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Participation in the National kickboxing championship
In the period from 23 to 25 October 2020, the National kickboxing championship was held in the city of Burgas (the Republic of Bulgaria). More than 800 athletes from the country took part in the competition. Representatives of the Spartak sports club of the sister city of Pazardzhik were successful and won a gold, three silver and eight bronze medals.

Participation in the Olympiad organization
The sister city of Beziers is defined as a training center for athletes during the Olympic Games to be held in Paris in 2024. Foreign rugby and soccer teams will train at the city's De la Présidente and Sauclières stadiums. This decision shows that the city's sports facilities are in excellent technical condition and meet international standards.

Initiative to the Des Moines Dairy’s anniversary
The Des Moines Dairy, which produces milk, cottage cheese, a variety of sour cream dips, and others, is celebrating its 90th anniversary. To mark such a significant date, it was decided to return the vintage design of cardboard packages of the most popular dairy products. Representatives of the company hope that the images on the boxes will remind of the pleasant and joyful moments of the past, since the Dairy’s products are an integral part of the life of several generations of Des Moines residents.

Flower season
With the onset of autumn, the colorful decoration of the flower fields of the sister city of Zhenjiang attracts many lovers of beautiful landscapes. The flower season lasts from September to mid-November. To promote agricultural tourism in the fields, performances of folk groups demonstrating folk songs and dances, national traditions are also organized.

Reconstruction of the road network
As part of further improvement, the reconstruction of the street and road network continues in the sister city of Yerevan. The Babajanyan-Ashtarak road is currently under construction. The work is expected to be completed within two months.

Sino-Swiss factory founding
On October 15, 2020, the official opening of the plant of the Swiss company "Givaudan", the world's largest manufacturer of food flavorings and perfume compositions, took place in the sister city of Changzhou. The ceremony was attended by the Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai and the Vice-Mayor of Changzhou. The plant is expected to become an advanced center for the production of fragrances and perfumes in the Asia-Pacific region.


A new sports hall construction
The official opening ceremony of a new training hall construction at the Sports School in Pazardzhik took place on October 22, 2020. The event was attended by the Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Republic of Bulgaria Krasen Kralev and the Mayor of the Community of Pazardzhik Todor Popov. The mayor of the sister city noted that recently the number of champions of Bulgaria in various sports, studying in school, increased by 36 people.

The participation in the National Badminton Championship
The National Youth Badminton Championship was held in the city of Haskovo (Republic of Bulgaria) in the period from 17 to 18 October, 2020. More than 70 athletes under the age of seventeen took part in the competition. Representatives of the Sports School of the city of Pazardzhik became bronze medalists of the championship.

The reconstruction of primary and preschool education institutions
The buildings of three city institutions of primary and preschool education were reconstructed and renovated in the city of Béziers in 2020. Work was carried out to add additional premises to accommodate new classrooms, libraries, recreation rooms, school canteens as well as the adjacent territory was landscaped. The construction was carried out taking into account the needs of people with limited mobility.

The farmers market in the city of Des Moines
In order to support small and medium-sized businesses in Des Moines, it was decided to place a traditional winter farmers' market in the open air. Due to the difficult epidemic situation, a mandatory requirement is the observance of social distancing, as well as the use of personal protective equipment. The fair will be operated on November 21, 2020 in the parking area of one of the central parks of the sister city. Shoppers will be able to pre-order online and then visit the farmers' market to get it, or shop locally without leaving their vehicle. The seasonal fruits and vegetables, meats, cheeses, pastries, honey, jams and sauces, as well as gifts from local artists and artisans will be presented.

The development of agriculture
Agriculture accounts for a significant share of the economy of Zhenjiang City. In order to develop the agro-industrial complex, special attention is paid to the introduction of innovative technologies and developments in the field of crop production. An unmanned harvester from one of the Chinese manufacturers is currently being tested on the farm fields of the sister city.

The conference on thermoelectric materials
In the period from 11 to 14 October 2020, Changzhou city hosted 12th China Conference on Thermoelectric Materials and Applications (CCT2020), organized by by Yangtze River Delta Physics Reseasrch Center, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOPLY) with financial support from the Chinese Thermoelectric Society, Chinese Materials Research Society (CTS, C-MRS). More than 600 people took part in the conference; about 350 scientific reports were presented. Special attention was paid to thermoelectric technology - an alternative and environmentally friendly method of collection and return warmth that attracts the attention of academics and industry sectors from around the world.


Day of the Bulgarian community
On October 12, Pazardzhik hosted events dedicated to the celebration of the Day of the Bulgarian community. Representatives of the authorities took part in the solemn meeting of the city Duma. The Mayor of the sister city addressed the residents and guests of Pazardzhik with congratulations, noting the success in urban development in various areas.

Real estate market promotion
In order to promote sales and ensure transparency of operations in the city's real estate market, a meeting with professional property experts will be organized in the sister city of Beziers on October 17, 2020. During the event, citizens will receive consultations on legal issues, construction and architecture, expert examination, as well as banking support for transactions.

Businesses support during the pandemic
To support local food service businesses in the sister city of Des Moines, grants have been announced to equip outdoor areas. The initiative will provide heating equipment for summer verandas and outdoor terraces. The events are aimed at extending the season of outdoor cafes and restaurants, which is safer in the face of the pandemic.

Participation in the World day without car
Paying special attention to environmental protection, as well as drawing attention to the depletion of natural resources, residents of the sister city of Zhenjiang traditionally participated in events organized as part of the World day without car. During the day, citizens tried to avoid using fuel vehicles. Also, for the sixth year, the Chishan lake national park hosted a bicycle marathon, which was attended by about 500 cycling enthusiasts.

Development of wind energy
A forum on robotics and automated wind power was held in the sister city of Changzhou. The event was attended by more than 100 representatives of equipment manufacturing companies, research institutes, as well as developers of innovative technologies. Taking into account the growing interest in the use of alternative energy sources in the world, the prospects for developing powerful equipment and wind power automation technologies were discussed during the forum.


Participation in the national karate championship
Seventeen participants of the Tornado sports club of Pazardzhik took part in the National karate championship among children, which was held in the city of Shumen (Republic of Bulgaria). Young athletes of the sister city won 11 medals in different age categories, two representatives of the club were also awarded special prizes.

Theatrical art promotion
In order to organize cultural leisure for children and teenagers, to introduce the younger generation to the performing arts, the Franciscan theater and the Municipal theater of Beziers are launching the Meetings of Riquet project. Within the framework of the project, monthly master classes and sections on acting, directing, creating theater plays and sets will be held. There will also be classes in modern dance, vocal and circus arts. The project will be from October 14, 2020 to May 2021.

Healthy lifestyle promotion
Taking into account that the restrictions related to the pandemic have led to a decrease in physical activity of citizens, in the sister city of Des Moines, October has been declared “health month”. Within the initiative, weekly events are organized to encourage residents to adopt a healthy lifestyle and promote a balanced diet. Information is distributed in social networks, informational newsletters and motivational posters are published. Special attention is paid to the development of healthy habits among the younger generation.

Development of the city
A new modern recreation park built using innovative "sponge" technology has been opened in the sister city of Zhenjiang. A feature of this structure is a multi-level system that allows rainwater to be safely absorbed and stored for future use, which significantly reduces the risk of flooding in heavy rains. The park offers a wide range of opportunities for recreation activities of citizens.

Development of the instrument industry
The Chinese-German industrial Park for Inspection, Testing and Certification Cooperation was opened in the sister city of Changzhou. The event also included a seminar on the strategic development of China's domestic instrument industry “Brand Building and Marketization of Domestic Instruments”, during which perspectives to improve and expand the instrument industry in China were discussed.


The meeting of Bulgaria Olympic champions
A meeting of Bulgaria Olympic champions took place in the city of Sofia (Republic of Bulgaria). A book "Bulgaria at Olympus" about the participants in the Olympic Games was presented during the meeting. In the modern history of the Games, athletes from Bulgaria have won 52 gold, 89 silver and 83 bronze medals. The event was attended by champions, as well as silver and bronze medalists of the Olympic Games of the sister city of Pazardzhik.

The participation in the National Festival of Amateur Theaters
Representatives of the youth theater “Friends” of the Youth House of Pazardzhik took part in the National Festival of Amateur Theaters, which took place in the city of Lom (Republic of Bulgaria). Within the framework of the festival, young artists presented the audience with the play by A.P. Chekhov "The Bear". Following the results of the theatrical competition, the participants of the sister city were awarded in two nominations.

The fine arts exhibition
The traditional International Fine Arts Salon will take place in the city of Beziers in the period from October 3 to 10, 2020. More than 50 exhibitors will take part in it. The exhibition will feature works created in various techniques. Training seminars are also planned. For the first time in more than 60 years of the exhibition, two women will be its guests of honor: the artist Jeanne Saint Charon and the master of creative works from felt Nadine Verg.

The additional educational services
An additional tutoring resource to support the education system during the pandemic is successfully developing in the sister city of Des Moines. The web platform provides information on the specialization of teachers, territorial location, as well as handouts and practical recommendations for organizing the learning process. Teachers and student families can independently determine the format of interaction that is most convenient for them - individual face-to-face or online classes, classroom instruction.

The agritourism development
In order to develop agricultural tourism, as well as emphasizing the preservation of cultural and historical heritage, visits to local farms are organized in Zhenjiang city. Residents and guests of the sister city can study with traditional grain processing techniques, folk crafts and take vivid photographs against the backdrop of natural attractions.

The implementation of the energy efficiency program
The capital repairs of several kindergartens and a number of other preschool institutions are planned in the sister city of Yerevan in order to improve the quality of life and health of the citizens of the capital and future generations. Work to ensure energy efficiency, seismic resistance and improve sanitary conditions will be carried out, buildings will be adapted for people with disabilities. These measures are aimed at reducing the effects of climate change and reducing budgetary expenditures.

An international forum
The official opening of the China International Forum on Science and Technology & Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation took place in the sister city of Changzhou on September 28, 2020. More than 500 representatives of large enterprises and companies took part in the event. As a result of the forum, more than 30 partnership agreements were signed in the field of information technology, new materials, modern energy resources, mechanical engineering, as well as financial and leasing services.


The celebration of the Day independence of Bulgaria
The celebration of the Day independence of Bulgaria was held in Pazardzhik on 22 September 2020. The mayor of Pazardzhik Todor Popov took part in the ceremony of raising the national flag in the Central square of K. Velichkov, and also appealed to the residents and guests of the city with a welcoming speech. The program of celebration ended a concert with participation of the best creative collectives of Pazardzhik.

The city fair of local manufacturers
A city-wide fair "Grand Bazar" was held in order to develop the trade sphere in the sister city of Beziers. Local food and beverage manufacturers, suppliers of flower products, etc. took part in it. Entertainment programs for children, master classes on teaching dances of the peoples of the world, tasting of Italian cuisine. The event was attended by creative teams of the city

The webinars for small businesses
Series of five thematic seminars was organized for representatives of small businesses, aimed at teaching investment attraction strategies in order to further develop the economy in the sister city of Des Moines. In 2020, due to the epidemic situation, the events will be held online. During the discussions, the best practices for the development of successful startups, methods of managing investment investments and increasing equity capital will be presented.

A vessel with a large carrying capacity was put into operation
The launch of the new ship "Big Mac Ship", designed by one of the shipbuilding companies of the sister city, took place on September 21, 2020 in the city of Zhenjiang in a solemn atmosphere under the leadership of the Department of Maritime. The vessel is about 300 meters long and has a carrying capacity of over 200 thousand tons. It is the largest ship built in Zhenjiang in recent years.

The improvement of the urban environment
Work on the improvement of the urban environment continues in the sister city of Yerevan. Currently, in order to ensure the safe movement of pedestrians and drivers, energy-saving lamps are being installed in the capital of Armenia to illuminate about 100 pedestrian crossings. The program includes areas where the number of accidents has increased in recent years. The artistic illumination of the capital's monuments is also being modernized.

The Internet technologies exhibition
The opening of the International exhibition of Internet technologies in industry and energy as well as the International exhibition of industrial equipment took place on September 16, 2020 in the sister city of Changzhou. The main goal is to facilitate the exchange of experience in the field of innovation and intellectual production, the establishment of business cooperation between representatives of the business community. The event was attended by over 100 well-known companies, government and public figures, Chinese and foreign experts.


National Boxing tournament
On September 12, 2020, the III national Boxing tournament "Ring Pazardzhik"was held in Pazardzhik. The tournament is organized by the Trakiyets boxing club of the sister city. The competition was attended by athletes of the Republic of Bulgaria of various ages and weight categories. Representatives of the city of Pazardzhik, who won six prizes, performed well during the tournament.

Environmentally safe waste disposal
To reduce environmental pollution, the city of Beziers uses innovative technologies for waste processing. Special autoclaves for fermentation of bio-waste are installed in two school canteens of the sister city. As a result of processing of food residues, fermented organic sediment is formed, which subsequently turns out to be methane gas used in urban economy.

International festival
The city of Des Moines hosts an international festival of music and food from September 12 to 20. Residents and visitors can enjoy performances of local musicians, art master-classes, and markets of products from Iowa manufacturers. For the first time, an online guide to national cuisines, as well as video recipes for cooking famous dishes, is presented.

Specialized center of water supervision
In the sister city of Zhenjiang, located on the banks of the Yangtze River and the Grand Canal, a special water supervision and duty station has been opened to ensure safety during the rainy season and prevent the consequences of flooding. As many large vessels, cargo, ships and boats are based in the port of Zhenjiang, the main task of the services is to monitor the situation during the period of rising water in the river.

Children's center for inclusive development
In the sister city of Yerevan, an inclusive development center was opened for 200 children. The goal of the center is to integrate children aged 2-7 with disabilities into society. The center has offices for speech therapists, psychologists, special teachers, and occupational therapists, and two separate gyms for children’s training. There is also a special course for parents in the "Profession for mothers of disabled children" program.

Competition of innovative projects
In early September of this year, the first qualifying stage of the "Innovative Jiangsu" scientific and technical development competition on the topic "New materials" was held in the sister city of Changzhou. Initiated for the purpose of further business development with the use of scientific technologies, the competition attracted more than 5 thousand startup teams. To provide investment support to small and medium-sized enterprises in the resumption of production, representatives of banking and financial institutions were also invited to the event this year.


Celebration of the Day of the Bulgarian Reunification
On September 06, 2020, a celebration of 135th anniversary of the Bulgarian Reunification was held in the city of Pazardzhik. As part of the events, a solemn concert was organized on the Central Square named after K. Velichkov with the participation of creative teams of the city of Pazardzhik. Residents and guests of the sister city had the opportunity to get acquainted with the expositions of the Regional historical Museum.

Annual city event
On September 12, 2020 a city event "Alley of Béziers’ associations" will be held in the Paul Rica Alleys of sister city of Beziers. This year, representatives of 240 associations will demonstrate their achievements in sports, culture, youth work, and environmental protection. The program of events is supposed to introduce citizens and guests of the city to the associations and exchange experience. Due to the difficult epidemiological situation, the event will be held in compliance with sanitary safety measures.

Small business support
A campaign to support small businesses continues in the sister city of Des Moines. The initiative aims to inform the public about the benefits and opportunities of develop business in Des Moines, and to promote local manufacturers ' products on social networks. A series of posters and leaflets to support private entrepreneurs has been published. Special attention is paid to the distribution of season passes and tickets for visiting local attractions and museums.

Construction of a suspension bridge
In the sister city of Zhenjiang, an innovative project is being implemented to build the Zhenjiang Wufengshan suspension bridge, which will become a significant transport artery in the region. The structure is the first hanging bridge in the world with heavy-duty highway and railway spanning over 1,000 meters.

Implementation of the program for landscaping
In the sister city of Yerevan, special importance is attached to the implementation of the city improvement and landscaping program. Currently, the irrigation network is being upgraded, pump stations have been repaired, and a new irrigation system is being installed. The annual program provides drilling deep ditches that will ensure uninterrupted irrigation of green spaces. New equipment was also purchased for various landscaping works.

Youth athletics championship
In the sister city of Changzhou, the 2020 Jiangsu youth track and field championship came to a successful conclusion. More than 500 athletes took part in the sports competitions. The championship lasted for four days. The Changzhou athletics team became the champion of Jiangsu province, winning 20 gold medals.


Exhibition in Pazardzhik
In the period from September 04 to October 01, 2020, the Regional historical Museum of Pazardzhik will host an exhibition dedicated to the religious and cultural phenomenon common in Bulgaria and Northern Greece - nestinarstvo. The exhibition includes stands with photos from the period 1946-1953 with images of ritual dances on hot coals, as well as original exhibits: icons, clothing items and accessories. Previously, the exhibition was held with great success in many cities of Bulgaria and abroad.

New city park
In 2023-2024, the sister city of Beziers will have a new city park, which is planned between the Orb River and the Southern Canal. The new 4-hectare park is intended to become the second "green lungs" of the city after the existing Poets’ Plateau. This space will be designed for leisure and family activities. In the southern part of the park there will be a pontoon for those who like to relax on the water. It is also planned to provide a place for picnics.

Educational program for the talented youth
The city of Des Moines is implementing a two-year program aimed at further professional development and personal growth of talented young people. The main goal of the educational project is to familiarize with modern strategies of socio-economic development of the city, to train a new generation of management staff of enterprises. Scholarship funding is provided by leading Des Moines companies.

Culture and Art Festival 
On August 30, the official opening of the Jinshan Culture and Art Festival 2020 took place in the sister city of Zhenjiang at the foot of Nanshan Mountain. The main goal of this event is to support cities in overcoming the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as to promote national culture and art. In accordance with the Festival program, a number of entertainment events, master classes on folk art, literary and musical performances are organized for guests and residents of the city.

Implementation of preventive measures
In order to prevent the spread of infection, a number of preventive measures are being implemented in educational institutions of the sister city of Yerevan. Teachers of educational institutions have been tested for coronavirus, school medical cabinets have been provided with the necessary medicines, and medical nurses have been retrained accordingly. The new school year is expected to start on September 15.

Development of intercity transport links
As part of the further development of intercity transport links, the sister city of Changzhou is taking part in the implementation of a project to unite the metro cities in the Yangtze River Delta into one circle. Starting from January of this year, citizens who have downloaded a special mobile app can travel by metro in Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, and Changzhou by scanning a QR code at the entrance and exit. Thus, residents of the Yangtze River Delta have access to the most convenient intercity transport services.


The International football tournament
The International football tournament for orphans left without parental care will take place in the city of Perushtitsa (Republic of Bulgaria) in the period from 14 to 18 September. According to the results of the qualifying competitions, the national team included three representatives of the sister city of Pazardzhik. To participate in the tournament, athletes will undergo a two-week training.

The successes of the youth of the sister city
The current year is successful professionally for the young dancers of the sister city of Beziers. Zhanna Bouvier, a student at the city's Dance center, entered the prestigious choreographic school at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, after which she will receive a diploma as a professional ballerina. Also twelve-year-old dancers of the sister city Claire Renaud-Favier and Lea Amadour became the winners of the difficult first stage of the national competition for admission to the choreographic school at the Paris Opera. The city of Beziers is proud of the successes of its talented youth.

The online training seminars
A series of advocacy training workshops will be organized in the sister city of Des Moines in the period from 15 to 24 September. Within the framework of the seminar program, the issues in the field of providing urban infrastructure, supporting small businesses, developing human resources, etc will be discussed. In connection with the difficult epidemiological situation, the events will be held online.

The opening of a new park in the sister city
Visitors can visit the renovated Changshan Rainbow Town Park, located in the sister city of Zhenjiang. The amusement park covers a total area of 233.3 hectares. In the course of the reconstruction, the park was transformed into a complex cultural tourist town, on the territory of which there are hotels, entertainment establishments, a zoo, and rare plants. The official opening of the park will take place a little bit later and will be timed to coincide with one of the public holidays of the PRC.

The separate waste collection in the sister city
The Mayor's office of the sister city of Yerevan is consistently working on the implementation of separate collection of household waste in practice. Recently, a division of the municipal organization Greening and Environmental Protection took over the sorting of cardboard, solving one of the most important environmental problems in the capital. Cardboard waste, which makes up about 5% of the total waste in the city of Yerevan, is collected and transported to the recycling site. It is also planned to open a station for sorting plastic waste. Recycling of waste entails new revenue to the budget, which will facilitate the purchase of appropriate equipment.

An orientation tour for overseas Chinese youth
On August 14, 2020, the sister city of Changzhou officially launched the Grand Canal Cultural Tour 2020 online initiative for Overseas Chinese Youth living abroad. The program interactively presented both modern scenic spots of the city of Changzhou, located on the banks of the canal, and historical sights. The event was attended by over 10,000 students.


Participation in the National modern pentathlon championship
The National modern pentathlon championship was held in the city of Shumen (Republic of Bulgaria) in the period from 15 to 16 August, 2020. During the competition, representatives of the sports club "Champion" of the city of Pazardzhik had a great success. Athletes from the sister city won prizes in individual matches, as well as three cups in the team event.

The Feria festival
The traditional Feria festival took place in the sister city of Beziers in the period from 14 to 16 August, 2020. This year, during the events, special attention was paid to the observance of sanitary safety measures. The performances of the famous professional equestrian troupe “Gruss”, a traditional bullfight, a rugby match in Béziers-Toulouse and a citywide marathon were organized as part of the holiday program. Residents and guests of the city had the opportunity to take part in the flamenco festival, various conferences, exhibitions and meetings, as well as attend the performances of musical groups.

The national campaign implementation
The six-week online sessions were organized in the sister city of Des Moines as part of the national campaign "Make It OK" aimed to support citizens with reduced ability to perceive the environment and social adaptation. The main goal of the initiative is to expand knowledge about mental health. The information on the possibilities of supporting mental health, as well as the basics of interaction with relatives and colleagues and within communities will be presented as part of the panel sessions.

Development of the tourism industry
The initiative "Night economy" is being implemented in the sister city of Zhenjiang in order to support the recovery and development of the tourism industry. The sightseeing programs, orientation and entertainment events will be organized at night. On weekends volunteers also work at the main attractions of the sister city, providing various services for tourists and visitors.

The implementation of the elevator replacement program
The implementation of a program on replacement elevators in apartment buildings continues in the sister city of Yerevan. A decision to replace 500 elevators was made in 2020. The new installed elevators are adapted for people with disabilities, and are also equipped with a UPS system, which, in the event of a power failure, allows the elevator to stop at the nearest floor and open the doors. The elevator replacement program will continue in the coming years.

The resumption of international traffic at Changzhou airport
The international communication on the route "Changzhou - Osaka (Japan)" was resumed at the airport of the sister city of Changzhou on 07 August, 2020. It was the first flight since the suspension of international traffic in April this year due to Covid-19. Changzhou Airport has met the necessary sanitary and quarantine requirements for the resumption of flights. Several foreign airlines are currently also considering opening international routes to Changzhou.


The European Badminton Championship

From 08 to 09 August, 2020 the city of Pazardzhik hosted the European Badminton Championship among athletes aged under 19 years old. Representatives of the sister city had a great success in the competition. The participants won two silver medals and also scored points in the international ranking of athletes.

The development of a new video game

Within the framework of participation in a professional competition of the interactive entertainment industry, a group of students from the «CIME Art» school of the city of Beziers (10 people) developed a new video game using images generated by electronic equipment. The presentation of the computer program will take place in early October 2020. The video game is currently being tested.

The webinar for entrepreneurs

In order to support entrepreneurs in modern conditions in the sister city of Des Moines, a free webinar dedicated to investment issues was organized. The event will include three panel discussions, during which topical issues related to the pandemic will be discussed, best practices for attracting investments, as well as the experience of successful representatives of the local business community will be presented.

The international calligraphy contest

The results of the III International Calligraphy contest "Cup to myth" were announced on 08 August, 2020in the sister city of Zhenjiang. Due to the difficult epidemic situation in 2020, the contest was organized online. More than 80 institutions of Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Anyang took part in the qualifying rounds. The created online platform is seen as an innovative way to exchange the art of calligraphy.

The press conference of the Mayor of Yerevan

A press conference of the mayor of the sister city of Yerevan, dedicated to the development of the capital of the Republic of Armenia, took place at the beginning of August this year. During the event, topical issues of urban planning and land use were highlighted. Particular attention is paid to the implementation of the city improvement and greening program.

A certification of agricultural products

An agricultural certification system, which allow to track food production information is introducing in the sister city of Changzhou. Certificates are issued to manufacturing enterprises, farmer cooperatives, private agricultural producers in paper format or as a barcode. All products entering food markets, supermarkets and grocery stores must be certified or pre-tested.


The energy efficiency program

A press conference dedicated to the implementation of the project "Improving energy efficiency in multi-apartment residential buildings in the city of Pazardzhik" was held at the mayor's office of Pazardzhik on August 4, 2020. As part of the program, it is planned to improve the living conditions and quality of life of more than 400 families of the sister city. The work will be completed before the start of the winter season. The program is financed with the support of the European Regional Development Fund.

The educational process in a pandemic

About 7000 students of public and private educational institutions of Béziers were provided with special notebooks for study during the summer holidays by the city hall of the sister city. The purpose of this action is to support the educational process of schoolchildren during a pandemic. The content of the notebooks correspond to state educational programs and contain assignments in the main subjects: French and English, mathematics, geography, history.

The development of telemedicine

The Medical center of the sister city of Des Moines were awarded a cash prize as part of the telemedicine development program. The funds will be used to purchase equipment for remote delivery of medical care and exchange of specialized information using modern computer and telecommunication technologies. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic telemedicine ensures social distancing, the safety of medical workers and patients as well as frees up the necessary places in medical institutions.

The provision of social support to elderly families

A significant increase in temperature after the rainy season has seen in the sister city of Zhenjiang. In order to provide social support to the population during the hot period, the authorities and volunteers organized visits to 500 elderly families, during which a free medical examination was carried out, as well as basic necessities were provided.

The further work on the improvement

Improvement work continues in the sister city of Yerevan. Currently, the reconstruction of the sewerage system for 250 households is underway, during which the pipeline will be repaired, damaged hatches will be replaced, as well as the asphalting of sections of the road after repair work will be finished.

The Lotus festival

The opening of 13th Lotus Festival in Hsinchu Park, which is home to about 400 species of water lily was held in the sister city of Changzhou on July 21, 2020. Within the framework of the festival in this year virtual tours of the park, carnivals of crafts that are the intangible heritage of Changzhou, a festival of Chinese cuisine, traditional costume shows, various master classes, and online flower sales are organized. The festival is a significant cultural event in Changzhou city.


International bikeathon in Bulgaria
In the period from 27 to 31 July 2020, the Republic of Bulgaria hosted
67th International Cycling Marathon. The competition was held in four stages, in which 20 teams from foreign countries took part. The awarding ceremony for the winners of the first stage, organized along the route "Sofia - Pazardzhik" with a length of 128 km, took place in the city of Pazardzhik.

Leisure activities
In the sister city of Beziers, one of the most popular leisure events “On Thursdays in Beziers” has been resumed. Every week in the downtown, on the Alleys of the Pole Riquet, fifteen local wine producers present their wine for tasting. Guests and residents of the city are also invited to try dishes made by catering companies from local products. To create a festive atmosphere, the event is attended by creative groups of the city of Beziers.

Annual award for the inclusivity
In the sister city of Des Moines, an annual "Inclusion Award-2019" was announced among businesses and organizations that actively develop an inclusive corporate culture. The competition is being held for the eighth time. In 2020, special attention will be paid to best practices in the context of pandemic, as well as ensuring social equality.

Universities in China
In the educational institutions of the sister city of Zhenjiang the results of state certification exams have been summed up that allow entering higher education institutions. Consultations are organized for parents of graduates and future students, during which full information is provided about training and study in more than 110 colleges and universities in China.

Work on the city development
Reconstruction and landscaping work is continued in the sister city of Yerevan. Currently, one of the squares is being improved. The alley is being updated and green areas are being restored, basalt benches are being installed. It is planned to construct a new irrigation system and energy-saving lighting. The proposal for the reconstruction of the square was received by the Yerevan municipality through the Active citizen platform.

Competition of short videos among foreigners
On July 20, this year, in the sister city of Changzhou, “Fighting COVID-19 Together” short video contest was held, organized by the Changzhou Association of friendship with foreign countries. The competition was attended by foreign students and employees of foreign companies from 11 countries in Changzhou. The videos reflect the solidarity of representatives of different countries, as well as the effectiveness of measures taken in the fight against the pandemic. The winning videos will be sent to participate in the Jiangsu province short video competition.


National award

On July 17, 2020, the mayor of Pazardzhik was awarded the national award – honorable letter of the Union of reserve officers and sergeants of the Republic of Bulgaria. The mayor of the sister city was noted for the effective work and special contribution to the development of Pazardzhik. Only four honorary awards were presented to outstanding leaders in Bulgaria.

Reconstruction of city quarters

In the sister city of Beziers, the reconstruction of the "La Devèze" quarter has been started. Two residential complexes will be built on the site of demolished buildings that do not meet sanitary and environmental standards: Villa Rosa and the Athens Gardens. Half of the residential premises will be social apartments. The new housing will significantly exceed the previous one in quality and compliance with existing standards. Construction work is scheduled to begin in early 2021.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle among the population, a new catering company specializing in preparing meals for every day was opened in the sister city of Des Moines. The institution pays special attention to the quality of products, as well as the convenience of purchasing ready-made meals of proper nutrition.

Rainy season

In the sister city of Zhenjiang, with the rainy season, special attention is paid to ensuring security. A number of measures are being implemented to prevent flooding, and more than 100 representatives of the rescue squad are on duty around the clock on Jiangxing island. At the same time, the field work of local farmers engaged in planting rice seedlings and harvesting continues in difficult conditions.

Development of children with disabilities

Within the framework of the joint program of the Yerevan municipality and the charity organization, a summer training and development camp for children in need of special development has been organized in the sister city. During the week, training classes, music and art therapy, adaptive physical education are held. Qualified specialists and experienced psychologists work with children.

Development of the transport network

For the transport network optimization since July 06, a special bus route has been opened in the sister city of Changzhou fr om the North railway station to Changzhou airport. There are 14 departures between the two major transport hubs every day. The average travel time is 35 minutes. The waiting area is organized wh ere passengers can track the flight status in real time on a digital display.


Opening of the renovated sports park
Confirming the title of the city of sports, the opening of the renovated sports park "Zone of Health" took place on July 14, 2020 in the sister city of Pazardzhik. On the territory of the complex there are numerous sports grounds, a stadium and training areas. The official opening ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Pazardzhik and the Minister of sports of the Republic of Bulgaria. Within the framework of the event, the best athletes and sports clubs of the sister city were awarded with diplomas, medals, cups and prizes.

Light and music show about the city’s history
The high-tech "Music and light" show, which has become a tradition in Beziers, started in early July 2020. This is dedicated to the heroic pages of the city's history: the liberation of Beziers from Nazi occupation in the summer of 1944. About a hundred actors took part in the preparation of the show. The shooting was carried out in a special studio on a solid green background. This shooting technique allows integrating scenes with actors in the appropriate digital scenery. The show will be shown in the evening several times a week until August 25 this year on the facade of the Church of St. Madeleine.

Business support
In the sister city of Des Moines, a number of online seminars are organized to support business representatives in the new situation. During virtual meetings, leaders of large organizations and enterprises, experts in various fields present their work experience and practical advices on business development, discuss modern technologies for strengthening business strategies, interacting with staff and expanding the customer base.

Development of the mobile Internet network
In order to ensure faster and more stable Internet in the sister city of Zhenjiang, it is planned to build 6000 base stations for the new generation of 5G mobile communications by the end of 2020. Currently, more than 90% of the work has been completed. Full coverage of the 5G network has been achieved in places such as government offices, student campuses, large commercial areas, main roads, train stations etc.

Realization of the construction and improvement program
As part of the construction and improvement program of the municipality of the sister city of Yerevan, 11 kindergartens are under major repairs in 2020. The work includes renovation of roofs and facilities, new drainage, ventilation systems and communication lines. For the first time, thermal insulation and energy-saving lamps will be installed in buildings, which will reduce the cost of gas and electricity.

Education of talented youth
On July 3, 2017, the Institute of Industrial Internet technologies was officially opened on the territory of the Science and education town of the sister city of Changzhou. The educational institution was created to integrate the latest achievements and information developments into advanced production. The Institute will implement a number of research programs to train talented young people in the field of information technology and industrial production.


Healthy lifestyle promotion

In order to promote healthy lifestyle among the younger generation, the "Fisherman's School" was organized in Pazardzhik from July 01 to 15 this year. School students are glad to learn the basics of fishing, spending more time on reservoirs near the sister city. Participation in the school is free, and funding is provided by the Pazardzhik municipality.

Festive events

Traditionally, a number of entertainment events are planned in Beziers on the eve of the national holiday of France – the Bastille Day on July 13, 2020. There will be a salute on the banks of the Orb River near the river station, as well as a concert program of popular creative groups. For residents and guests of the city, wine tasting of local producers and mobile fast food outlets will be organized.

Learning the state historical heritage

In order to familiarize students of Des Moines schools with the historical and cultural heritage, an interactive training event was held on July 08 at the State Historical Museum of Iowa. Lectures on the history of Iowa, excursions to the exhibition of historical artifacts, visits to the vaults of Museum collections were organized for young residents of the sister city. The event participants also created an exhibit that will be temporarily displayed.

Development of tourism

The coronavirus epidemic has significantly affected the development of the tourism industry in the sister city of Zhenjiang. In order to restore tourism as soon as possible, the "night tourism economy" regime has been introduced in the most picturesque area of the city - the Qianhua Ancient Village scenic spot. Night excursions have been prepared for residents and guests of the sister city, and a number of entertainment events have been developed to be realized during summer.

Preventive measures

As part of the implementation of preventive measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, 36 distribution sites for personal protective equipment were organized in the sister city of Yerevan. Volunteers offer residents protective masks and explain the rules of protection against viral infection.

Development of educational tourism

As part of the educational tourism development, a new camp was opened in the Taihu Bay of the sister city of Changzhou. The educational institution covers an area of more than 80,000 square meters, can receive 2,500 students per day and provide accommodation for 1,500 people. The camp is supposed to organize summer and winter programs in various themes: science and innovation, exam preparation, safe living skills, family stay, military training, etc.


Bulgarian national fencing championship
Young students of the "Pentathlon" sports club in Pazardzhik took part in the national championship of Bulgaria in fencing among athletes under the age of 15. According to the results of the competition, the girls 'team of the sister city became the Champion of Bulgaria in fencing, the boys' team entered the top six. The club's athletes also won 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals in individual competitions.

Urban territories improvement
In the sister city of Beziers, work continues to improve the space and decorate the streets. In front of the city hall, a new square with an area of 500 square meters is laid out. Fifteen trees, flowers, and topiary figures in the form of two giant apples are planted. Streets in the tourist areas of Beziers have acquired a new look, this year they were decorated with thousands of colored ribbons to create a festive mood for citizens and tourists.

Book festival
The annual Des Moines Book Festival will be held online this summer. The event consists of virtual meetings of aspiring authors with recognized Iowa writers who will present their experience in writing and publishing works. Literature lovers will also be able to participate in the Book Club and discuss the expected new books in 2021.

Development of eco tourism
As part of the development of eco-tourism in the sister city of Zhenjiang, horse and pedestrian tours of the surrounding area are organized. The main goal of the events is to attract citizens to a healthy active lifestyle, as well as to help local farmers in selling fresh agricultural products.

Animal protection
As part of the solution to the problem of animal protection, a new veterinary center is opened in the sister city of Yerevan to operate animals for sterilization. The new municipal clinic is equipped with modern equipment, special cells for pre-and post-operative care. In the near future, there will also be a diagnostic laboratory.

China-German Innovation Park
On June 18, this year, the foundation stone of the China-German Innovation Park was laid in the Jintan Economic Development Zone of the sister city of Changzhou. The construction of the international center for the production of injectors and spray systems is expected to be completed in 2021. The planned annual capacity is 60,000 sets. 


Meeting with graduates
On June 22, 2020, the Mayor of Pazardzhik met with school graduates at the Regional Historical Museum, where he awarded them special certificates, which provide an opportunity to visit numerous cultural events for free and get books as a gift. This initiative is organized as part of the program to support talented youth.

Landscaping of the fountain territory
With the participation of the mayor's office of the sister city of Beziers, the territory around the light and music fountain of the city is arranged. More than 40 different lamps in the form of giant flowers, magic trees, fairy herbs and shrubs are installed on the lawns. Combined with the melodies of the light and music fountain, this fantasy space creates the atmosphere of an "enchanted forest".

Reconstruction of a historical building
On June 11 after a large internal renovation, the historic building named after Edna Griffin was officially opened in the center of the sister city of Des Moines. The event was held in an online format. The building is listed on the national register of historic places in Iowa and the United States. Currently, it houses retail, office and residential premises.

National holiday
On June 25 events dedicated to the traditional festival of dragon boats were held in the sister city of Zhenjiang. Special attention was paid to the preservation of cultural customs and traditions during the celebrations, including races on colorful boats depicting dragons, and the preparation of traditional dishes of national cuisine.

Measures of social support
A new social protection system is being introduced in the sister city of Yerevan. In order to improve the quality of work, structural changes will be implemented in the sphere, and the Social support Council will be established under the Mayor of Yerevan. The purpose of the Council is to provide support to vulnerable groups of the population, partial compensation of tuition fees for students. The Mayor's Council will also work to improve the social conditions of veterans’ and military personnel’s families.

Support of environmentally friendly production
The First Food Festival organized in the framework of cooperation between Jiangsu and Shaanxi provinces was held in the sister city of Changzhou. Baihe county of Shaanxi province is known for environmentally friendly production. In order to support low-income areas, the Changzhou city government constantly purchases food from Baihe farmers, providing residents with fresh, high-quality agricultural products.


New football field in Pazardzhik
On June 15, 2020, a new football field was opened in the Gheorghi Benkovski sports complex in the sister city of Pazardzhik. The ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Pazardzhik, as well as the leaders of the public organization "Bulgarian football Union". The new sports ground is built using modern materials and equipped with electric lighting and high-quality artificial turf. 

Music Festival
On June 21, 2020, Beziers will host a Music Festival. On the eve of the event, videos performances by famous soloists and creative groups of Beziers will be broadcasted on social networks. On the day of the festival, participants of the musical competition will perform on the stage of the Alleys of Paul Riquet, and the winners will be awarded in two categories: "Opening of the city of Beziers 2020" and "Jury Prize 2020". The festival will end with performances of pop stars. 

Local business support
In order to support local entrepreneurs in the sister city of Des Moines, the "7-Day DSM Local Challenge" was initiated, which will take place from June 25 till July 01 this year. Participants of the initiative will purchase goods only in local stores. Residents of the sister city are also asked to post information about local goods and photos on social networks within seven days. 

Measures to preserve the environment
As part of the national policy to reduce environmental pollution, a survey of agricultural land has been organized in the sister city of Zhenjiang. The purpose of the monitoring is to stop burning stubble and straw in the fields after harvesting. During the events, visual and manual inspections, as well as the method of ultraviolet control are used. 

Attention to environmental issues
Within the framework of the EU Sustainable Energy Week, the Mayor's office of the sister city of Yerevan announced the photo contest "Energy efficiency through my eyes". Participants of the contest will provide interesting photos on the topic of energy efficiency and energy conservation, "green" energy, as well as brief comments to them. The purpose of the competition is to draw attention to the problems of preserving a clean environment. 

Integrated approach to improving the health of population
Taking into account the world's high mortality rate from chronic diseases, the sister city of Changzhou has developed a comprehensive approach to improving the health of population, combining exercises and medical treatment. During the first phase of the program, more than 200 people with chronic diseases took part in "physical education classes" for three months, exercising three times a week. Follow-up medical checkups showed significant improvement of health indicators of the program participants: weight loss, blood pressure normalization, and cholesterol levels decrease. 

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