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Charity fair in Pazardzhik
As part of the Christmas and New Year events, a charity fair was held in the sister city of Pazardzhik. The organizers prepared numerous gifts for the visitors. Students of the sister city took an active part in the exhibition, making greeting cards and souvenirs.

Masterpiece of world painting
Residents of Beziers are proud of their museums and, in particular, a collection of paintings, which presents masterpieces of world painting. In accordance with the request of the famous Paris Museum d'Orsay, the city of Beziers provided a painting by Fernand Pelez "Death of Commodus", written in 1879, to participate in the exhibition dedicated to the famous writer Joris-Carl Huysmans, one of the leaders of the decadent art direction. The exhibition is organized in Paris.

Organization of free time
In the sister city of Des Moines, Family Fun Nights are organized in the renovated Recreation Center from November to February. The events are attended by residents of different ages. At the disposal of citizens there is a gym, various games, a computer laboratory. Competitions in game sports are organized. 

New cultural center
On December 21, 2019, the new Phoenix Square complex was opened in the sister city of Zhenjiang. The total area of the building is 36 thousand square meters and combines two underground and four above-ground floors. It is expected that this public space will become one of the largest shopping centers for fashion, art and book products. 

Information support to tourists
To provide the necessary information to tourists who spend New Year and Christmas holidays in the sister city of Yerevan, the Information support center will operate until January 13, 2020. Guests of the capital will be provided with multilingual tourist maps of Yerevan, booklets, guides to the city museums, the Yerevan zoo, the program of excursions "Yerevan city Tour" , as well as information about electronic services. During the holidays, the municipal museums - the Museum of history of Yerevan, the Historical and archaeological museum-reserve "Erebuni" and the Museum of modern art are also opened.

Changzhou local cuisine festival
The sister city of Changzhou hosted a Festival of local cuisine. The event featured all kinds of local delicacies, as well as famous Changzhou dishes that visitors could taste and purchase. The festival also showcased examples of the city's intangible cultural heritage, such as national embroidery, Jintan paper carvings, etc.


The contest for the "Best Athlete of the city of Pazardzhik"

The city of Pazardzhik was officially declared the “European city of sports 2020” during the solemn meeting of the European Parliament held in Brussels (Belgium) in December 2019. In this regard, the mayor’s office of the sister city decided to hold a contest for the title “Best Athlete in the city of Pazardzhik”. The organizers of the event are also the Youth Policy Council of the sister city, as well as the Association “Pazardzhik goes in for sports”. Participants' profiles were reviewed by a competitive commission consisting of professional athletes from the sister. The official award ceremony will take place on December 20 this year.

The new multimedia show “Sound and Light”

A new multimedia show "Sound and Light" dedicated to Christmas and New Year will be shown twice a week in the period from December 20, 2019 to January 4, 2020 in Beziers. 300 drawings of students from the city of Beziers were used for show preparing. As before, the video will be shown on the facade of the Church of St. Madeleine. Displaying a multimedia show has a constant interest among residents and visitors of Beziers.

The electric scooters using

A public opinion poll on the implementation of a program for sharing electric scooters, which are becoming increasingly popular for moving around the city is being conducted in the sister city of Des Moines. Residents note the mobility and accessibility of this type of transport. At the same time, the issue of safety for pedestrians and motorists is being discussed. The research team will make recommendations to the Des Moines City Council in early 2020. A pilot rental program for electric scooters can be launched in the summer on an experimental basis.

The reconstruction of the Zhenjiang East Railway Station

As part of the project on creation a modern transport hub on the territory of the Zhenjiang East Railway Station, an underground parking lot with 1000 parking spaces with a total area of 38 thousand square meters is currently under construction. Commissioning of parking is expected by the end of next year. At the same time, the construction of the building of the bus station complex and other auxiliary facilities continues.

New Year's festive events

A program of festive New Year's events has been announced in the sister city of Yerevan. The lights of the main Christmas tree of the capital of Armenia will be lit on December 21, the residents and guests of the city will see the premiere of the musical, the opening of the Christmas market. This year, Republic Square will be decorated in a new way. Those who wish can approach the Christmas tree through a specially constructed passage that will connect the square with the park of the 2750th anniversary of Yerevan. New Year's events will be ended on January 13th.

The first investment company in Panama

A new software and information technology company was officially registered in the sister city of Changzhou. The company is the first investment project of the Republic of Panama in China. Since the signing on June 13, 2017 of a joint communiqué on the establishment of diplomatic relations between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Panama, the establishment of the enterprise has become an important milestone in the development of cooperation between the parties in the trade and economic sphere.


Sports events in Pazardzhik

On December 10, at the solemn session of the European Parliament, Pazardzhik was officially declared the "European city of sport 2020". In this regard, the construction of two new gyms in Pazardzhik will be invested next year. The city will also host more than 150 events aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and attracting residents of the sister city to active recreation in the fresh air.

Festive events

In the sister city of Beziers, citywide events are organized to coincide with the celebration of the upcoming Christmas and New Year. On the square of Jean Jaures fir trees are installed, trade pavilions offering confectionery and souvenirs, Christmas decorations are opened. On city platforms theatrical performances are organized, fair chalets are placed, and also the skating rink works. There will be a Christmas parade, during which more than 160 participants and 10 festively decorated moving platforms will pass through the streets. The new city light and music fountain will demonstrate a special Christmas program. For children there is a "mini-farm", working as a contact zoo.

Reconstruction of the drainage system 

Two major construction projects are underway in the sister city of Des Moines as part of the storm water management and spillway control plan. In the course of the works, a part of the sewerage system will be replaced, a new water supply system will be installed. Successful implementation of the projects will increase the capacity of storm water and significantly reduce the risk of flooding in the area.

Modeling competitions 

On December 7-8 this year, scientific and technical modeling competitions among primary and secondary school students were held in the sports and exhibition center of Zhenjiang. The competition was attended by about 400 students. The jury was presented with moving models of air, land and sea transport, as well as radio-controlled models and robots with artificial intelligence. 

Development of transport system

As part of the further development of the transport system of Yerevan and in line with sanitary standards, a decision was made to ban the movement of trucks carrying construction materials in an open body in the center of the capital. In order to ensure the safety of land crossings, traffic lights are installed, working at the request of pedestrians.

Youth exchanges

At the end of November, eight students of the sister cities of Changzhou visited Japan in the frame of the Chinese-Japanese youth exchanges year. During the visit, the youth representatives got acquainted with the work of state institutions, the organization of the higher education system, as well as the work of a number of cultural organizations. During the visit, the prospects for further development of youth exchanges were discussed, joint events are planned.


International seminar on food industry

The third international seminar on the implementation of regional strategies in the food industry, organized within the framework of "REGION 4FOOD", was held in the sister city of Pazardzhik. The project involves about 20 organizations in Bulgaria, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Finland and Hungary. The prospects of digitalization of the agricultural sector, exchange of experience in the field of food production were discussed during the seminar. The Demonstration center of electronic trade in agricultural products is presented. The participants got acquainted with the presentation of the Pavilion of agriculture in the economic zone "Trakia" in Plovdiv, the Center for the development of cooperation in the field of agriculture of China and Central and Eastern Europe.

Assistance to employment of citizens

In cooperation with the mayor's office of Beziers, the city service "Pole of employment" assists in the employment of residents of the sister city. On the specialized website, after preliminary processing by experts, announcements of vacancies of the municipality are placed. Candidates are pre-selected in accordance with the stated requirements. Also, "Pole employment" provided premises for meetings on recruitment on the free of charge basis. In case of need, financial assistance is provided to citizens in difficult situations.

City Park development

In the sister city of Des Moines, a decision was made to expand the Gray's Lake Park. The land was donated by the brickworks, who owned it for over 100 years. The project involves the ecological restoration of green areas, the creation of natural trails around the lake/ The Park is one of the most visited in Des Moines, and provides a variety of opportunities for healthy recreation of citizens. 

Sports competitions 

On December 01 this year, the Second Cross-country Race was held in the sister city of Zhenjiang. It was organized in the national forest park on Nanshan mountain. About 900 athletes from 23 provinces and cities of China took part in the competition. The race was held at three distances-30 km, 19.8 km, 9.8 km among beginners and professional athletes. 

Development of information technologies

The mayor of Yerevan congratulated the famous Japanese scientist, Professor, author of the theory of "Origami World" and the concept of "virtual reality" Takeo Kanade, who became a laureate of the State prize of the Republic of Armenia for the world contribution to the field of information technology, with the honorary award. During the meeting the prospects for the introduction of information technologies in various spheres of the urban economy of Yerevan, as well as the programs implemented within the framework of the "smart city" concept were also discussed.

Restoration of the environment

At the end of November this year, it was decided to establish the Environmental Restoration Center of the sister city of Changzhou and nearby cities. The center will provide targeted solutions for Chinese cities in the field of polluted soil and groundwater survey, risk assessment, development of remediation schemes and engineering construction, as well as pollution control and ecological restoration of watercourses. Special attention is paid to energy-saving technologies.


International judo tournament

In the period from 23 to 24 November this year in Sofia there was an international judo tournament, which was attended by about 900 athletes from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. The best results were made by representatives of the Sports school and "Kodokan" sports club of the sister city of Pazardzhik. They won the Tournament Cup, 6 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Cinema improvement

In the sister city of Beziers the conversion work was completed in the largest cinema hall (380 seats) of "Mon Ciné" cinema in the multiplex "Polygon". There was the increase of the screen and equipment of the hall with the latest sound system. The national Commission the cinema was awarded by the "Art and samples" classification, it is awarded for outstanding success in promoting the art of cinema.

Development of air communication

The sister city of Des Moines is paying special attention to the development of air traffic. From June 2020, the schedule of flights of Des Moines international airport is expected to include the seventh route. Twice a week there will be non-stop flights to the city of Miami. This direction is in demand among the residents of Iowa especially during the vocations. Pre-sale tickets are available on the websites of the airlines. 

Transport ship

In the sister city of Zhenjiang a transport ship of new generation is produced by the "Zhenjiang Shipyard (Group) Co., LTD for a German company. The fully electrified ship with a capacity of 10,000 tons will be used to transport large-sized equipment and production modules of offshore power plants. The ship suits advanced international standards. 

Preparation for the winter period

The sister city of Yerevan implements a set of measures for the preparation of roads and road infrastructure organizations, the capital's transport network for the winter season. Special attention is paid to improving traffic safety. Specialized equipment for snow removal, salt-sand mixture are prepared. Work has also begun on the festive new year decoration and lighting of the capital.

Jiangsu international drawing competition 

On November 10, the results of the Third international art competition of Jiangsu province were summed up in the sister city of Changzhou. The competition was attended by more than 100 pupils of kindergartens and primary schools of Changzhou. Creative works were devoted to the development of friendly sister-city relations with cities of foreign countries. The competition has been held since 2016. The best works are exhibited in the sister cities.


The visit of Pazardzhik delegation to Turkey

The official delegation and representatives of the Pazardzhik business community visited Odrin (Turkish Republic) in the period rom November 19 to November 20, 2019. As part of the stay program, meetings with the leadership of the municipality of Odrin, representatives of Turkish business community were organized. A joint business forum was held. The issues of agricultural development, food and woodworking industry, tourism were discussed during the negotiations.

The citizens support social project

The citizens support social project “The Central Cash Desk for Social Assistance (CCAS)” is being implemented in the sister city of Beziers. As part of the project a new service became available fr om January, 2019. The service is as follows: a citizen is provided with financial assistance in the amount of up to 1000 Euros, while he needs to work for several hours in the field of improvement or sanitary cleaning of the city. In some cases, this activity may become the basis for further employment.

The holiday events

The entertainment events dedicated to the Christmas and New Year holidays will be held in the center of the sister city of Des Moines on November 22-23, 2019. The choirs and musicians performances with traditional festive music, the sale of Christmas treats and souvenirs will be organized. The main events will be held at the ice rink “Brenton Skating Plaza”, wh ere lights on the main Christmas tree of the city will be lit, as well as demonstrations by masters of artistic cutting on ice will be presented.

The festival of architectural art

The IX Festival of Architectural Art, organized by the Department of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, as well as the Department of Arts, was held at Jiangsu University in November this year. The event provides an opportunity for talented students to demonstrate their achievements and developments, innovative approaches to the planning and construction of buildings. Original author's projects in the field of design and architecture are also presented. The festival promotes the exchange of ideas, in-depth study of professions.

The new recreation area

A new leisure park was opened in the administrative district of Avan of the city of Yerevan. The plot, with a total area of 5000 square meters, was fully landscaped, all the necessary conditions for a varied leisure were created. The garages were located here before. The park was built with the interaction of citizens and representatives of local authorities.

The international import exhibition

The two largest enterprises of the sister city of Changzhou participated in the Second International Import Exhibition, which was held from November 5 to 10 in Shanghai as exhibitors. Innovations in the field of energy-saving vehicles and additive manufacturing were presented at the Changzhou exposition. The spinning machines with artificial intelligence had the particular interest among visitors. Following the exhibition, a number of cooperation agreements were reached, contracts were signed.


Elections to local authorities

Local elections were held in the sister city of Pazardzhik. Todor Popov was re-elected as the Mayor for the fourth time. On November 13, 2019, the solemn inauguration took place. Also, following the results of the elections of deputies, a new composition of the city duma was formed.

Life quality improvement

The mayor's office of the sister city of Beziers carries out comprehensive work to improve the quality of citizens’ life and preserve the environment. Noting the results achieved, the city was awarded the highest award in the framework of the national project "Flourishing cities and villages". Beziers has been involved in the project since 1990 and has been awarded three times as the best city in its implementation.

Educational program for children

Between November and March, the sister city of Des Moines implements the Imagination Playschool, aimed at social adaptation of children. The recreation center organizes educational and entertainment activities for young children three times a week. The main goal is to diversify leisure in the winter season and to provide an opportunity for communication and diverse creative development.

Sports festival for older people

On November 11, 2019, the closing ceremony of the Jiangsu provincial sports festival for the elderly was held in the sister city of Zhenjiang. The program of events of the festival included friendly competitions in various sports, trainings on active longevity. The key event was the marathon on fast walking. The event was attended by more than 800 representatives of the older generation. 

Garbage sorting program

The mayor's office of the tsister city of Yerevan implementsa pilot program for sorting and separate collection of garbage. As part of the initiative, in cooperation with entrepreneurs, special machines will be provided for the transportation of sorted waste. The city authorities intend to install separate sorting bins for residents.

Visit of the delegation of Moscow regional Duma

On October 30, the delegation of Moscow regional Duma visited Changzhou. The official visit was organized within the framework of the Memorandum on friendly exchanges signed by the Moscow regional Duma and the Jiangsu people's Congress in 2002. During the visit, the members of the delegation got acquainted with the industrial and tourist potential of Changzhou, discussed the prospects for further cooperation.


Participation in the International judo tournament 

An international judo tournament was held in Prilep (North Macedonia) from 02 to 03 November 2019. Athletes from Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro took part in the competition. Representatives of the sister city of Pazardzhik performed well, winning two gold and four silver medals. 

Growth of demand for real estate in the center of Beziers 

The mayor's office of the sister city of Beziers is carrying out a multifaceted work on the restoration and improvement of the ancient city center. The modernization of residential premises is carried out in accordance with modern standards and requirements. A set of measures contributed to an increase in demand for real estate in the center of Beziers on the basis of the report on property transactions. 

Small Business Success Summit 

In November 2019, the sister city of Des Moines will host the Small Business Success Summit. The main purpose of the event is to promote successful business development in Des Moines. During the meetings, modern marketing strategies will be presented; opportunities for better sales, improving customer services, recruitment criteria will be discussed. The experience of successful representatives of the business community of the sister city will also be presented. 

Development of cultural and educational tourism 

In early November of this year, the first events on the development of cultural and educational tourism took place in the Jinshan Park of the sister city of Zhenjiang. A team of athletes involved in Chinese Taiji gymnastics, included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of Jiangsu province, prepared a presentation of the "Yangtze river show". The event attracted a large number of tourists and residents of the sister city. In the future, it is planned to organize performances of national martial arts, mass training in Chinese gymnastics, lectures on healthy lifestyle. 

End of the season of the tourist program 

On November 04 this year, the 8th season of the city tourism program "Yerevan city Tour" officially ended in the sister city of Yerevan. In summing up, it was noted that from March to October 2019, the program was attended by about 6,000 people, most of whom are tourists from Russia, France, Germany, Iran, China, Italy, Spain and the United States. Social programs for schoolchildren, students, the elderly and persons with disabilities were popular. "Yerevan city tour" will resume the organization of excursions in the spring of 2020. 

International football tournament 

On October 26 this year, the qualifying games of the international 7-a-side football tournament among foreign citizens who study or work in the sister city were held in Changzhou. Ten teams consisting of six players and a goalkeeper took part in the competition. The final competition will be held on November 10 this year in the Olympic sports center of Changzhou city. As part of the football tournament, donations were also collected for the benefit of children in difficult living conditions. 


The International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament

The International Junior Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament will be held in the period fr om November 08 to 10, 2019 in Sofia (Republic of Bulgaria). The organizer of the event is a native of sister-city of Pazardzhik, the world champion in rhythmic gymnastics, a member of the Bulgarian Federation of rhythmic gymnastics Yordanka Georgieva. The competition will bring together more than 500 young athletes from seven countries.

The buying of innovative medical equipment

Beziers сlinic «Saint Privat» acquired the latest generation of medical robots for surgical operations. It is assumed that the innovative device will assist surgeons in the implementation of the most complex abdominal operations with a minimum of postoperative complications. During the surgical intervention, the surgeon will control the instruments fixed on the surgical table using the console, while the operation process will be displayed on the monitor in 3D mode.

The annual forum on inclusivity increase

The VII annual forum on equal opportunities for all segments of the population will be held in the sister city of Des Moines on November 15, 2019. The prospects of attracting employees with different work experience, social status and health restrictions, as well as the best practices for increasing inclusiveness in the workplace will be discussed during the meeting. The winners of the Inclusion Award-2019 will also be awarded. The prize is awarded to employers for the development of an inclusive corporate culture.

The autumn flowers season

The autumn flowers season, which will last until mid-November has begun in the sister city of Zhenjiang. Citizens and visitors are delighted with bright flower beds. Jiaoshan Park is especially popular among tourists, wh ere more than 3,000 trees of ten different varieties of osmanthus are planted - an evergreen plant with shiny leaves and fragrant inflorescences.

The online platform for interacting with citizens

An electronic platform provided the interaction of city authorities with citizens was created in the sister city of Yerevan. Using the Internet resource, city residents can share their ideas and new projects. Budget funds will be allocated to finance the implementation of the best proposals. This is the first such experience at the republican and community level. Currently, there are about 700 proposals under consideration.

Argentina Culture Days

The Argentine Culture Days were organized in the sister city of Changzhou. Master classes in the art of tango, soccer training, as well as lectures on Argentinean culture were organized for students. The prospects for developing cooperation with Argentina in various fields, such as tourism, education, sports and culture were discussed during a conference. 


The celebration of European Justice Day

The events dedicated to European Justice Day were held in the sister city 
of Pazardzhik on October 25, 2019. The holiday was established on the initiative of the International Organization “Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE)”, which includes more than a million European lawyers. The main goal is to increase public awareness of civil rights, popularizing the profession of a lawyer. As part of the professional holiday, the lawyers of the sister city of Pazardzhik planted tree seedlings in a city park.

The participation in the Tour de France

The city of Beziers applied for participation in the famous cycling race “Tour de France”, which is one of the most popular sports competitions in France and the world. Previously the city of Beziers was already one of the stages of the cycling race (1938, 1939, 1953 and 1958), as well as the starting and final city (2002 and 2006). Participation in the Tour de France will contribute to the further formation of the image of the city of Beziers, as well as attracting tourists.

The ending of the Farmer's Market fall season

The official closing of the Farmer's Market fall season will take place on October 26 this year in the sister city of Des Moines. The fair is one of the largest in the state of Iowa, covers an area of 9 blocks in the center of Des Moines. The products of about 300 local producers are presented here: vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products, artisans, seedlings and garden tools. According to tradition various entertainment events and draws will be organized on the final day of the market. 

The improvement of the railway station

The reconstruction and improvement of the railway station were completed in the sister city of Zhenjiang. In order to ensure the greatest comfort for arriving and departing passengers, the main attention was paid to the space redevelopment. Currently functional zoning of the adjacent area, landscaping and sanitary cleaning of the railway station territory were carried out.

The solar installation program

A program on introduction energy-saving technologies is being implemented in the sister city of Yerevan. It is planned to install photovoltaic systems on the roofs of 90 multi-family residential buildings in order to ensure the generation of electricity for communal buildings and courtyards, as well as the operation of elevators. Lighting in these areas will be provided by LED lights. The program is being implemented through a grant provided by the European Union.

The environment preservation

The sister city of Changzhou was awarded by the honorary award "National Model city in the field of gardening". The prize is awarded once every three years by the China Landscaping Committee. This year the high grade was given to the activities of Changzhou in the greening of urban space: large-scale planting of trees, restoration of water resources, protection and conservation of ancient plantings and valuable tree species. The long-term comprehensive work on preserving the environment and creating a "garden city" was noted.


The environmental protection events

The city hall of Beziers attaches a great importance to environmental protection. So, in order to reduce paper consumption, regulatory documents, as well as announcements, are placed on an electronic interactive panel located at the entrance to the town hall building. Renewable energy sources are actively used for heating and lighting of municipal buildings. Solar panels are installed at educational organizations and parking pavilions of the city of Beziers. 

The Board Games Championship

The Third city Board Games Championship was held at the beginning of October this year in the sister city of Des Moines among professionals and dealers. The competition is an analogue of tournaments held in Europe. The professionalism, a creative approach to the game play and the competitiveness of the participants were taken into account during the competition. In accordance with the types of board games, winners in several categories were determined and awarded with monetary certificates and memorable prizes.

The healthy lifestyle

In order to familiarize older people with a healthy lifestyle a fitness game “Ikang Cup” was organized at the Zhenjiang Public Cultural and Sports Center on October 13, 2019. More than 200 older residents of the sister city and nearby settlements took part in seven friendly competitions: tug of war, table tennis, a game of chess, etc. The winners were awarded memorable prizes.

The Day of the city of Yerevan

A festive events dedicated to the 2801th anniversary of the capital of Armenia will be held in the sister city of Yerevan on October 19, 2019. This year celebrations will be held under the slogan "Yerevan is in my heart." A new musical composition of the famous Yerevan composer Mansuryan was prepared for the event, a presentation video clip is being shot. A lot of recreational events were are organized for residents and visitors of the city, a gala concert of pop stars and colorful fireworks will take place in the evening.

The growth of tourist flow

According to statistics about 6 million tourists visited the sister city of Changzhou during national holidays in early October this year, which is 4.8% higher than last year. The most popular among residents and visitors of the city were the interactive and entertaining Dinosaur Park, the picturesque natural complex of the Yancheng region, and the resort on Lake Tanmu.


The exhibition in the city of Pazardzhik

An exhibition dedicated to the founder of modern book publishing in Bulgaria Hristo Danov was opened at the Regional Historical Museum of the sister city of Pazardzhik in the period from October 7 to November 3, 2019. The exhibition presents documents and awards, photographs and personal property of the famous book publisher. 

The painting restoration

A painting of the Italian artist Domenico Zampieri “Pope Gregoire XV and his nephew Ludovico Ludovisi” was restored in the city of Beziers. This painting was painted in the years 1621-1623 and was repeatedly exhibited in foreign museums in the 60s and 80s of the last century. Currently, the restored painting is being prepared by specialists for the exhibition, which will be held in the Grand Palais of Paris in April-July 2020. Then the masterpiece of painting will be exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts of Montreal (Canada).

The Fire Safety Week

The annual Fire Safety Week takes place in the sister city of Des Moines in the period from October 6 to 12, 2019. As part of the event, preventive discussions on fire safety measures, familiarization of students with the work of fire stations and special equipment, were organized in city libraries. A poster contest among elementary school students will be also organized. The winner will receive an unusual prize - the opportunity to come to school by a fire car.

The Board games

The board games competitions took place at the Zhenjiang Sister City Sports and Exhibition Center in the period from October 6 to 7, 2019. The event was attended by over 300 representatives from Chinese cities. The tournament was qualifying. Winners will take part in the national game cup “Evening”. 

The Teacher's Day

An annual competition dedicated to the celebration of the Teacher’s Day was organized in the sister city of Yerevan. At the ceremony the winners were awarded in three categories - the best director, teacher and educator. The best teachers were also awarded with diplomas of the Mayor of Yerevan for their significant contribution to the development of the education system.

The visit of Germany delegation

The official delegation of the city of Minden (Germany) was hosted in the sister city of Changzhou at the end of September this year. Sister cities relations between Changzhou and Minden have been developing since 2006. A mutual interest in the further development of cooperation, especially in the field of technological innovation and industrial modernization, as well as in the social sphere was expressed during the meeting. Within the framework of the visit, the prospects of establishing business contacts of enterprises were also discussed, familiarization with the work of the public safety and fire protection system was organized.


Participation in the international judo tournament

On September 29 of this year the international judo tournament took place in the Greece. The competition was attended by the strongest athletes from around the world. Representatives of sports club on judo "Kodokan" of the sister city of Pazardzhik successfully participated in tournament, having won four gold, four silver and one bronze medal. 

Upgrading the football stadium

In the summer of 2019, for the first time in 30 years of existence, the stadium named after Raoul Barriere (former stadium "Méditerranée") was completely renovated. Now it is a hybrid lawn, adapted to climate change, which combines natural and artificial areas. The landscaping of this lawn will allow the city's football and Rugby clubs to use a modern playground that meets the latest requirements of various sports leagues.

Des Moines festivals

Two of Des Moines' most famous and popular festivals-the annual Book Festival and the World food and music festival - have won the prestigious international Association of festivals and events award. When making a decision, the jury took into account the level of organization and preparation of cultural events, social projects, advertising, as well as creativity and innovative ideas. 

China Day of foundation

On October 1, China celebrated the main national holiday-the Day of foundation of the People's Republic of China. In honor of the national celebration in the sister city of Zhenjiang a number of cultural events was organized, the streets are decorated with national flags and fresh flowers. This year the holidays will last until October 07. During holidays citizens have the opportunity to visit relatives and friends, go on a trip. 

European heritage days 

The European heritage days were held in the sister city of Yerevan. This year's event was held under the motto "Art and entertainment". In this regard, the municipal museums organized a number of interesting exhibitions dedicated to the late medieval European fine arts and landscape design, educational programs were held. Interesting activities were also organized in Karmir Bloor and Shengavit reserves.

Development of green production

In recent years, the city of Changzhou has paid special attention to the development of green production and reducing the impact of industry on the environment. The enterprises of the sister city are implementing measures aimed at reducing the use of natural resources and protecting the environment. In order to reduce waste recycling of materials is introduced. In September 2019, according to the China Ministry of industry and information technology, seven large companies of Changzhou entered the list of "green manufacturers" of China.


Participation in the Balkan games
In September 21-22, 2019 Montenegro hosted the Balkan games, a regional athletics competition held between the countries of the Balkan Peninsula and organized by the Balkan athletics Association. More than fifteen athletes of the Republic of Bulgaria took part in the competition. The representative of Kodokan sports club on judo of the sister city of Pazardzhik got success, having won a silver medal in weight category to 90 kg.

City-wide sports and cultural events
The Beziers urban trail, a citywide marathon, will be held in Beziers on October 27, 2019. This is the largest marathon ever held in the city. In addition to sports goals, the organizers of the race - the city government and public organizations seek to attract the attention of participants to the ancient city of France. Both professionals and amateurs over the age of 10 are invited to participate in the marathon. Races at a distance of 19 km and 9 km will be held on the most popular tourist routes Beziers.

Modernization of parking at Des Moines airport
A new parking system using led sensors has been put into operation at the sister city of Des Moines international airport. Sensors installed above each parking spot will transmit real-time information to the display, indicating free or occupied places, places for the disabled. Also about 30 road signs were installed to improve accessibility and accelerate parking.

Mid-autumn Festival
On September 23, 2017, a number of events dedicated to the autumn equinox (Mid-autumn Festival) were held in the sister city of Zhenjiang. Charity and entertainment events, master classes in schools and kindergartens were organized. Special attention was paid to the preservation of national culture and familiarization with the traditions of the younger generation.

Creating comfortable environment for persons with disabilities

The sister city of Yerevan is carrying out diverse work on the organization of comfortable environment for people with disabilities. Inclusive schools and kindergartens have been opened, about 250 ramps are being built, and social support and rehabilitation programmes are being implemented. It was decided to pay special attention to ensuring accessibility of people with disabilities during the implementation of urban development projects.

International forum
The official opening ceremony of the China Changzhou International Forum on Science and Technology & Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation was held in the sister city on September 26. The forum has been held since 2005 and brings together entrepreneurs, experts and scientists from China and foreign countries. This year the main theme of the forum is high-quality opening up and implementation of large-scale projects. Issues of further development of foreign economic cooperation will also be discussed. The program is expected to hold about 60 specialized events, the signing of agreements on the implementation of major projects.


The opening of the graphic exhibition

The III National Graphic Exhibition named after George Gerasimov was opened in the Art Gallery named after Stanislav Dospevsky of the sister city of Pazardzhik on September 19, 2019. The exposition presents the creative works of more than 30 Bulgarian artists. The authors of the best works determined by the competent jury will be awarded with honorary diplomas and prizes. It is expected to release a catalog of graphic works presented at the national exhibition.

The European days of historical heritage

The European Days of Historical Heritage will be held from September 21 to 22, 2019 in the sister city of Beziers. In this regard, free excursions to ancient historic buildings, cathedrals, parks, theaters, museums, libraries are provided. A rich program of city-wide events, meetings with famous writers, artists and sculptors are planned. Thematic conferences, concerts of classical music and church singing, photo expositions will take place.

The industrial area reconstruction

A new master plan for the reconstruction of one of the industrial urban areas with a 100-year history was presented in the sister city of Des Moines on September 17, 2019. It is supposed to create a comfortable space combining various housing options (apartments, condominiums, townhouses), business premises and offices, shops and places for recreation and entertainment. Infrastructure and transport network will be organized taking into account the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and car owners. Modern reconstruction of the district will contribute to further sustainable development of the sister city.

The preparations for national holidays

An active preparations for celebrations dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China takes place in the sister city of Zhenjiang. So, ornamental plants with bright flowering (cockscomb, sunflower, etc.) are grown in the greenhouses of the city. The flowers planted in city will resemble a rainbow during a national holiday. 

The organization of sanitary cleaning of the city

A great importance in the twin city of Yerevan is attached to resolving the issues of sanitary cleaning. A new municipal institution carrying out garbage collection in all 12 administrative districts was founded. A decision to increase the number of employees of this institution was made at a meeting of the Council of Elders. It is assumed that the new staffing will not entail an increase in budget expenditures.

The international conference

A three-day international conference on sports rehabilitation was held in the sister city of Changzhou. The event was attended by more than 600 representatives from 20 provinces and cities of China, as well as 18 experts from the USA, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia and other countries. The promising areas for the development of sports rehabilitation and the introduction of the latest technologies in the field of health and fitness were discussed during the meetings. In recent years, an active work on popularization a healthy lifestyle and preventive sports has been carried out in Changzhou. It is also planned to start implementing the China Health Action Plan.


The anniversary of the Pazardzhik symphony orchestra

The concert, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the sister city symphony orchestra, was held in the city of Pazardzhik on September 12, 2019. The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Union of Musical Figures of Bulgaria, the National Music Academy named after prof. Pancho Vladigerova in Sofia, former musicians and conductors of the orchestra, as well as residents and guests of the sister city. Works of the famous composers - Ludwig van Beethoven, Giuseppe Verdi, Georges Bizet, Alexander Porfirievich Borodin, Parashkev Hadzhiev, were performed during the concert.

The annual action

The annual citywide action “Alleys of Beziers Associations” will be held on the Rickey Alleys of the sister city of Beziers on September 14, 2019. This year, representatives of 270 associations will demonstrate their achievements in the socio-cultural sphere, as well as in the field of environmental protection. The program of events is intended to familiarize citizens and visitors with the activities of associations, various performances and presentations, concerts.

The information service

A new information service “Show Me My House”, was launched on the sister city of Des Moines. This service will allow residents of the city to find the most important information related to the place of residence - administrative and statistical data on the management of the area, census results, contacts of police officers, nearest organizations and associations. To familiarize yourself with the information, you must specify the address of residence in the search bar.

The preparations for national holidays

Within the preparation for the festive events dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, as well as in order to ensure the safety of residents and guests in the sister city of Zhenjiang, exercises were held. During the training, emergency actions were practiced.

The construction of a new road

A new project - the construction of the Argavand-Shirak road was started in the sister city of Yerevan. The highway will have from four to six lanes, it is also planned to erect a 252-meter bridge across the Hrazdan river with a width of 28 meters. Argavand-Shirak road is part of the western part of the bypass road in Yerevan. Complete construction work is expected in 2021.

The taekwondo competitions

The Taekwondo National Youth Tournament – 2019 was held at the Changzhou Olympic Sports Center. The competitions was attended by about a thousand athletes from more than ten provinces and cities of the country. Taekwondo competitions are included in the annual twin city sporting events plan to educate and identify talented youth, as well as attract more citizens to a healthy lifestyle.


The participation in the international folklore festival

The dance folk ensemble “Khorovod” of Pazardzhik will take part in the International festival “Hello Luoyang-2019”, which will be held in Luoyang city (PRC) in the period from September 06 to 16, 2019. The event is sponsored by the European Association of Folklore Festivals (EAFF) and will be broadcasted on more than 250 television channels around the world. The ensemble “Khorovod” of the twin city is the only one creative team from the Republic of Bulgaria. As part of the program of stay in the People’s Republic of China the creative team will visit also Shanghai, Xi'an, Beijing.

The housing renovation 

As part of the national program, since 2016, the city of Beziers has been modernizing private premises according to the modern standards and requirements. Thanks to the efforts of the City Hall more than 300 apartments in the twin city were updated over the past three years. Currently, to start repair work, it is necessary to contact the appropriate service and conduct housing diagnostics by specialists of the municipality. Time for documenting permissions is significantly reduced.

The implementation of the national program

The sister city of Des Moines was awarded a grant as part of the national program for young people in difficult life situations. Funding will be used to organize various housing options for people under the age of 24. Over the next months a comprehensive plan will be developed in the sister city to solve the problem with youth councils, human rights organizations and other community members.

The tourist attractiveness increasing

In order to increase the tourist attraction in the city of Zhenjiang, glass murals were first used. The most significant sights, historical information, panoramas, topographic maps and other information reflecting the achievements of the city from ancient times are colorfully depicted on the windows of the sister city along the popular tourist routes. 

The music festival

A music festival dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the famous Armenian composer Tigran Mansuryan is held in the sister city of Yerevan from September 1 to September 13, 2019. As part of the event, a series of concerts will take place, during which residents and guests of the capital will be able to hear the chamber’s and classical works of the master, as well as music from popular films. Also, commemorative silver souvenirs were released for the composer's anniversary.

The list of the best private enterprises

The All-China Federation of Industry and Trade (ACFIC) published analytical reports on its performance in 2019 at the end of August this year. China's top 500 private enterprises include eight major companies in the sister city of Changzhou. Leading companies' annual revenue exceeds 18 billion yuan.


The participation in the VII World majorettes championship

The VII World majorettes championship was held in the city of Prague (Czech Republic) in the period from August 20 to 24, 2019. The event was attended by over 3,500 majorettes, competitions were held in several age categories. Representatives of the sports club «Mystery» of the sister city of Pazardzhik became winners of the championship, winning a silver medal.

The opening of the House for senior citizens in the city of Beziers

A new municipal home for the elderly was opened in the city of Beziers, which received the title "City friendly to the elderly". This building is located in the city center, it will allow its residents to take an active part in public life. A house for senior citizens can accommodate 60 people. In connection with the commissioning of its operation, 38 new jobs were created for staff.

The celebration of Labor Day in the city of Des Moines

Labor Day is a U.S. national holiday celebrated on the first Monday of September from 1882. In this regard most firms and almost all government offices in Des Moines will be closed on September 02 this year. 

The lectures on road safety

A road safety educational events were organized for freshmen of Zhenjiang № 3 Secondary School on August 29, 2019. Training sessions prepared by police officers were attended by more than 500 future students of the sister city.

The preparation for the new school year

On the eve of the new school year, the structural units of the City Hall of Yerevan were instructed to carry out a set of relevant activities. In particular, take appropriate measures to provide primary school students with free textbooks, replenish medical rooms with necessary medicines and update road markings in the surrounding areas. Also in the period from September 1 to September 30 this year a month on road safety will be organized with the sister city police.

The construction of a logistics base in Changzhou

Recently, the official ceremony of laying the first stone of the Jiahao Changzhou Cold Chain Logistics Base was held on the territory of the Wujin National High-Tech Industrial Zone. The cold chain is a specially organized system of measures that provides the best temperature conditions for storing and transporting medicines and other thermally dependent products at all stages of their transportation, from manufacturer to consumer. The total investment is $86 million. The project is planned to be completed in the III quarter of 2020.


The participation in the International ceramics open-air

Two well-known artists of the sister city of Pazardzhik took part in the 16th International Ceramics Open Air “Art-Zhizhal - 2019”, which took place in the period from July 17 to August 6, 2019 in the city of Bobruisk (Republic of Belarus). The event is held in order to develop intercultural relations among creative youth. More than 20 ceramists from around the world were invited to the open air. The creative works of the representatives of the sister city were awarded by honorary awards and will be exhibited in the art museum and other exhibition venues of Bobruisk.

The city improvement

The services of the city of Beziers in the city improvement follow the concept of environmental friendliness and profitability. So huge bright pool tables painted in bright colors, games for leisure of children and others were installed in the areas of the sister city. The spaces inside circular city crossroads were decorated with picturesque installations made from old-fashioned shades, lighting poles, tree trunks, metal barrels.

The acquisition of electric vehicles

Members of the city council of the sister city of Des Moines decided to purchase four electric vehicles in early 2020. A hybrid vehicle fleet already exists in the city, these models will be the first, which will be full operated from electricity. The transition to electric cars is one of the modern solutions aimed at protecting the environment, the implementation of the plan on planet climatic conditions improvement. 

The landscaping of the city

A special variety of sweet peach, bearing fruit in the autumn and winter is grown in the greenhouse farm of the sister city of Zhenjiang. Seedlings were imported from Mongolia. After months of careful grafting and cultivation, more than 100,000 trees were planted in the streets and parks of the sister city.

The trolleybus system

This year, the trolleybus park of the sister-city of Yerevan marks the anniversary date – the 70th anniversary of its founding. In the capital of the Republic of Armenia, much attention is paid to the development of this environmentally friendly mode of transport. The mayor of Yerevan expressed hope that after the development of new route networks in the city, trolleybuses will meet all the modern requirements of the 21st century.

The launch of the metro

The first metro line will be launched in the sister city of Changzhou at the end of September this year. At first, the movement will be in test mode. A transport artery will connect the northern and southern parts of the city. In total, it is planned to put into operation 29 metro stations.


The music festivals
The ancient fortress "Perister" of the Roman Empire, located in the Pazardzhik region, after restoration become the venue of numerous cultural and recreational activities. So in the second half of August, 2019 the II Festival of Classical Music “Peristera in Music” with participation of creative team “Cantabile” and the duet “D’Amore” will take place here, as well as the III Music Festival “Rock on the Fortress”.

The Feria
The traditional Feria holiday is celebrated in the sister city of Beziers in the period from August 14 and 18, 2019. The theatrical processions, parades of brass bands and folk groups will take place. The various attractions, exhibitions of books and autographs of famous people include to the program of the event. Concerts of French stars, horse shows with jugglers will take place at the festival’s numerous venues. Residents of Beziers and guests of the sister city will be able to take part in the festival of flamenco and traditional folk dances.

The development of recommendations for urban space planning
New recommendations for urban space planning and zoning are being developed in the sister city of Des Moines. The design of new and development of existing urban areas, taking into account the creation of a convenient transport system are the priority. It is also planned to remove the restriction on the minimum size of the occupied territory for private households.

The rescue teams teaching
In connection with the increase of natural disasters in recent years due to natural disasters and climate change, it was decided to organize joint exercises of Zhenjiang and Changzhou rescue teams on the Yangtze River. Specialists worked out coherence of actions to inform, assist the population and eliminate the consequences of emergency situations.

The comprehensive elevator replacement program
A comprehensive program on replacement elevators in multi-apartment residential buildings is being implemented in the city of Yerevan. It is planned to install 3,500 new elevators over four years. 20 elevators will be replaced at the expense of the community by the end of this year at the initiative of the City hall of the sister city as part of a pilot project. Additional financial resources were allocated for the repair of the existing elevator facilities.

The participation in the Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
Over 50 projects of the sister city of Changzhou took part in the regional Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. The five most promising projects, including the development of early warning in case of fire, location during emergency rescue operations, monitoring the movement of high-speed rail transport, as well as the use of the latest technologies in industry, will be presented in the final, which will be held in Nanjing. The winners will receive cash prizes, as well as a grant for the implementation of the project in Jiangsu.

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