the key moment.

City festival of folk arts and crafts

In Zhenjiang the annual city festival of folk arts and crafts was held. Within the festival the audience could estimate the best programs of amateur collectives. 29 musical and 24 dancing numbers, 27 theatrical performances were submitted on city stages in the largest parks and Zhenjiang's squares.

New shopping center in Erevan

In Yerevan a new shopping center "RIO" was opened entering into the largest Russian network of shopping centers of the same name. At a ceremony there was a President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan and the mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan. The cost of the investment program for construction of three-storey shopping center with a total area of 24000 sq.m. made 40 million US dollars. In the RIO center about 500 jobs will be created.

Joint aminoglycoside antibiotics research laboratory

In November FangYuan pharmaceutical company and Shanghai Jiaotong university signed the Agreement on creation in of Changzhou of a joint research laboratory on aminoglycoside antibiotics which are widely used in treatment. The laboratory will specialize on creation of new forms of drugs and carrying out basic researches. FangYuan company spends 8-10% of annual profit for development of the latest medical medicines of new generation.


Participation in the International tournament on swimming "PHILIPPIA"

During the period from November 04 to 05, 2017, the international tournament on swimming “PHILIPPIA’ was held in the city of Kavala (Greece). More than 400 children aged from 8 up to 11 years participated in the competitions. Representatives of sports club “Champion” of the city of Pazardzhik had a great success. Young swimmers won nine prizes: three gold, three silver and three bronze medals. Representatives of sports club “Champion” of the sister city will also take part in the National championship of Bulgaria in swimming which will take place at the end of November this year.

Educational programs at Institute of technology of Bezier

The institute of technology of the city of Bezier as a part of a network of educational institutions of the university of Montpellier realizes among other the training programs for the innovative directions “Multimedia and Internet” and also “Telecommunication networks”. In the nearest future at the institute an opening of “the hall of virtual reality” is supposed which will allow various scientific researches.
Training at Institute of technology of Bezier is carried out by an original technique other than classical education. This technique allows students to establish close interaction with manufacturing enterprises from first years of training and further significantly facilitates their employment after obtaining diplomas

Innovative medical clinic in physical therapy in Des Moines

An innovative medical clinic of a leading company in the sphere of physical therapy “ATI Physical Therapy” was opened in Des Moines. The clinic specializes in providing medical services in the sphere of physical therapy, therapeutic exercises and recovery medicine. The personal plans of treatment assuming manual therapy, therapeutic treatment, sports occupations, adaptation of cardiovascular system, and treatment by ultrasound and electrical stimulation will be developed for patients. The ATI Physical Therapy company is known for the high rates and exclusive results on health recovery of patients.

The 15th city sports game in Zhenjiang

Zhenjiang municipal national city government attaches particular importance to development of mass sport and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The official opening of the 15th city sports game was held on November, 05 this year. The mayor of Zhenjiang Mr. Zhang Yefei addressed to participants with a welcoming speech. The competitions are held on several sports for professional teams. Inhabitants and city visitors participate with pleasure in games and encourage sportsmen.

Meeting with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France in the Republic of Armenia

A welcome meeting of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France in the Republic of Armenia Johnathan Lakot was organized in city administration of Yerevan. The mayor of Erevan congratulated the ambassador on the beginning of diplomatic mission in Armenia and expressed confidence in further expansion of friendly intermunisipal relations. In his speech of response Johnathan Lakot expressed gratitude for congratulations and readiness for cooperation and promotion of all programs and initiatives of strengthening and deepening of bilateral ties.

Taiwan youth forum in Changzhou

The Taiwan youth forum on support of innovations and business activity took place in Changzhou. Within the forum agreements on many-sided cooperation between Changzhou's universities and higher educational institutions of the island of Taiwan were signed. It was noted that more than 100 young Taiwan businessmen worked in the city of Changzhou and there were more than 50 Taiwan enterprises. Confidence in expansion of cooperation in education, cultures and talent pool to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results was expressed during the forum.


Celebration of the Day of national enlighteners

Annually on November 1 in Bulgaria the Day of national enlighteners – participants of liberation movement from an Ottoman yoke is celebrated.
This day with the assistance of Pazardzhik city administration festive events were held. The torch procession was organized, participants carried portraits of the Bulgarian national heroes on the main streets of the sister city, laid flowers at a monument of the writer and historian, social and political, state and diplomatic figure Konstantin Velichkov. In end the gala concert was held.

National award in the sphere of development of the downtown of the cities of France

In October, 2017 the city of Bezier received the national award "for implementation of the construction project and updating of city heritage" in the downtown. This award for the best practices in the field of development of the central parts of the cities of France is presented by the competent juries consisting of experts in the field of town planning, representatives of local governments and recognized press.
Today citizens and Bezier's guests note carefully restored facades of buildings and city spaces, thought carefully over and updated public transport stops, many new shops.

Ranking the Best Place for Business and Careers

According to the information and analytical magazine "Forbes" Des Moines takes the fifth place as the best place for development of business and careers (October, 2017). 200 largest cities of the USA are compared on 14 indicators of business climate, such as employment rate of the population, necessary capitals for business starting, growth in incomes, quality of life, and education level of the working population.

Zhenjiang Youth Robot competition

Zhenjiang Youth Robot competition was organized by Zhenjiang municipal national government. More than 650 pupils of primary classes participated in the competition, projects were presented in several categories. Winners will take part in the World Cup in robotics among youth.

Yerevan development program for 2018-2022.

During the regular meeting of the Council of Elders of Yerevan the five-year program of Erevan development for 2018-2022 was approved. The main objective of the program is ensuring sustainable development of the capital of Armenia.
In the program particular importance is attached to providing the well-planned and convenient city environment both for residents of Yerevan, and for guests of the capital. In particular they discussed issues of creation of recreation grounds, increase in green areas, improvement domestic territories, external design of buildings, ensuring convenient and safe movement.

Visit of delegation of the Netherlands

In October of this year the city of Changzhou welcomed a delegation of the sister city of Tilburg, Netherlands. This year the cities celebrate the 20th anniversary of the twinning relations between Changzhou and Tilburg. Cooperation of the cities successfully develops in the sphere of economy, trade, cultures, tourism, logistics and other areas. The joint Aviation Science and Technology park China-Netherlands, opened in Changzhou in 2014, successfully works.
During stay members of the delegation examined work of local mass media, visited television and radio stations and also the government service center of Changzhou.


Historical exhibition in the city of Pazardzhik

Within the celebration of the Day of Bulgarian enlighteners the Maintaining Cultural Values exhibition will be opened in the Regional historical museum of the city of Pazardzhik on November 01, 2017. Citizens of the sister city will be able to enjoy cultural and historical heritage of the Republic of Bulgaria, including pictures and icons, household items, jewelry, coins and weapon.

Sport achievements of the city of Pazardzhik

National competitions in rhythmic gymnastics were held in the city of Sofia (Republic of Bulgaria) during the period from October 21 to October 22 this year. More than 500 sportswomen participated in the event. Representatives of sports club "Dilyana Pryma" of the sister city of Pazardzhik were on a hot streak. Participants won six prize-winning medals: four gold, silver and bronze.

Days of a bullfight in Bezier

During the period from October 27 to October 29, 2017, Days of a bullfight will take place for the 35th time in the city of Bezier. Scientific and practical conferences, exhibitions of suits and weapon of the famous toreadors, concerts of dancers of flamenco are supposed in the program. In conclusion, within the city Feriya festival, "Bezier Queen" will be elected and the ceremony of an awarding the prizes to the participants of a bullfight among adults and juniors will be held.

Educational summit

The Educational summit devoted to the latest developments and introduction of the best practices in the pedagogical sphere will take place in Des Moines in November this year. Representatives of local authorities, public organizations and business communities, teachers and scientists will participate in the conference. During the forum issues of innovative approach to interaction of representatives of business communities and the educational sphere, involvement of employers to training, assistance to talented youth, and ensuring equality at education will be considered.

Holiday of Two Nine

Citizens of Zhenjiang are preparing for a traditional autumn Holiday of Two Nine which is celebrated in the ninth day of the ninth month of the Chinese traditional calendar. This day Chinese traditionally eat the five-layer pies decorated with the tag symbolizing a cornel and drink chrysanthemum tea (a cornel and a chrysanthemum are considered as the cleaning plants), esteem the olds. Special attention is paid to assistance to the senior generation. For this purpose the municipal national government of the sister city with volunteer organizations and educational institutions have developed a number of programs for social support of the elderly people assuming rendering medical, hairdresser's and other services.

Implementation of the strategic program "Yerevan — the Clever City"

The mayor's office of Yerevan, the VivaCell-MTS company and the Union of employers of information and communication technologies signed the tripartite memorandum of cooperation in implementation of the strategic program "Yerevan — the Clever City", according to which the mayor's office of Yerevan expressed readiness to promote development of hi-tech decisions in all spheres of urban governance and also to creation of innovative infrastructures with application information and telecommunication technologies.

Ninth China flower exhibition

The floristic companies of the city of Changzhou took prizes at the Ninth China flower exhibition in Yinchuan, Ningxia. The special prize and eight gold awards were awarded in the nominations: a bonsai, plant arrangements and potted flowers.
The first China flower exhibition was in 1987, at the moment it is one of the largest and most prestigious national events in the sphere of floristic and planting of China.


Opening of Pazardzhik’ art exhibition

The annual traditional exhibition of professional artists was opened in Pazardzhik’ Art gallery of G.Maschew on October 18, 2017. During the ceremony the mayor's office of Pazardzhik Community and representative office of Bulgaria artists union presented awards to authors for vigorous creative activity. It should be noted that date of opening of the exhibition is chosen not casually. October 18 is the day of remembrance of the Saint Apostle and Evangelist Luke, the first Christian icon painter.

Holiday of young wine in the city of Beziers

The holiday of young wine will be celebrated on October 22, 2017 in the sister-city of Beziers. It symbolizes the end of the vintage season. As part of the program of events, the city associations will hold a traditional carnival procession. The solemn ceremony of presenting grape bunches as a gift to the city authorities, as well as the festive mass and the blessing of the young wine in the cathedral of San Nazaire will be held. Representatives of the municipality of Beziers organize a tasting of new crop of this drink for residents and visitors of the city.

The forum in Des Moines

The business association "Greater Des Moines Partnership" announced a forum on public policy in the area of housing affordability on November 07. Representatives of the financial authorities of the state of Iowa, housing funds, universities and business circles and the public will participate in the event. Problems of affordable housing, as well as issues of mental health will be discussed at the forum.

Fair of agricultural products

A Fair of agricultural products of Jiangsu province was held from 15 to 17 October in the sister-city of Zhenjiang. More than 1,500 manufacturing companies, processing enterprises, agricultural cooperatives and farmers participated in the fair. The event aroused great interest of the residents and guests of the city who were able to see the wide assortment of products, and acquired the necessary at an affordable price.

International half marathon in Yerevan

A running competition – the international "Europe marathon" was held on 16 October with the assistance of Yerevan municipality and the Foundation "Repat Armenia". The purpose of the event is promotion of healthy lifestyle and promotion of sports tourism in the capital of Armenia. About 2,000 runners from 33 countries participated in the half marathon. Distance 5 km and 10 km were provided for beginners and runners with disabilities, and 1 km - for children. The experienced participants had to overcome the whole distance - 21.1 km

30th anniversary of sister city relations Changzhou and Takatsuki

A reception of the official delegation of the sister-city took place with regard to celebration of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of sister city relations between the cities of Changzhou and Takatsuki (Japan). During the meeting the sides noted fruitful cooperation in the socio-cultural, educational, tourism and health spheres. They expressed mutual desire to strengthen economic and humanitarian cooperation in the framework of twinning between two cities, as well as joint implementation of some projects. Planting of trees was organized in the International garden of friendship of Changzhou in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of friendly relations with the Japanese city.


Karate competitions

The International Shotokan Karate Championship was held from 04 to 08 October 2017 in the city of Eger (Hungary). Athletes from 45 countries of the world participated in competitions. During the championship, the Pazardzhik’ Tonus-Sport club karatekas won several awards.

Concert of mandolin ensembles in the city of Pazardzhik

The concert "Slavic meeting with a mandolin" was held on October, 9 in Pazardzhik. The City Hall organized and financially supported the event. Bulgaria mandolin ensembles and foreign countries, including the folklore group "Subboteya" of the city of Zheleznogorsk (Russian Federation) participated in the creative event.

Achievements of the soccer team of the city of Bezie

Bezie’ combined team "AS" having won the Red Star team of Paris, now is one of leaders of the taking place soccer championship of France within league "National". After an unsuccessful series of games of last season the sports club management of "AS" for 80% updated team's line-up and also invited the noy goalkeeper – the skilled Brazilian football player Masedo Novaes. Trainers to hope for successful play of the team in the future matches.
Completion of work of the farmer market in Des Moines
The annual Des Moines farmer market working since May, 2017 will be closed on October, 28. During all the time various production more than 300 farms, producers and handicraftsmen of 58 of Iowa districts presented here. Besides, exhibitions of local artists, culinary master classes, musical representations and entertainments were organized for visitors. The closing coincides with the national holiday Halloween in this connection the relevant fancy-dress activities are planned.

Implementation of projects to improve water quality

Zhenjiang’ water system-city includes one lakes and nine rivers. The city's leadership for a number of years, paying special attention to the improvement of water quality. More than 20 projects to improve the ecological state of the environment with the use of innovative technologies, as well as upgrading the infrastructure and drainage of the lake being implemented in this year. The total investment amounted to 900 million yuan.

Opening of a children's town of professions in Yerevan

The opening ceremony of the children's town of professions "CityZen" was held in the sister city of Yerevan. It is designed for children from 4 to 14 years. The interactive project has streets and institutions, such as the police, the rescue service ande the chocolate factory. The children's town offers unique opportunities for the diversified development of the child: developing classes for toddlers, group educational programs for schoolchildren, unusual scenarios of outreach activities, holidays and shows. All classes are carried out in a game form, so the process of obtaining new knowledge about working life becomes interesting.

The day of the PRC

Festive events dedicated to the main public holiday in China - the Day of the founding of the people's Republic took place in the sister-city Changzhou in the period from 01 to 07 Oct. "Golden week" (so-called celebrations in the nation) coincided with the Autumn festival, therefore many excursions and leisure activities were conducted. According to the National tourism department data in 2017 the number of trips in these days increased by 15% compared to last year and amounted to 705 million trips. Providing free use of wireless high-speed roads during the "Golden week" contributed to this. It is noted that the bicycle used in these days more and this was due to the reduction of carbon emissions by 78 metric tons.


Part of the creative team of Pazardzhik in the festival of dances

Festival of dances "Spinning dance, spinning" was recently held in Reus (Spain). The Pazardzhik’ ensemble of folk dances "Chudesie" took part in it. The creative team of sister city participated with the financial support of the city hall. The mayor of the Spanish city highly appreciated the ensemble’s creative program. The team also visited the Bulgarian Sunday school "St. Sedmochislenici", located in the city of Reus.

Restoration of the building and creation of the area in the city of Bezier

The Bezier city administration continues a work on improvement of the city, considering careful preservation of historical heritage. Restoration of the building on the ancient Shodronye Street and also creation of the new area is planned. When visiting sights it is possible to get acquainted with the ruins of an ancient theater found during archeological excavations. The theater was included in the list of UNESCO historical monuments in 2015. Works are co-financed by the National agency of renovation of France cities and the regional culture directorate. The object taking in to use is supposed in the first quarter of 2019.

The Day of the PRC

The Day of foundation of People's Republic of China is the most important public holiday of China and it was held on October, 01 in the sister-city of Zhenjiang. According to tradition during the holiday citizens visit their relatives, parks and participate in recreational activities. This important day for the country's residents has a great significance for patriotic upbringing of the younger generation. The weekend is from 01 to 08 October.

Implementation of the program " Yerevan - Love City "

Celebration of the Day of Yerevan "Erebuni 2799" will be held on October, 14. The program of assistance and support of various social groups of the population has being implemented for the fourth year as part of the "Yerevan - Love City" events timed to the founding of the sister-city. Within ten days, 2,799 families will receive gifts in accordance with their wishes, including necessary household appliances.

The opening of the exhibition in Yerevan

An exhibition of old Armenian carpets-mosaics "Wishapagorg" was opened in the sister-city on September, 27. These carpets picture a popular character in the Armenian mythology and folklore - a dragon-wishap. Items are made of colored and semiprecious stones, including marble, granite, azurite, tuff-Sandstone, etc. It is noteworthy that the design of one of the elements was copied from the original dragon carpets of the XVI century, located in the London history Museum.

The interim results of the development of solar energy

For the purposes of the rejection of coal-fired power industry China is rapidly developing the alternative energy in recent years, uses advanced technology and involves the best workforce. So in 2012, the Changzhou company "Trina Solar" invited to cooperate the Belgian-Australian engineer Pierre Verlinden. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of products for the solar industry. Successful collaboration contributed to the world achievements in energy conversion. Thanks to the continuous work of the last decade, the China is a market leader in the production and sale of photovoltaic products. 60% solar cells of the manufactured products in the world is produced in the provinces Jiangsu and Zhejiang.


The development of sport industry in Pazardzhik

A press conference of the mayor of the Community Pazardzhik Todor Popov was held on September 27, 2017. Particular attention was paid to the organization of leisure for young people and the development of a sport industry in the sister-city. The famous Bulgarian athlete in rhythmic gymnastics, the head of the Association "Pazardzhik in sport" Reneta Kamberova will coordinate the implementation of programs in the sports field. Currently the concept of long-term development of physical culture and sport in the sister-city is being prepared.

The opening of the National Exhibition of Graphic Art

On September 28, 2017 the opening of the National Exhibition of Graphic Art, organized with the financial support of the City Hall of the sister city was held in the city of Pazardzhik. The works by more than 50 artists from the Republic of Bulgaria are presented on thе exhibition.

The restoration of an ancient statue in the city of Beziers

In agreement with the principal architect of France a significant work on the restoration of the ancient statue of the Virgin Mary, located in the city of Beziers was carried out. The metal statue was processed with modern anticorrosive means, then it was gilded – 24 carats. Beziers municipal services installed additional lighting, emphasizing the beauty of the statue at any time of the day.

Meeting for beginners in the city of Des Moins

As part of the organization of seminars for beginning entrepreneurs, the meeting with the founder of "HomeDittyTM" will be held in October in the sister-city of Des Moins. The main goal of the meeting is to assist in launching a business based on its own experience of creating software, marketing and implementing ideas. The company holding mini-concerts across the country with the involvement of as many creative groups as possible and applies new Internet technologies.

International forum on low carbon economy
International forum on low carbon economy was held in the sister-city of Zhenjiang on September 26-28. About 500 experts participated in it. Under the program, the participants discussed the issues of development of new energy sources, outer space, using the latest intelligent technology. The strategically important cooperation agreements, including with the development Programme of the United Nations and the Chinese-American project on energy cooperation in the field of low-carbon energy, coahran environmental and low-carbon urban development were signed.

Festival-Fair of Armenian Goods

Within the framework of the program of cooperation between the Yerevan municipality and the Moscow government, the traditional festival-fair of Armenian goods "Golden Pomegranate" was held in the Russian capital from September 14 to 17. The conference "Prospects for the development of trade, economic and cultural ties between Moscow and Yerevan" was held within the framework of the festival. Traditional Armenian food products, handicrafts, souvenirs, clothes, etc. were also presented. The event was accompanied by a concert program.

The visit of the Governor of the state of Illinois (USA)

With the aim of strengthening and development of Chinese-American relations, Governor of Illinois (USA) visited China on an official visit in September. The result of a collaboration of the state's cities and Chinese provinces cities has become a stable, multi-vector cooperation in trade-economic and socio-cultural fields, including the implementation of cultural and educational exchanges. Friendly twinning relations in education and business are dynamically developing between the cities of Changzhou and Rockford (Illinois, USA).


Competition for young poets in Pazardzhik

Pazardzhik city hall announced the holding of the IV National young poets contest named Dimitar Boyadzhiev - a Bulgarian poet of the XIX century, left a significant mark in the national literature. The authors up to 30 years can participate in the event and will have to send to the jury five unpublished poems. Summarizing will take place on the Day of poetry of the Republic of Bulgaria – on October, 01. The publishing rights to the collection of poems will be given to the winners.

Exhibition in Art gallery of Stanislav Dospevsky

The National exhibition in the field of graphic art will open in art gallery of Stanislav Dospevsky thanks to support of Pazardzhik city administration in the nearest future. Due to the holding an action the catalog was prepared in which about 100 works more than 50 participants were presented.

Improvement of Parking lots

Within three years of the service of Béziers municipality worked on improving the organization of Parking lots. The goal was to make Parking cheaper, easier and cleaner. Since early September, new rules came into force. Currently, Beziers motorists are entitled to half hour free Parking in all districts of the city on weekdays, while weekend Parking is free throughout the day. A new app for smartphones that allows Beziers residents and visitors to know about the availability of Parking spaces in the city in on-line mode will be released in 2018.

Participation in the international competition

The evaluation of the effectiveness of mobile applications "Skywalk DSM" the sister city's municipality of De Moin decided to take part in the international competition "Leadership and Management". The application is aimed at ensuring the interaction of local authorities and residents in order to improve urban life. An authoritative contest is held by the International Association of Cities and annually attracts a large number of participants from all over the world. The effectiveness of the application was confirmed through the use of the program platform not only at the city level, but also at the national level in preparation for various activities.

Conference on aerospace problems

The conference of the Space Research Institute, dedicated to the problems of aerospace space, was held on September 18 in the sister-city of Zhenjiang. The 10 largest urban space enterprises participated in the event and presented their latest developments. Exchange of work experience, establishment of business contacts were held with a view to further development of the space industry.

Activities in the socio-cultural sphere

During the period from September 15 to September 18, various social and cultural events were organized in the city of Yerevan. The II international chess tournament "Yerevan Open", organized according to the Swiss system in 9 rounds, took place. About 150 chess players from 13 countries, including 20 international grandmasters and 25 FIDE masters participated in it.
The 4th annual "Festival of Rural Life and Traditions" started. The farmers of Armenia had an opportunity to demonstrate their products not only to residents and guests of the city, but also to representatives of embassies of different countries and international organizations, which in turn promotes the development of foreign economic relations of the Republic.

Appreciation of quality of tea production of the sister-city of Chandzhou

Following the results of the international fair of tea which took place in Hong Kong, white tea of the Province of Jiangsu under the name "Tyanmu" was recognized as the best in its category. The products are grown in the ecological resort of Changjou City - Tyanmu Lake, where there are 600 hectares of bamboo forests and tea plantations. White tea is made from minimally processed leaves and is characterized by a lighter taste cofmpared to green or black. More than 200 representatives of foreign countries and regions demonstrated tea supplies and products during the fair.


Art exhibition in Pazardzhik

Art exhibition of Nikola Maneva opened in the Pazardzhik’ art gallery "Boev" on 12 Sep 2017. About 80 works of the author were presented at the exhibition and most of which for the first time. It should be noted that in 1962 the artist went to study at the Academy of fine arts and after graduation he left to live in France. More than 130 exhibitions of the artist were organized all the time and about three thousand works are in public and private collections in 30 countries around the world.

European days of historical heritage

European days of historical heritage will be held from 16 to 17 September 2017 in the sister-city of Beziers. Free of charge visits to the public historic buildings, parks, museums, a rich program of city events and meetings with famous writers and photographers will be organized. Tours, concerts of organ music and church music, the photo exhibition will be held in cathedrals and churches. Also the citizens and guests of the city will be able to participate in conferences on literary and historical issues.

XIII International festival of national cuisines and music

The XIII International festival of national cuisines and music will be held to the period from September 15 to September 17 in the sister-city of Des Moines. Representatives of 25 countries participate in it. Traditional national cuisines of various people, pavilions with exotic fruit, spices and chocolate are presented on platforms of the project. Informative performances, presentations and other actions are organized. Visitors will get acquainted with different cultures of the world during the festival.

Park of Culture and Leisure named after Perl Buck

Park of Culture and Leisure named after writer Pearl Bak "Zhenjiang Pearl Buck Cultural Park" was opened last week in Zhenjiang. Pearl Buck is an American writer, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938 "For the multifaceted, truly epic description of the life of Chinese peasants and for biographical masterpieces." She lived for 18 years in Zhenjiang, which became her home. Pearl Buck's works opened to the West people the culture, traditions and features of the life of ordinary Chinese.

Meeting with the American delegation

In order to develop international cooperation, the Mayor of Yerevan met with the delegation of the city of Pasadena (USA), which was attended by representatives of the Armenian community. The guests got acquainted with the historical and cultural heritage and sights of the capital of Armenia and noted the high level of development of the city. The American side emphasized the significant role and contribution of the Armenian Diaspora in the development of the city of Pasadena, they exchanged experience on the local government work. The mutual desire to carry out cooperation in the sphere of municipal economy was expressed by the results of the visit.

International forum in Changzhou

The annual international scientific, technological, trade and economic forum "Creating benefits for the new Changzhou" will be held in the end of September in Changzhou. Recent achievements of the sister city in the field of international economic cooperation, introduction of new technologies, industrial modernization problems will be considered during the event. Presentations of the investment climate and industrial parks in Changzhou will be held. Conferences, seminars, meetings on the development of international partnership, contributing to the international ranking of the sister city in the world market will be held.


Celebration of Reunification Day of Bulgaria

The celebration of the 132 anniversary from the date of Reunification of Bulgaria was held on September 06 in the city of Pazardzhik. Within the program of events the gala concert with participation of Pazardzhik creative collectives was held on the Central square named after K. Velichkov. Duriing this day, residents and guests of the city could visit the Regional historical museum free of charge.

The organization of a commercial action in Bezier

The commercial action "Le Grand Bazar" will take place on September 15-16 in the city of Bezier. Representatives of 140 outlets will participate in it. The city administration together with regional Chamber of commerce and city trade association will organize the action. For holding the action Bezier's center will be festively decorated, concerts, festive processions, free tasting of local production and wines will be held. The quest for youth will take place there; winners of the quest will receive coupons on purchases.

Implementation of the youth training project in Des Moines

In the sister-city of Des Moines special attention is paid to involvement of youth in public life, increase civil liability and organization of their interaction with local governments. The local organization "Youth Leadership" starts implementation of the annual training project within which the younger generation will be able to take part in process of municipal government and also to develop their personal and professional skills. This organization exists more than 15 years, during this time more than 450 people have attended the training.

New measures of social support in Zhenjiang

The new form of social support was developed for assistance to the residents of the sister-city of Zhengjiang who are in a difficult life situation. It involves establishing direct contacts with the needy. Residents of the city received information cards containing data from representatives of local authorities, whom they could contact if necessary.

The Days of Yerevan in Saint Petersburg

Within the official visit to the northern capital of Russia the Yerevan delegation took part in the program of actions "Days of Yerevan in St. Petersburg" in the period from 06 to 08 September. During the visit, several meetings were held; issues of cooperation in the socio-economic field were discussed. The photo exhibition "Yerevan. The city and the people" representing the capital of Armenia in different historical eras was opened.

Creation of a unified bicycle rental system

The company "Youon" of the sister city of Changzhou is developing successfully on the international level. For many years, the company has been supporting the implementation of projects on rent bicycles in many cities of China that greatly increases the speed of movement of people and reduces the traffic load in cities. In the current year, the company promotes the expansion of passenger traffic between the cities of Heihe and Blagoveshchensk, supplying the Russian market about 20 thousand bicycles and combining them with a common rental system.


International festival of arts "Morning star"

XXI international festival of arts "Morning star" was held in Sveti Vlas (Bulgaria) in the period from 20 to 28 August 2017. During the event, representatives from the city of Pazardzhik competed and won three prizes in different categories. Mandolin orchestra city took first place in the nomination "Instrumental performers and ensembles", the young artist Cristian Pavlov took the first place among the soloists, as well as first place in the duet. The winners were awarded with diplomas and memorable gifts.

The annual citywide event

The annual citywide event "The Alley of Béziers associations" will be held in the alleys of the Field Rica on September 9. A progress report will be presented at the event. This year the representatives of the 250 associations Béziers will demonstrate their achievements in the socio-cultural sphere, and also in the field of environmental protection. Speech of Béziers mayor, acquaintance with the information on the stands of the associations, a variety of performances and presentations will take place in the programme of action.

Measures to reduce unemployment

According to national studies the 3.7 million immigrants who received education in foreign universities, lives in the USA, however 26% of them are unemployed. For the effective use of labour resources and the reduction of unemployment the event titled "Maximizing international talent" will be held on 27 September in the city of Des Moines. Association of business "Greater Des Moines Partnership" together with the Institute of migration policy will be organize the event, during which participants will explore the process of hiring foreign workers, to get acquainted with successful examples of the use of skilled labor.

International programme on engineering

Joint program in China, Japan and South Korea in engineering was implemented in the University city Jiangsu Zhenjiang in the period from 17 to 27 August. The main theme in this year is robotics and artificial intelligence, as well as high-tech equipment used for the older generation. More than 100 students from 30 universities participated in the project and presented their best products, exchanged experiences and ideas.

The reception of the Chinese delegation

30 August the mayor of the sister city of Yerevan Taron Margaryan met with a delegation from the Chinese city of Qingdao. The basic directions of strategy of development of the capital of Armenia, a cooperation program with 50 cities and 10 international organizations was presented to the guests. A Memorandum of intent was signed during the meeting. The parties agreed to form a working group to develop proposals concerning the interaction between the two cities.

Cixi's holiday

On August 28 in China celebrated the feast Cixi, which is similar to Valentine's Day. Fairs on the streets were organized, inhabitants decorated the yards with garlands, lanterns and flowers. Young girls participated in divination. The Cixi first holiday was celebrated in 206 BC. Over the centuries, it remains one of the most favorite for Chinese. However, it should be noted that now the younger generation practically don't observe traditions and badly knows holiday history


The table tennis tournament

Open international table tennis tournament "conquest of the 2017 ITTF World Tour-Bulgaria Asarel Open" with a prize Fund of $130 thousand was held in the period 15 to 20 August 2017 in the town of Panagyurishte in the Pazardzhik region. More than 170 athletes from 28 countries participated in the competition. A native of Bulgaria Dimitri Ovcharov became the champion among men, and among women – Kenta Matsudaira (Japan). The regional Governor of Pazardzhik presented awards and prizes.

The action of tasting in Beziers

With the assistance of the mayoralty campaign "Les jeudis de Beziers" is held in Beziers weekly in the evening. Manufacturers in the region offer to taste, buy local wines and accompanying food. The event is held on the embankment of the river Orb, and in the alleys of the Field Rica. Songs in French and Languedoc languages, dancers, jazz and ukulele will be organized in the course of events for guests and residents. The campaign will last until the end of August.

Company of the city of des Moines received an international prize

10 August, during the XIV Annual International meeting in the field of business achievements the company "Shade Tree Auto" vehicle repairs the sister city of des Moines recognized as the winner of the Bronze Stevie award in the nomination "company of the year. Small business". Bronze Stevie is a world leader in business awards thanks to the effective involvement of society in the evaluation of companies and enterprises. This year, about 4000 organizations of different ownership forms from over 60 countries submitted their applications to participate in this contest.

The use of the Internet 

In the twin city Zhenjiang special attention is paid to the extension of information networks, introduction of IT-technologies and creation of favorable conditions for users in the field. By the end of 2016, the use of the Internet population has grown by 3.8%, average time spent on the network was 28.6 hours per week. Currently mobile Internet in the city uses 3,14 million people, including 2,15 million users of 4G network.

Beer festival in Yerevan

Traditional annual beer Festival was held on 19 August within the framework of the municipal program "Yerevan summer". The best samples of this drink made in accordance with the traditions of brewing and modern technology have been demonstrated in the pavilions of the leading Armenian companies. Presentations on three thousand years of history of beer making were also presented. The event was accompanied by concert show program, performances of vocal and dance groups. Competitions were organized for visitors. The winners received prizes of the municipality and the organizations-participants.

The successful performance of high-tech zones

According to the rating "National and provincial high-tech zone 2016" drawn up by the Centre for the development of the technology industry together with the Ministry of science and technology of China, national high-tech industrial zone Wujin city Changzhou occupied 54th place out of 157 national zones and the 1st place among the zones in Jiangsu province. For the first half of the results of the work of this zone: GDP growth of 12.6%, and the volume of high-tech production is 11.5% more than the same period last year. It should be noted that in order to achieve success at the national level by 2020, the project of building an independent demonstration Sunan industrial Park planned for the industrial zone of Wujin. It is expected that the establishment of the Park will accelerate innovation and improve the competitiveness of products .


The Art Route DSM project

In Des Moines the country's first art project "Art Route" is started within which the numerous crosswalks and intersections of the city leading to 87 objects of art will be decorated by thermoplastic paint. Bright colored circles painted on the sidewalks connect the route and Downtown intersections are painted with artistic designs by Canadian street artist Peter Gibson, also known as “Roadsworth.” The route is laid from the Capitol building in the east to Meredith Corporation in the west of the city.

The best agricultural farms 

Seven enterprises of the city of Changzhou were selected into the Top 100 Creative Farms of Jiangsu by the Provincial Committee of Agriculture.  The indices of the evaluation include the development of creative products, innovative themes, functional characteristics, cultural connotation, processing technology, traditional techniques, science and education, etc.

The share car project 

To provide enough share cars in the city of Zhenjiang more than 60 rental centers with more than 200 share cars are created. Rent and payment of service is carried out by means of a special software application. Cost is about 0,5 RMB per minute. The project is highly appreciated by residents.

The platform of public interaction on transport reform 

The new website transport.yerevan.am which is the electronic platform of public interaction concerning transport reform is presented to the mayor's offices of Yerevan. Information on the versions of problems solution in the sphere of transport offered by the international consulting company WYG, reports, meetings of the working group and the discussed issues is posted on the official site. The electronic platform will give an opportunity by means of vote to study opinions of residents concerning the issues connected with process of reforms of transport network.

Promotion of historical and cultural heritage of Bezier

Now already nine frescos - the optical illusions created by A. Fresco decorate facades of buildings in the center of Bezier. Frescos popularize historical and cultural heritage of the city, presenting to attention of tourists, famous natives of Bezier, cultural events connected with creation of great literary and music: the play "Love Disappointment" by Moliere, and operas of Deyanir and Arleziank by the composer Kamil Saint-Saens; fragments of history of Bezier: the revolt of wine-growers of 1907, construction of nine locks Fonseran headed by the engineer Pierre-Paul Rick during an era of the king Louis XIV and many other things. The developed new tourist route uniting acquaintance with frescos and historical heritage of the city is one of the most popular in Bezier.

Reward to the Pazardzhik Art gallery of Stanislav Dospevsky 

It is known that the Art gallery of Stanislav Dospevsky of the city of Pazardzhik is noted by an award “ProKultura” for a contribution to cultural development of the country. The award ceremony was held on August 12, 2017 in the city of Bansko (Republic of Bulgaria) within the conference on the results of the "Access for Young People to Culture" national company. The Art gallery of the sister city got this award for successful implementation of the Gold Spiral project devoted to support of the youth working in the field of fine and applied arts, advertizing, music, and photo. During the conference issues of development of innovative culture, involvement of youth and also cooperation between cultural organizations and IT industry were discussed.


Zhenjiang Business Service Platform

The new project "Zhenjiang Business Service Platform" is started within which businessmen will be able to receive by means of the Internet or telephone all necessary information on business start-up, promotion and management, interaction communication. Besides, within the project there are three centers: international investment improvement center, companies “invest out” service center, and database center

Project on construction of the sub-lake tunnel

 Changzhou has started implementation of the largest project in the sphere of infrastructure for construction of a huge tunnel under the lake Taihu. The road will unite the largest highways of China. The project assumes optimization of transport network, traffic reduction of the highway Shanghai-Nanjing. The tunnel which length will be 43,9 km  also contributes to the development of tourism, having facilitated access to the most beautiful natural sights of China.

Project on optimization of the movement in the center of Des Moines

In Des Moines the East Grand Pilot Project on optimization of the movement in the downtown which main object is improvement of availability of the urban environment and safety of the movement is implemented. Within the project two travel lanes, on-street parking and protected bike lanes will be organized. It is designed to slow down traffic without significantly reducing commute times, create parking and make the area more walkable and easier to navigate for inhabitants and visitors who are going on foot, by bicycles, cars or public transport.

Modernization of the advertisement sphere

In Yerevan work on modernization of the advertisement sphere is conducted within which advertizing passports are provided to 60 buildings which are of cultural and historical heritage. Advertizing passports mean preliminary definition of the place for advertizing on the building, its sizes and a look according to that the architectural appearance of the building won't be disturbed.


Musical festival in Pazardzhik

The municipality of Pazardzhik has started preparation of musical event "Plus Festival" which will take place during the period from September 1 to September 3, 2017. This remarkable event in city life unites representatives of creative youth from all Bulgaria. The festival is held for the fourth time. The Romanian performer Karina Ghita will perform as the invited guest.

Annual Feria holiday

During the period from August 11 to August 15, 2017 in the city of Bezier the traditional holiday Feria will take place. In the program there are dramatized, musical and horse performances, parades of brass bands and folklore collectives. During this holiday thematic days are supposed: Day of children, Day of a bull, Day of the southern spirit within which attractions, exhibitions of books and autographs of the famous people, driving on carriages, taming of young bull-calves by young toreadors, traditional bullfights will be organized. On numerous platforms of the holiday concerts of the French and foreign stars, horse representations will be organized with jugglers and fiery shows. For inhabitants of Bezier and city visitors the festival of flamenco and traditional national dances will be held.

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