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The meeting of the Pazardzhik Community mayor with school graduates

On June 9, 2020, the mayor of Pazardzhik Community met with three orphan graduates. Todor Popov thanked students for the successful school completion and wished them further success. He also noted that, if it necessary, will assist them in employment in the City hall of the sister city. At the end of the meeting, graduates were awarded cash prizes.

The measures to support representatives of the business community of Beziers

In connection with the crisis associated with the coronavirus epidemic, as well as the threat of its influence on the development of the local economy, the city hall of Beziers took urgent measures to support the business community. The rent for entrepreneurs working in the field of trade was canceled, the duty for advertising was frozen, the tax on the use of public property during construction was canceled. A million euro subvention was allocated from the Regional Fund to support the most affected sectors of the city’s economy. Also, organizations and enterprises are allowed free use of ground parking.

The online work of the Farmer's Market

In the beginning of June 2020, a special web platform for online orders “Online Marketplace”, aimed to cooperate suppliers and customers, became available in the sister city of Des Moines. The service provides residents of the sister city with the opportunity to place an order and determine the most convenient point of delivery or delivery method. Local manufacturers will be able to sell their products in difficult epidemic conditions. Currently, more than 110 providers have joined the online platform. In the near future, an increase in the number of suppliers, as well as an expansion in the range of goods offered are expected. 

The harvest of wheat in the city of Zhenjiang

The wheat harvest in Zhenjiang City is basically completed. Due to the rainy season in the region, it became necessary to dry the harvest. The sister city agricultural enterprises asked the specialized company “Zhenjiang New Nongrun Agricole Trade Co., Ltd.”, which has more than sixty wheat dryers that dry nearly 1,000 tons of wheat a day. 

The new information platform

As part of the implementation of the “Smart City” development concept, a new information platform devoted to issues of urban planning and improvement was posted on the official website of Yerevan City Hall. In this section of the site, residents of the sister city have access to detailed information about the construction processes in the capital, an online map of ongoing construction, completion dates, as well as photo materials. Currently, more than 160 services are being transferred to an electronic platform.

The work of Changzhou international airport

Recently, the Civil Aviation Administration of the People's Republic of China (CAAC) announced annual information on the number of foreign passengers at the country's airports. According to statistics from nine airports in Jiangsu Province, Changzhou International Airport is the only one in which the number of foreigners has reached 10%. In 2019, the sister city airport accepted more than 485 thousand foreign passengers (excluding travelers from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan). It should be noted that since 2014, international flights at the airport in Changzhou were opened to ten countries of the world, including Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Laos, the Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar and Indonesia. 


The festive event in the city of Pazardzhik
A solemn event, dedicated to the memory of the outstanding poet and revolutionary Hristo Botev, who died during the liberation of Bulgaria was held in the city of Pazardzhik on June 2, 2020. The participants read poetry of the national hero, the compositions were performed by a brass band. The laying of flowers at the monument of Hristo Botev in the sister city took place.

The escaping from the quarantine
Along with the abolition of the quarantine regime and the gradual return of the city of Beziers to its former life, the city hall continues to work to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection and to ensure proper sanitary conditions. In order to track the carriers of a dangerous virus in the city, two cameras for determination the body temperature were installed. These devices allow to control the temperature of individual passers-by, as well as groups of up to 20 people.

The measures for the prevention of coronavirus infection
The city of Des Moines continues to escape from quarantine. In connection with the increase in passenger traffic at the airport of the sister city, activities to counteract coronavirus infection continue. Travelers are advised to arrive at the airport at least an hour and a half before departure in order to avoid crowds. Observance of social distance, as well as the use of personal protective equipment.

The escaping from the quarantine
Zhenjiang city continues to quit quarantine. It became known about the opening of the Xinmin Port of the sister city. Currently, work to ship timber from a ship arriving from Australia and New Zealand is underway. The number of residents on the streets of the sister city has increased markedly.

The reconstruction of preschool institutions in Yerevan
As part of the energy efficiency program of the city of Yerevan a competition for the reconstruction of 12 municipal kindergartens was announced on June 2, 2020. The funds of the loan of the European Investment Bank, as well as a grant provided by the Eastern European Partnership Fund will be used for the work. During the construction, it is planned to increase the seismic stability and energy efficiency of preschool institutions. Beginning of reconstruction - September-October this year.

The development of Changzhou industry
On May 25, the groundbreaking ceremony of Liyang Agoke Smart Manufacturing Valley and the signing ceremony for enterprises settling in the park was held in Jiangsu Zhongguancun Science and Technology Industrial Park. The total investment is 1.5 billion yuan. The area occupied by the intellectual site is 11.3 hectares. It is estimated that after the commissioning of the project, about fifty enterprises will be located.


Program of youth support in Pazardzhik
On May 28, 2020, the Mayor of Pazardzhik announced the official start of the "Civic impulse" youth support program. The program will be implemented by the Municipality of Pazardjik together with the Council of youth policy of the sister city in the following areas: education and culture, sports, ecology and urban environment, civic activity. Young people who have achieved success in these areas will be awarded special prices.

Way out of the quarantine 
The city of Beziers is gradually coming out of quarantine. On May 25, this year, during a meeting of the Municipal Council, the mayor of Beziers, Robert Menard, who was re-elected to the post following the results of the citywide elections in March 2020, officially took the office. In compliance with all sanitary standards, some services of the city hall start working in a limited mode. Also, the sister city museums were opened for visitors on May 18.

Web platform for online orders
In the sister city of Des Moines, in order to ensure the annual Farmers' market, a special web platform “Online Marketplace” for online orders is being developed, which will facilitate interaction between suppliers and buyers. The service will be available in late May or early June. The platform allows customers to place an order and take the most convenient pick-up point or delivery method, and local manufacturers to offer their products without being able to present them in a pandemic.

Online sales of seasonal products
During the pandemic, farmers in the sister city of Zhenjiang have suffered significantly from the inability to fully market fruits and melons. In order to support local producers, the leaders of the Zhenjiang women's federation organized online sales of seasonal products directly from agricultural sites. The population supported the campaign. Within an hour, about 3 tons of melons were sold.

Official website of Yerevan municipality
According to the results of 2018-2019, the official website of the Yerevan municipality took the 3rd place in the international rating of indicators of urban e-government. In recent years, the mayor's office of the sister city has paid special attention to the development of new programs, including the introduction of an online registration system for kindergartens, the Active citizen platform. The results of voting sessions of the Council of elders are also available on the site, and budget expenditures are reflected.

New library of Changzhou
In the sister city of Changzhou, the construction of the New library, located on a square designed as a stone arch bridge, has been completed. The capacity of the library is one million volumes. The library will become a modern reading space that combines the characteristic cultural features of the region and intellectual technologies. The New library has a special hall for books from the cities of friendship of Changzhou, which currently contains more than 1000 volumes donated by 18 countries, including presentation publications about the city of Stavropol.


Day of Pazardzhik 
Day of Pazardzhik city and Days of Slavic writing and culture were celebrated on May, 21. The official ceremony of national flag raising was organized on the Central square named after Konstantin Velichkov, and a festive procession - on the streets of the sister city. A solemn service was held in the Church of St. Constantine and Elena. Because of the difficult epidemic situation in the country, entertainment events and concerts were canceled.

Work of local government bodies
The work of the local government bodies of the city of Beziers is gradually returning to normal. The municipal Council of the sister city will hold its inaugural meeting on May 25, 2020. In accordance with the sanitary recommendations, the meeting will be closed, attended by deputies and accredited press representatives. In order to ensure the principles of transparency, the event will be broadcasted online.

Tutoring services program
In the sister city of Des Moines, a new program "DSM Tutor Connection" was launched to provide tutoring services to high school students. This web-based platform will allow parents of school children who are home-schooled during the pandemic to select the necessary tutors among students of Drake University and other colleges. For most students, it is also an opportunity to get the necessary teaching experience and additional income.

Training program for students
Within the frame of the Day of prevention and reduction of natural disasters in China, a training program for young people was organized in the city of Zhenjiang on May 12. Students of the sister city visited the Municipal earthquake monitoring center, got acquainted with the exposition of the Scientific Museum on earthquake prevention and reduction. During the program, the activities of emergency services were presented, as well as a plan of necessary actions of the population in the emergency.

Development of Yerevan
For the purpose of further improvement in the sister city of Yerevan, it was decided to restore green spaces in the Saralandji and Tsitsernakaberd. Construction waste was removed, an irrigation system was installed to save water and more efficiently irrigate. There will also be planting of various trees and shrubs, including evergreen and creeping. Experts choose varieties so that flowering occurs in turn.

Tests of the electric cargo ship
In the sister city of Changzhou on the Yangtze River, the first fully electric cargo ship was successfully tested. With a cargo capacity of 1000 tons, the vessel can travel 50 km after being charged for 2.5 hours. The Yangtze River is one of the busiest waterways in the region, which has a negative impact on the local environment. Diesel fuel is the main source of pollution. The new cargo ship using energy-saving technologies will significantly reduce the emissions of harmful substances into the water and atmosphere.


Day of the Bulgarian army
On May 06, 2020, in honor of St. George's Day and the Day of the Bulgarian army, the Mayor of Pazardzhik addressed veterans and the military with holiday greetings. Residents of the sister city paid tribute to the memory of the fallen soldiers. Due to the difficult epidemiological situation, mass citywide events and meetings were canceled.

Schools disinfection
Sanitary cleaning and disinfection was organized in general education institutions of the sister city of Beziers for several days. The work was carried out by employees of the city service for buildings maintenance. These events are held on the eve of students ' return to school after a long vacation.

Sanitizers free distribution
As part of the annual Farmers' market in the sister city of Des Moines, a free distribution of sanitizers was organized in early May this year. This initiative was launched by one of the city shopping centers in order to sell products and provide employees with job during the pandemic. Hand sanitizers were issued on a first - come, first-served basis and limited to one per household. The purchase is also available online.

Exhibition of historical relics
The exhibition "Life and art of women in Southern China" was opened in the city museum of Zhenjiang. The exhibition presents more than 100 cultural relics dedicated to the history of women's calligraphy and painting, as well as household items, jewelry, and women's national costumes. The exhibition will be open to visitors until the end of June this year.

Auto park renovation 
As part of the implementation of the transport system reform of Yerevan, the mayor's office of the sister city announced the purchase of 100 buses that meet international standards. Special attention is paid to the quality and technical parameters of the new vehicles that will be used to service the urban transport network.

Restoration of the tourism industry
In the sister city of Changzhou, the tourism industry begins recovering. During the May holidays dedicated to the Labor Day, about 480 thousand excursions are organized in the city. When preparing trips, special attention is paid to measures to prevent the spread of viral infection, ensure the safety and security of tourists.


Meeting of the Pazardzhik city council
On April 29, 2020, a regular meeting of the Pazardzhik city council was held. The Mayor of Pazardzhik announced the Fund creation to support cultural actors and artists for anti-crisis measures in the current epidemic situation caused by a new coronavirus infection COVID-2019. Financial resources will be allocated from the representative expenses of the mayor's office.

Measures of support
In order to support trade enterprises and small businesses during the difficult period of the epidemic, the Mayor's office of Beziers initiated a solidarity action. Residents of Beziers in the Instagram were asked to assist trade, purchasing coupons for purchases at will. Coupons can be exchanged for goods or services after the end of the quarantine.

Farmers’ market opening
On May 02, this year, the sister-city of Des Moines will host the virtual opening of the next season of the Farmers' market. During the hour-long broadcast, local suppliers and manufacturers will be presented to residents of the city, and a range of seasonal products will be demonstrated. Opportunities for ordering products online will also be announced. All events are organized practicing social distancing.

Park named after a famous artist.
At a meeting of the Council of elders of the sister-city of Yerevan, a decision was approved that the Park located at the intersection of St. Grigor Lusavorich and Agatangehos streets, be named of People's artist of the Armenian SSR, famous circus performer, comedian, clown, writer and theater director Leonid Yengibaryan.

Epidemiological situation
As of April 29, no new confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the sister-city of Changzhou. However, experts urge the public to continue to follow the hygiene recommendations. Precautions include wearing a mask when going outside, washing your hands frequently, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Because of long weekend in early May, residents are advised to refrain from traveling.

Construction of an entertainment park
In the sister-city of Zhenjiang, work on urban improvement has continued. Construction work is currently being completed and preparations are taken for the opening of the new Evergrande Children's World Center Garden. The entertainment park will have various attractions and entertainment areas for children and adults.


International book day
On April 23, the mayor of Pazardjik community congratulated the residents of the sister city on the International Book Day, wishing them a pleasant leisure time with their favorite books. Due to the hard epidemiological situation and the temporary restriction on holding mass events, it was decided to postpone the ceremony of the national award named after Konstantin Velichkov for a special contribution to the cultural development to November this year.

Masks distribution among population
In the city of Beziers, the mass distribution of protective masks among the population has begun. Fabric masks for repeated use are packed in personal envelopes and will be dropped into all mailboxes of the city. Each envelope contains the number of masks corresponding to the number of people living there. The distribution of masks will last until the beginning of May.

Support for the medical profession
In the sister city of Des Moines, work is organised to provide personal protective equipment to medical facilities fighting COVID-19. Over the past few weeks, numerous businesses, organizations, and residents across the region have collectively donated to health workers more than 190,000 medical supplies, such as gloves, gowns, eye protection, and masks.

Construction of residential complex project
A new project for the construction of a residential complex was discussed at the Mayor's office of the sister city of Yerevan. According to the proposition, it is planned to build five multi-storied buildings, which will solve the problem of relocation of residents of six emergency houses in this area. In addition, the surrounding area will be completely landscaped. The mayor of Yerevan noted the importance of the social focus of the project.

International Labor Day 
On May 01, residents of the sister city of Changzhou will celebrate a public holiday- International Labor Day. This year, the weekend will last until May 5. Traditionally, this is a time for meetings with family, recreation in nature. Holiday concerts and entertainment programs are broadcasted on television.


A charity event

Ahead of the Easter holiday a charity event was organized in Pazardzhik. At the initiative of the mayor of Pazardzhik Community Todor Popov traditional Easter treats, Easter cakes, were delivered to the homes for the elderly citizens of the sister city. The mayor also noted that he sincerely hopes for a speedy stabilization of the situation with coronavirus infection.

The manufacture of protective masks in the sister city

The manufacture of protective masks continues in the city of Beziers. At the initiative of the City Hall 18 sets for production masks at home were distributed among the volunteers. It is assumed that each set is sufficient for 50 masks. The masks are treated with dry cleaning, disinfected and covered with a protective layer before distribution. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic the Beziers City Hall has provided more than 14 thousand masks to employees of medical institutions in the city.

The new motivational podcasts

A series of motivational podcasts "Preparation for employment" (Employment Ready) was launched in the city of Des Moines on April 10, 2020. The tools and tips that allow residents of the sister city to increase employment opportunities will be presented during the broadcasts. The materials for advanced training and personal growth are also included to the program. In addition to podcasts professional employment tips were published on social networks. 

The implementation of the historical and architectural project

A workshop on the implementation of the historical and architectural project “Old Yerevan” in the city was held at the City Hall of Yerevan on April 14, 2020. The mayor of Yerevan, the leadership of the State Committee for Urban Planning under the Government of the Republic of Armenia attended the meeting. It is assumed that the quarter of ancient buildings of the 19th - early 20th centuries with adjoining courtyards and gardens will be recreate within the project. The project is aimed at increasing the tourist attractiveness of the city.


Food assistance to the population

In the period from 01 to 16 April 2020 the city of Pazardjik is implementing a program for delivering food to people in need. The charity event is organized by the representative of the Republic of Bulgaria Red Cross in the city of Pazardzhik, as well as the Pazardzhik municipality. Food aid will be provided to more than 700 residents of the sister city.

Painting purchasing
In the future the city hall of Beziers is going to buy a painting by Nicolas guy Brenet, a famous artist of the XVIII century, on the theme of Greek-Roman mythology. The painting is associated to another work by the author, which has been owned by the mayor's office since 1970. In the future, the paintings will be displayed in the new Museum complex in Beziers.

New motivating poscasts
On April 07, 2020, new podcasts “Leading in Times of Challenge”, was launched in the sister city of Des Moines. The program presents interviews with leaders of governments, heads of major organizations, and political figures who will submit their experience of issues solving and difficulties overcoming in the changing socio-economic conditions of the modern world.

Mourning for the victims of coronovirus
April 04, 2020 was declared by the Chinese authorities as a day of national mourning for the victims of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as for the medical personnel who sacrificed their lives to save people. Flags were lowered in the country, including on the territory of foreign diplomatic missions. At 10:00 am, citizens of Zhenjiang with all residents of China paid a three-minutes tribute of silence to the memory of victims.

Support for the work of medical institutions
A number of measures to combat the spread of coronavirus are being implemented in the sister city of Yerevan. The work of municipal medical institutions is carried out on a special schedule, including weekends. In order to ensure the safety of medical personnel, additional protective masks, medical gowns, gloves and disinfectants were purchased. The mayor's office provided special buses for the transportation of medical personnel.

National holiday of Qingming
On April 4, China traditionally celebrates the national holiday of Qingming – the day of remembrance of the dead. Because of the epidemiological situation in the sister city of Changzhou, it was decided to remotely submit applications for memorial services in order to reduce the number of residents visiting cemeteries on these days, as well as reduce urban traffic.


The measures on prevention the spread of coronavirus infection

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the city of Pazardzhik the necessary measures have been taken. Educational organizations of the sister city work remotely, students were provided with free electronic textbooks. The number of television educational programs has been increased. The sister city cultural institutions also work remotely. The online performance “Anniversary” by A.P. Chekhov, prepared by the youth theater "Friends" of the city of Pazardzhik was presented.

The environmental activities

The Beziers Theater was the first cultural institution in France which has received the status of “Environmentally friendly theater”. This was preceded by the serious work of City Hall services to obtain the title of “Institutions of high sanitary, social and environmental quality”, which will be valid for three years. Since 2017, more than a hundred actions were organized at the theater: improving the order and respectful attitude during spectators receiving, responsible use of energy, the use of environmentally friendly means for sanitary cleaning, etc.

The change of the opening date of the farmer's market

In connection with the current epidemiological situation, as well as severe sanitary restrictions in the sister city of Des Moines, a decision to change the opening date of the next season of the farmer's market was made. Since 1975, the annual event brings together local manufacturers and entrepreneurs. Today, the market is recognized at the national level and has the support of investors, city halls and non-profit associations.

The support of medical workers

In accordance with the decision of the mayor of Yerevan, part of the fund of quarterly awards provided for the staff of the city hall of the sister city will be fully transferred to the community medical health organizations workers fighting with coronavirus infection. Funds will be transferred to employees of municipal hospitals, clinics, ambulance services.


Environmental conservation activities
The municipality of Beziers purchased a specialized machine for processing lawns from weeds. It is carried out using hot water and environmentally friendly foam made from plant waste. Using this bio-foam, which is also used for cleaning various surfaces from contamination, there is no risk of harm to people and animals. The city of Beziers intends to continue to maintain its reputation as a city that cares about the environment.

Virtual seminars
In connection with the current epidemiological situation in the world, the sister city of Des Moines decided to organize on-line seminars and training lectures for business representatives and investors. As part of the virtual training, best practices in distance business will be presented.

Meeting of the Council of Elders
A meeting of the Council of Elders was held in the sister city of Yerevan, during which the implementation of the budget for 2019 was approved, as well as changes were made to the budget for 2020. The use of budget funds is provided for the replacement of elevators, construction and repair of pedestrian crossings, creation of new irrigation networks, acquisition of equipment for landscaping, as well as for the development of other areas of urban economy.


National modern pentathlon championship
In the period from 07 to 08 March 2020, Pazardzhik hosted the National modern pentathlon championship among youth. During the competition, representatives of the Champion sports club of the sister city had good results. Participants won gold and silver cups in the team competition, as well as gold, silver and bronze medals in individual competitions. According to the results of the championship, the Champion sports club was marked as the most successful in the country in training athletes of younger age categories.

Reconstruction of one of the city districts 
It was decided to make total reconstruction of one of the districts of Beziers-La Devize. Residential buildings built in the quarter in the 60s of the last century (more than 550 apartments) will be demolished taking into account environmental standards. In their place, it is planned to build new housing that meets all modern requirements. The old buildings will be replaced by modern villas, social houses, a new school and a gym for rhythmic gymnastics.

Training lectures
From March 9 to 12 this year, the city of Des Moines organized a series of annual lectures "ciLive!" (Celebrate! Innovation Live). The main goal of the conferences is to develop student creativity. During the training interactive events, representatives of the youth of the sister city have the opportunity to meet with outstanding leaders of culture and science, communicate with speakers and discuss issues of interest directly with developers of innovations.

Spring season
With the begging of the spring season, the sister city of Zhenjiang is actively working on landscaping urban areas. Research has been carried out to determine the need to increase forest stands. More than a thousand saplings of fruit trees are currently planted on the territory of the reservoir.

Unique heart surgery
A unique operation to implant an artificial heart ventricle for a four-year-old patient was conducted in the sister city of Yerevan. The multi-hour surgery was performed by cardiac surgeons of the Nork-Marash center with the assistance of doctors from Europe. It is hoped that the successful experience will contribute to the start of heart transplantation operations in Armenia.


The festive events dedicated to the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke

The festive events dedicated to the 142 anniversary of the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke were held in the city of Pazardzhik on March 03, 2020. Within the events the city leaders, residents and guests took part in the official ceremony of raising the national flag in the Central Square named after Konstantin Velichkov as well as laying flowers at the monuments of heroes who participated in the liberation of the country. The celebration program was ended with a concert.

The urban policy in the city of Beziers

As part of Beziers new urban development plan the city hall decided to transfer 90 hectares of undeveloped city land in favor of environmentally friendly agriculture. From now the priority of the city authorities is the restoration and updating of residential premises already existing in the city, as well as the restoration of existing neighborhoods. It was decided to abandon the expansion of urban boundaries in favor of nature conservation.

The construction of a skate park in Yerevan

In order to organize youth leisure the construction of a skate park is planned in the city of Yerevan. The work will be implemented in two phases. The venue construction will be completed until June 30 this year. It is planned to have a first-aid post and a skate rental point on the territory. The ventilation systems powered by solar electricity, lighting throughout the territory will be installed. As part of the implementation of the second phase of the project the territory landscaping with the applying landscape design, installation of viewing platforms are planned until August 30 this year. The area occupied by the park will be 5044 sq.m.


The participation in the National Pentathlon Championship

The National Pentathlon Championship was held in the city of Sofia (Republic of Bulgaria) in the period from February 22 to February 23, 2020. The representatives of Pazardzhik sports club “Champion” had a great success. The participants of the sister city won prize medals of the championship.

The opening of a bicycle service and repair station

A bicycle station was opened in Beziers. Cycling enthusiasts will find everything they need here: a well-equipped parking for bicycles, a tool kit and a tire inflation pump. The construction of this cycle station was the result of the final stage of an interactive competition for youth, announced by the City Hall in 2019. In total, 37 projects were submitted to the competition, one of which was the project of the bicycle station chosen by the residents of the sister city by voting.

Closing the winter season

The opening season of the ice rink “Brenton Skating Plaza” located in the center of Des Moines will be ended on March 1, 2020. In this regard, residents and guests of the sister city will be able to actively spend the upcoming weekend. It should be noted that this open air venue will be available for numerous business events and special occasions in the spring and autumn period. 

The improvement of the sister city of Yerevan

As part of the implementation of the city program in 2020 Yerevan City Hall plans to improve a number of cultural, educational and medical institutions. Overhaul is planned in the Theater of the Young Spectator, the Children and Youth Creative Center and the gallery of Eduard Isabekyan. Five clinics of the sister city will be equipped with new medical equipment. It is also planned to improve culture and recreation parks, including the replacement of damaged curbs, supporting walls, repair of sidewalks and the installation of new irrigation systems.


Memorable events

On February 19, 2020, celebrations were held in the sister city of Pazardzhik to mark the 147 death anniversary of one of the most famous fighters for the liberation of Bulgaria from the Turkish yoke, Vasil Levski. The leaders of the city and the region, representatives of public organizations and political parties, citizens and guests of the city paid tribute to the memory of the hero, took part in laying flowers at the monument to Vasil Levski. A solemn prayer service was also held.

Provision of public places with defibrillators

In order to ensure timely first aid in public places in the city of Beziers, 15 new devices were placed in addition to the previously installed 30 defibrillators, which help to reanimate the heart in the event of a sudden stop. These devices, equipped with detailed visual and audio instructions, are semi-automatic and can be used even by non-specialists. By the end of 2021, it is planned to increase the number of available defibrillators installed in public places to 52 units.

Training seminar

In order to further develop entrepreneurship, a training seminar on the organization of commercial enterprises will be held in the sister city of Des Moines on March 05. The focus will be on intellectual property, financing, and the stages of new companies creating. Practical aspects of the work will be covered by representatives of law firms who specialize in startups. 

Construction of a new training center 

The mayor of Yerevan met with representatives of the TUMO training center for advanced technologies. During the meeting, the parties discussed the construction of the "EU TUMO" (Complex of engineering and applied Sciences in Yerevan), which is being implemented within the framework of cooperation with the European Union. According to the project, the complex with an area of 25,000 sq. meters will include an educational infrastructure, a STEM research laboratory (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), the faculty of computer science and applied mathematics of the French University of Armenia, and conference rooms. The construction of the complex is planned to be completed in the spring of 2020.


Swimming competition 

The XII swimming tournament “Champion 2020” was held on February 08-09 with the financial support of the city hall of Pazardzhik. More than 200 young athletes from the sister city took part in the competition. The winners were awarded medals and prizes. The most successful results were demonstrated by the sportsmen of Sports schools of the city of Pazardzhik. 

Preservation of historical heritage

 In December last year, the Ministry of culture of the French Republic awarded the city of Beziers the title "City of art and history". This title is awarded to cities and communes that are actively engaged in attracting public attention to the historical heritage, as well as its protection. Getting this title was preceded by a large-scale work. The mayor of Beziers made a presentation at the Ministry of culture describing the cultural potential of the city and its merits. Awarding the title "City of art and history" will allow working on instilling interest in historical architecture among the population of the city, as well as attract a large number of tourists. 

Promotion of the insurance sector 

The capital of Iowa, Des Moines, is one of the largest centers of insurance business in the United States. More than 80 insurance companies operate here. In order to further develop the insurance market, a 100-day program "Global insurance accelerator" is being implemented in the sister city, which provides assistance to firms and start-ups in this area. The training focuses on innovative approaches to services, the needs of the consumer market, and provides advices. The results of the program will be summarized during the insurance symposium in April 2020. 

Development of the health system 

Strengthening and developing health care is one of the priorities of the mayor's office of the sister city of Yerevan for 2020. This year, it is planned to purchase more than 120 units of medical equipment, including ultrasound cardiac devices for municipal clinics. The quality of conditions in medical institutions will also be improved, and major repairs of all ambulance service stations will be completed.


The meeting of the Pazardzhik City Duma

The meeting of the Pazardzhik City Duma was held on January 31, 2020. During the meeting, the sister city budget for 2020 was approved. It is noted that over the past 10 years, the amount of the annual budget has tripled. This year, financial resources will be allocated not only for the development and improvement of urban areas, but also for solving environmental problems.

An alternative educational institution

An alternative educational institution, the Active Artistic School combining nurseries, a kindergarten and a school has been operating for five years in the city of Beziers. Children and adolescents from 2 to 18 years of age not only gifted, but also having problems with concentration and memory are trained here. Currently, there are 46 students in the school. For the next academic year, there are already 400 applications.

The annual civil rights award

The annual civil rights award «Make-A-Difference Award» awarded for activities aimed at ensuring social justice, public safety, and providing equal economic opportunities was held in the sister city of Des Moines. The prize was awarded to participants in three categories.

The launch of the innovative material production

The production of an innovative type of membrane liner was launched in the sister city. The material is four times stronger than glass, has special tensile strength and high thermal insulation, has the function of a bulletproof, explosion-proof coating. The use of membrane liner is possible in various industries and in the field of vital activity of citizens.

The environmental projects

The annual action “Night of Ideas 2020”, dedicated to the protection of wildlife and biodiversity was held in the sister city of Yerevan. During the event, the topical environmental problems were discussed, as well as projects successfully implemented in Armenia were presented. A demonstration of a video on ecology took place, a photo exhibition of student works “60 Solutions to the Climate Change Problem” was presented.

The construction of an innovative automated base

A new project was launched to create an innovative automated base in the sister city of Changzhou that will provide about 5,000 jobs. The project involves the construction of a research center, an automated line for the production and collection of equipment, as well as testing centers, packaging workshops and storage facilities. The base will specialize in the development, production and sale of automated devices with artificial intelligence and products with AR technology (AR - “Augmented Reality” - the result of introducing any sensory data into the perception field in order to supplement information about the environment and improve the perception of information).


The participation in judo competitions

The European Judo Championship for men will be held in the city of Sofia (Republic of Bulgaria) in the period from February 1 to February 2, 2020. More than 250 athletes from thirty-three countries of the world will take part in the competition. The Republic of Bulgaria at the championship will be represented by 27 participants, including the athletes of the sister city sport club “KodokanЭ. 

The population growth of the city of Beziers

According to official data from the French National Institute for Statistics and Economics, the population of Beziers increased by 6666 compared to 2014 and reached 78453. These indicators indicate the development of Beziers in the socio-economic sphere, the successful implementation of measures to increase the pace of construction and increase tourist attractiveness cities.

The environmental activities

The sister city of Des Moines focuses on energy consumption and carbon pollution. According to the results of the studies, it was proved that the main greenhouse gas emissions (35%) are carried out by multi-story buildings. The Des Moines City Council passed a decree on energy and water benchmarking, according to which owners of commercial, multi-apartment and municipal buildings annually provide data on energy and water consumption. The received information will be used in making strategic decisions on building management.

The celebration of the Chinese New Year

On January 25, 2020 residents of the sister city of Zhenjiang celebrated the Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival. According to the ancient Chinese calendar, the year 4718 came, which will pass under the sign of the White Metal Rat. New Year in China is usually celebrated in the family circle. Houses are decorated with red paper lanterns, paired congratulatory inscriptions. Great importance is attached to the preparation of traditional national dishes.

The safety of citizens ensuring

The meeting of the mayor of the sister city of Yerevan with the representatives of the Yerevan department of the rescue service of the Ministry of Emergencies took place at the end of January this year. The results of 2019 were summed up, issues of increasing the effectiveness of response in fires and domestic calls were discussed during the report. It was also reported that an agreement on the implementation of a program for the management of hazardous waste was signed between the City Hall of Yerevan and the European Union.

The rhododendron exhibition

The large-scale XVII Chinese exhibition of rhododendrons is planned in Changzhou in April-May 2021. The main thematic exhibition will be located in Fenghuang Park. A demonstration zone with a landscape design of 15 km in length will be created along the Grand Canal. It is planned to build an indoor pavilion for participating cities with a total area of about 8,000 square meters. The government of the sister city of Changzhou suggests that following the exhibition, the city will become the National Demonstration Zone for rhododendron growth.


The anniversary of the Ottoman yoke liberation

The residents and guests of the city of Pazardzhik celebrated the 142th anniversary of liberation fr om the Ottoman yoke on January 14, 2020. As part of the celebration, flowers were laid at the monument to General N.P. Broca, who led the vanguard of the Russian troops who liberated the city. The mayor of the Pazardzhik Community, the Governor of the Pazardzhik region, deputies of the regional and city Duma took part in the ceremony. Flowers were also assigned to other monuments to the heroes of the Russian-Turkish war.

The city holiday

The “Truffle Festival” will be held for the fourth time in the city of Beziers on January 26, 2020. As part of the event, a fair of truffles and local gastronomic products, scientific and practical conferences on the development of a culture of growing and collecting truffles are planned. The mayor of Beziers will take part in the opening ceremony. There will also be a demonstration of the “hunt” for truffles with the help of specially trained animals.

The award for participation in volunteer activities

The award ceremony for the winners of the Des Moines Parks and Recreation Volunteer 2019 Prize will take place on January 28 this year in the sister city of Des Moines. The award was established in 2009 for volunteering to promote environmental protection and landscaping. In 2019, more than 5 thousand volunteers took part in the cleaning of natural areas, landscaping, the construction of playgrounds, educational activities and other public initiatives of the sister city.

The preparations for the Chinese New Year

An active preparations have been made for the celebration of the Chinese New Year in the sister city of Zhenjiang. Numerous fairs are organized, wh ere a variety of thematic products and products of local manufacturers are presented. Residents and guests of the city took part in the traditional campaign for the creation of paired congratulatory messages with the wishes of happiness, health and longevity. Fireworks shows and carnival processions will take place.

The reconstruction of the transport network

In order to reduce traffic congestion, the municipality of the sister city of Yerevan is implementing a number of programs and projects. Particular importance is attached to the creation of alternative roads for different sections of the city. Currently, a large investment project is being implemented - the construction of the western bypass road in Yerevan, which will be 23 km long and will connect the northern and southern entrance to the capital of Armenia.

The women's field hockey league

A new season of China Women's Field Hockey League «FIH 2020» was started in the sister city of Changzhou on January 11. 2020. The competition will be held for four months. China's national women's field hockey team will play with four teams - the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand. The final will take place in June, 2020.


The memorable events in the city of Pazardzhik

A celebration of the 172 anniversary of the birth of the famous Bulgarian poet and revolutionary, an active participant in the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke Hristo Botev was held in the city of Pazardzhik on January 6, 2020. The mayor of the Pazardzhik Community, the Governor of the Pazardzhik Region, deputies of the State and City Duma, residents of the sister city took part in the solemn memorial ceremony. The laying of flowers at the monument to the national hero took place.

The restoration work

The work on saving historical heritage is continuing in the city of Beziers. Currently, the facade and the adjacent territory of the ancient Cathedral of Saint Nazaire, which is the hallmark of the sister city, are being restored. The portal of the building, decorated with sculptures was restored. In the near future, restoration of window openings, a stone slab and a foundation will also be carried out.

The organization of students leisure

In the twin city of Des Moines as part of the interaction between the Public Schools Administration and the Association of Recreation and Amusement Parks, a program for the organization of leisure activities for secondary and high school students is being implemented. In the framework of the program, students from the sister city take part in group training in baseball, volleyball, soccer, swimming and other sports on a preferential basis. The cost of classes is $5. The program is available for 25 thousand students.

The mass sporting event

A sports and recreational event, dedicated to the beginning of the new year was held in the sister city of Zhenjiang on 01 January, 2020. Athletes and lovers of a healthy lifestyle organized an ascent to the top of the mountain. Active participation in the mass event was attended by the pupils of pre-school institutions of the sister city together with their parents.

The resumption of the work of integrated groups in kindergarten

In the twin city of Yerevan it was decided to resume the work of three integrated groups for children in need of additional care in one of the kindergartens of the capital. It is planned to continue work on the universal integration of children into the general system of education and development in all municipal kindergartens. Financing will be provided from the city budget of Yerevan.

The main projects of 2020

Jiangsu Provincial Government has identified about 1,500 major urban projects for implementation in 2020. 95 city initiatives of the sister city of Changzhou received the regional support. Projects will be implemented in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, as well as in the service sector. The planned investment in 2020 will be about 19.7 billion yuan.

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