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Participation in competitions
The National Modern Pentathlon Championship was held in the city of Sofia (Republic of Bulgaria) on March 06, 2021. During the competition, representatives of the sports club "Champion" of the city of Pazardzhik successfully performed. The sister city participants won medals in various age categories.

Economic development promotion
In order to ensure interaction between the authorities and representatives of the business community in the city of Beziers, the Agency for Economic Development has been created. It is assumed that innovative tools and methods of work will contribute to the expansion of the network of urban enterprises, dynamic economic development, as well as the formation of a positive image of the sister city at the national level.

The construction of a new logistics center
March 01 this year the sister city of Des Moines began to implement a new large-scale project - the creation of a modern logistics center that will unite the rail and transport links of the region Within the framework of the project, a linear road infrastructure will be created, warehouses and storage facilities will be erected. Particular importance is attached to landscape architecture, landscaping and landscaping of the territory. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

The coming of spring
Residents and guests of the sister city of Zhenjiang are celebrating the early onset of spring this year. Fruit trees and primroses bloom especially beautifully on city streets and in parks. Zhenjiang's vibrant beauty and springtime scenery has attracted many tourists and photography enthusiasts, furthering the development of the tourism industry.

The new transport route
In order to further develop the transport infrastructure in the sister city of Yerevan a new bus route was opened on March 01 this year. Optimization of the work of public urban transport contributes to the efficient provision of the population with transport services. Modern buses use a new billboard design.

The award for outstanding achievement
Five representatives of the sister city of Changzhou have been awarded the State Council Award for excellence and excellence in business. The prize is awarded every two years. The selection of candidates takes into account the recommendations of institutions and enterprises, as well as the expert assessment of specialists. It is noted that the winners have made a certain contribution to the further socio-economic development of the city of Changzhou.


The solemn events dedicated to the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke
On March 03, 2021, the city of Pazardzhik will host festive events dedicated to the 143rd anniversary of the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke. As part of the celebrations, the leadership of the sister city, residents and guests will take part in the official ceremony of raising the state flag on the Central Square named after Konstantin Velichkov, laying flowers at the monuments of national heroes who participated in the liberation of the country.

Training of qualified personnel
In one of the institutions of secondary vocational education in the sister city of Beziers - the Lyceum of Jean Moulin, special attention is paid to the training of highly qualified personnel for work in enterprises. Training is carried out in all industrial and engineering specialties. This year, the Lyceum leadership informed about the readiness of training specialists to work with renewable energy sources and "green" hydrogen.

The Farmers' Market
In the sister city of Des Moines, from May 1, 2021, it is planned to reopen the seasonal Farmers' Market. Traditionally, fresh agricultural products from local producers will be presented in the city center every Saturday. In accordance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements, the pavilions will be located taking into account the provision of social distancing; the number of suppliers will be reduced. At the same time, the market will continue to operate on online platforms.

The Lantern Festival
A number of events have been organized in the city of Zhenjiang on February 25-27 this year to mark the end of the celebration of the Chinese New Year, which traditionally ends with the Lantern Festival. Residents and guests of the sister city will be able to take part in the show of paper lanterns decorated with paintings on mythological themes or national patterns, as well as in theatrical performances and processions.

Official meeting with the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China
An official meeting with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Armenia Mr. Phan Yong took place in Yerevan. The mayor of the sister city, congratulating the ambassador on the start of the diplomatic mission, noted the high level of interaction between Yerevan and the cities of the PRC. The parties also discussed prospects for further cooperation in various fields, including in the field of improving public transport.

The development of Changzhou city
Within the framework of the five-year strategic development plan, more than 20 construction projects, which also include the modernization of infrastructure and highways will be implemented in the sister city of Changzhou. Particular importance is attached to the creation of a modern region in the east of Changzhou, in which educational, medical and cultural centers, scientific research institutions and industrial parks will be established. Changzhou is expected to become one of the leading smart manufacturing cities in the Jiangsu economic zone as a result of the comprehensive transformation.


The contest "The best sportsman of the city of Pazardzhik"
In Pazardzhik, preparations are underway to hold an annual competition for the title of the best sportsman. The questionnaires of twenty-two participants were presented to the members of the commission, consisting of experts and Olympic champions. The selection will take into account the individual achievements of the athlete, awards and participation in international, European and national competitions. Also, the jury will determine the best coach of the sister city. The official award ceremony will take place on February 17 this year.

The development of high-tech production in the city of Beziers
In order to develop renewable energy sources, the Cameron plant in the sister city of Beziers will start producing hydrogen - "energy of the future", which can be used as an environmentally friendly fuel for transport, as well as for industrial enterprises. It is planned to invest 400 million Euros in this high-tech production in the next 10 years.

Forums in 2021
A series of online forums will be held this year in Des Moines, during which priority issues will be discussed and meetings with experts will be held. The organizer of the event is the Association of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen "Greater Des Moines Partnership" of the sister city. A total of six online meetings are planned, the first forum will be held on February 16 this year.

Chinese New Year
On February 12, 2021 residents of the sister city of Zhenjiang celebrate the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival. According to the ancient Chinese chronology, the year 4719 has come, which will pass under the sign of the White Metal Bull. It is customary to celebrate the New Year in China with the family. Great importance is attached to meetings with relatives, cooking traditional national dishes, and decorating the house.

The cooperation between Yerevan and UNDP
In February 2021, the Mayor of Yerevan met with members of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Resident Mission in the Republic of Armenia. During the meeting, the parties noted effective cooperation. In recent years, a number of socially significant programs have been implemented, in particular, initiatives aimed at providing modern energy-efficient street lighting, improving the safety of pedestrian crossings, as well as the energy efficiency program in Yerevan. In conclusion, the parties also discussed the prospects for further urban development.

The development of the economy in Changzhou city
Despite the fallout from the COVID-19 outbreak, the gross domestic product of Changzhou city in 2020 increased by 4.5 percent. The sister city has the third highest GDP growth rate in Jiangsu province. The main industries that contributed to the increase in GDP were agriculture, construction and manufacturing, and the service sector. Also, retail sales of consumer goods increased in 2020. 


The participation in the Open Balkan Fencing Championship
The Open Balkan Fencing Championship was held on January 31, 2021 in the city of Sofia (Republic of Bulgaria. During the competition, the athletes of the 
“Pentathlon” club of the sister city of Pazardzhik successfully performed, having won a silver medal.

The award of the city of Béziers
The city of Béziers was awarded the title "Active and Sports City" as the winning municipality in the national competition, held under the patronage of the French Ministry of Sports. The jury of the competition evaluated the events held aimed at popularizing physical culture, sports, as well as the availability of sports activities for citizens with disabilities. The innovation policy of the city hall of Beziers on the development of physical education and sports was also noted.

A book festival in Des Moines
On March 27, 2021, Des Moines will host a book festival organized by the Greater Des Moines Partnership of the sister city. Within the framework of the event, presentations of recently published books, meetings with famous authors are planned.

Preparing for the Spring Festival
The Spring Festival, marking the arrival of the Chinese New Year, is approaching. Residents of the sister city of Zhenjiang are actively preparing for one of the main holidays: they decorate houses and adjoining territories with fresh flowers, buy gifts, and make traditional souvenirs.

The visit of the Mayor of Yerevan to the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia
Recently, the Mayor of Yerevan visited the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia. During the meeting with the rector of the educational institution, issues of further interaction between the mayor's office of the sister city and the university were discussed. When visiting educational buildings and laboratories, it was noted that the material and technical base of the university makes it possible to train qualified personnel by providing quality education.

The visit to Changzhou city
In January 2021, the Deputy Governor of the Municipal People's Government of Jiangsu Province visited Changzhou City. During the meeting with the leadership of the sister city, the prospects for the development of the city in the field of communication technologies and automation were discussed. Visits to several of the leading enterprises developing fifth generation 5G wireless communications were organized.


The International Music Festival
The opening of 46th traditional festival “Winter musical evenings named after prof. Ivan Spasov" took place on January 28, 2021 in the sister city of Pazardzhik. A presentation of the thematic exhibition "Picturesque Moments", as well as a screening of a film dedicated to the famous Bulgarian composer Pancho Vladigerov were also organized within the framework of the event.

The formation of an accessible urban environment
A large-scale plan to create an accessible environment in educational institutions for children and adolescents with disabilities has been implementing in the sister city of Beziers since 2015. More than twenty schools and school canteens are already equipped with special devices, including tactile indicators for the blind and visually impaired. Currently, during the construction and renovation of residential buildings and offices in the city, creating an accessible environment is a mandatory requirement.

The support for small businesses
In order to support the small business of the sister city of Des Moines a social action - glowing balloons in the city center was organized during the January 22-23, as well as January 29-30 this year. Balloons draw the attention of visitors to retail and catering points located in the immediate vicinity, as well as main attractions.

Preparing for the Spring Festival
A various social projects are being implemented in Zhenjiang city within the preparation for the Spring Festival, which marks the arrival of the Chinese New Year. Representatives of the municipal government of the sister city and volunteers from the Red Cross visited veterans, disabled people, lonely elderly people to provide assistance and support and donated food packages, as well as essentials.

The diplomatic meeting
A meeting with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to the Republic of Armenia was held at the city Hall of the sister city of Yerevan. During the reception, the parties noted the need to develop economic ties, further cooperation in various fields, in particular, in the field of transport, gardening, and utilities. The hope was expressed for the implementation of new bilateral projects.

The support for export companies
The customs authorities of the sister city of Changzhou have developed a self-service system for issuing certificates of origin of goods in order to simplify the conditions for organizing the export of goods. The certificate confirms that the exported product is produced, manufactured or processed in a specific country. In 2020, 91% of the total number of certificates were issued and printed through this system.


The opening of the exhibition in the museum of the city of Pazardzhik 

An exhibition dedicated to the famous Bulgarian scientist, author of scientific works in the field of geography, ethnography and geopolitics, honorary citizen of the sister city Ivan Batakliev opens at the Regional Historical Museum of the city of Pazardzhik in the period from January 21 to February 26, 2021. The exhibition presents historical materials, manuscripts, photographs, personal belongings related to the research and teaching activities of the scientist. 

The quality of sports facilities in the city of Beziers 

The lawn of the Raoul Barrier Stadium of the sister city of Béziers was recognized as the best among the sports lawns in the country, the quality of which was determined in accordance with several criteria. The cover is hybrid: 95% natural grass and 5% synthetic, which guarantees durability. 

The development of the insurance industry 

A program on support insurance startups is implementing in the sister city of Des Moines. Within a hundred days, aspiring entrepreneurs will be trained by representatives of the seven largest insurance companies. As part of the program, online meetings, webinars, trainings in the main areas of business will be organized; prospects for the development of the industry in modern conditions will be considered. 

The restoration of aquatic ecosystems 
The ecological restoration of Qishan National Water Park has officially begun in the sister city of Zhenjiang on January 18, 2021. The main focus is on replenishing the biological diversity of the water body. It is planned to launch more than 100 thousand fry of carp, silver carp, grass carp, catfish and other fish species into the lake by the end of January 2021. 

The renovation of the elevator equipment 
With a view to further improvement, the municipality of the sister city of Yerevan decided to replace 300 elevators in apartment buildings in 2021. All new elevators will be equipped with a view to ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities. As part of the program, the entrances of multi-storey buildings will also be adapted for wheelchairs. 

The development of international cooperation 
The Foreign Affairs Office of the Municipal People's Government of the sister city of Changzhou donated about 50 books and manuals for the study of the Chinese language to the city of Lanus (Argentina) on January 12, 2021. Educational literature will be used in the first Chinese language school in Lanus, which will be opened in March this year. A memorandum on expanding cooperation in the field of culture and education between the cities of Lanus and Changzhou was signed in 2019. 


The anniversary of the Ottoman yoke liberation

The residents and guests of the city of Pazardzhik celebrated the 143rd anniversary of liberation from the Ottoman yoke on January 14, 2021. As part of the celebration, flowers were laid at the monument to General N.P. Broca, who led the vanguard of the Russian troops who liberated the city. The mayor of the Pazardzhik Community, the Governor of the Pazardzhik region, deputies of the regional and city Duma took part in the ceremony. The participants tribute to the memory of the heroes of the Russian-Turkish war.

The measures on prevention the urban heritage of Beziers 

In order to preserve the cultural and historical heritage of the city of Béziers mayor's office acquired the municipal property of the old building of the city Variety Theater, on the stage of which world famous stars performed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In 2003, the building was included in the list of architectural monuments. The possibility of returning the old theater to its former cultural significance is currently being considered.

The priorities of urban development for 2021 

The Greater Des Moines Partnership, an association of entrepreneurs from the sister city of Des Moines, presented the results of the organization's activities over the past year, as well as identified the priorities for 2021 on January 14, 2021. Particular attention will be paid to creating new jobs, supporting small and medium-sized businesses, as well as providing equal opportunities for all segments of the population and attracting talented youth to work.

The popularization of cultural traditions 

The stone carver of the sister city of Zhenjiang, Mr. Li Yongjun, has completed the stone relief "One Hundred Children of Spring." The creative work was created using the traditional national carving technique and consists of seven fragments measuring 40x40 cm depicting children involved in folk games or demonstrating cultural traditions.

The organization of New Year's greetings for children 

On the eve of the New Year, the Mayor's Office of the sister city of Yerevan organized a visit to festive performances for children in difficult life situations. More than 5,000 tickets were purchased with the support of public organizations. Small sweet gifts were also given to pupils of municipal kindergartens and preschool institutions.

The promotion of medical care

More than 20 medical workers from the sister city of Changzhou, as part of ten teams, were sent to Hebei province to assist in testing cases with suspected Covid-19. The teams are equipped with personal protective equipment and equipment for detecting cases of infection. A number of measures are being taken to control, treat and prevent the incidence of coronavirus infection.


Specialized sports publication
In December of this year, a specialized publication dedicated to the development of urban sports was published for the first time in the sister city of Pazardzhik. Special attention is paid to sports achievements in volleyball, the updated material and technical base of sports organizations of the sister city, reduction of the local tax rate for parents of young athletes,

Measures for city development
The Mayor's office of Beziers has begun to improve the road along the Southern Canal. This road is connected to international cycling routes, and will also allow tourists and water sports enthusiasts to get acquainted with the scenery and attractions of the canal, in particular with the Fonseran locks, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Landscaping involves gentle leveling of the road, reconstruction of territories.

Organization of citizens’ leisure activities
As part of the organization of recreation and outdoor sports for citizens in the sister city of Des Moines, the Brenton Skating Plaza is open fr om November 2020 to January 2021. Taking into account the requirements caused by the coronavirus pandemic, in the current season, attendance at the rink is limited by 50%, which allows skaters to keep social distances. The rink staff is provided with masks and gloves, and skates are rented outdoors.

Holding a show of glowing figures
On December 26-27, an exhibition and demonstration of light figures and kites was held in the Sports park of the sister city of Zhenjiang. In the evening, numerous visitors could watch a colorful show, the flight of "dragons", "phoenixes" and other fairy-tale characters. The unusual performance helped to create a festive mood among residents and guests of the city.

Approval of the budget for 2021
A meeting of the Council of Elders was held in the sister city of Yerevan, wh ere the results of the current year were discussed, as well as the budget for 2021 was approved. The city budget provides funds for the further development of the economy and the implementation of municipal programs for the improvement of the city.

Sino-German Forum on Scientific and Technological Innovation Cooperation
On December 23, this year, the China-Germany Intelligent Manufacturing Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Forum was held in the sister city of Changzhou. There was a presentation of the joint research centre for the study of intelligent technologies, commercialization of innovation and research projects. In order to increase the participation of students in innovation and entrepreneurship an agreement was reached on cooperation between higher educational institutions of Changzhou and Germany.


Measures to support small and medium businesses
During the period of restrictions related to coronavirus infection, the Mayor's office of the sister city of Beziers supports local small and medium-sized businesses. For organizations and enterprises that distribute their products via the Internet, free delivery of goods to customers is provided. Also, a municipal internet platform has been created, which provides information about the possibilities of purchasing goods.

Online events organization
In order to support businesses in the face of the pandemic, the Greater Des Moines Partnership has developed a guide for organizing and conducting events via videoconference. As part of the training, the main stages of plan developing for webinars and online events, as well as features of implementing virtual projects are considered. The main requirements for personnel training, digital platforms and data security are also presented.

Winter swimming competitions
As part of the further promotion of a healthy lifestyle and sports among the population, the 3rd Jiangsu Danyang Fenghuang Winter Swimming Invitational Competition was held in the sister city of Zhenjiang. The sports event was attended by more than 650 swimmers aged 30 to 70 years, who trained throughout the year. Winter swimming promotes health, cold treatment, which is especially important at the present time.

Measures for further ecological improvement
In order to improve environmental conditions in the sister city of Yerevan, the municipal organization "Greening and environmental protection" was established. During the year, comprehensive measures will be implemented to restore and create new green areas of the capital of Armenia. The institution is also responsible for organizing the collection and sorting of waste, growing various types of trees and shrubs for planting in the open ground.

Participation in professional skill competitions
On December 21 of this year, the results of the China's first nationwide Vocational Skills Competition were summed up. More than 2.5 thousand contestants took part in the competition. The representatives of Changzhou won two first, two second and two third places. Also, 12 projects and 15 specialists from Changzhou were selected to participate in the Chinese national team in the 46th international professional competition "WorldSkills", which will be held in Shanghai in 2022.


Victory on the international tournament on kickboxing
Representatives of the sports club "Spartak" of the tsister city of Pazardzhik as part of the national team of the Republic of Bulgaria in kickboxing became the winners of the International Tournament "Balkans Best Fighters 2020", which was held on December 11-13 this year in Serbia. Athletes of the sister city won gold, silver and bronze medals following the results of individual competitions.

Reconstruction of the river station
In order to increase the tourist attractiveness of the sister city of Beziers, work is being carried out on the reconstruction of the Valra river port. To facilitate the maneuvering of ships, it is planned to deepen the bottom of the inner harbor/ It is supposed to update completely the coating of embankments and piers, to repair the river station and to improve the surrounding area, as well as to organize parking for vehicles.

Social action
In order to support the activities of entrepreneurs in the sister city of Des Moines, a social action was organized from December 14 to 23. Within ten days, handmade ornaments will be placed in the city center near shopping facilities and main attractions, which can be picked up as a souvenir by residents and guests of the city. The campaign will attract attention to the work of local artists, and will also help to increase pre-holiday sales.

National Memorial Day 
Every year since 2014, China has held National Memorial Days on December 13, during which ceremonies are organized to honor the memory of the victims of the tragic events of the Second Sino-Japanese War, which went down in history as the Nanjing Massacre. In the sister city of Zhenjiang, the event was attended by representatives of the municipal government and the public. December 13 is not only a day of remembrance and mourning, but also a call to remember history and preserve peace.

Reconstruction of medical institutions
Within the framework of the construction and improvement program in the sister city of Yerevan, four ambulance substations were reconstructed, heating and water supply systems were updated, and inventory was replaced. There are 7 ambulance substations in Yerevan to ensure rapid assistance. Next year, it is planned to continue the repair and re-equipment of municipal medical institutions.

Best white rice brands in China
On December 4 this year in Nanjing (Jiangsu Province) the results of the assessment of the quality of rice grown in China were announced. Experts assessed products presented by more than 300 manufacturers from 13 provinces. The “Huangjin Village” rice, produced in the sister city of Changzhou, is rated among the 30 best brands for white rice in China. The key to high quality is the use of environmentally friendly fertilizers.


Christmas tree opening
On December 08 the opening of the New Year tree was held in the sister city of Pazardzhik on the eve of Christmas and New Year. Despite the difficulties of the new coronavirus infection pandemic, it was decided to switch on lights traditionally to create a festive mood for citizens. The ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Pazardzhik, residents and guests of the sister city.

Greening of Beziers
The municipality of Beziers continues to work actively to improve the quality of life of its citizens. In order to further green the sister city in the winter of 2020-2021, it is supposed to plant more than 700 trees and 200 shrubs in the streets, school yards and parks. To 2026 in the city of Beziers is planned about 5,000 cedars, pines, oaks, maples, etc.

Greater Des Moines Partnership’s strategic priorities for 2021
The Greater Des Moines Partnership, an association of the sister city entrepreneurs, presents the organization's strategic priorities for the next year. In order to support inclusive economic growth and overcome the 2020 crisis, the main focus will be on expanding broadband and Internet access, as well as attracting investment. Special attention will be paid to the organization of child care, including the implementation of specialized public-private partnership programs for parents and guardians.

National U Series Track and Field Communication
In the period from December 5 to December 6, the National U Series Track and Field Communication (Jiangsu Division) was held in the sports complex of the sister city of Zhenjiang. About 1,000 athletes representing 77 teams from 18 provinces took part in the competition. In accordance with the sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the competition, all participants made medical tests. Volunteers of the sister city played a significant role in the organization and holding of the sports event.

Measures to stop coronavirus
As part of humanitarian assistance to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection, the French Embassy in the Republic of Armenia provided the Yerevan municipality with ventilators, oxygen generators and oximeters, protective anti-epidemic suits, gloves and masks. Medical and protective equipment will be distributed between diagnostic and treatment services located in the Department of the Mayor's office.

Meeting with representatives of financial and credit organizations
On December 02 the Mayor of the sister city of Changzhou held an official meeting with a delegation of the Jiangsu Rural Commercial Bank. During the meeting many years of cooperation were noted, especially in the framework of industrial restructuring. An agreement was reached on further cooperation in order to ensure the socio-economic development of Changzhou.


Virtual exhibition of paintings

In the sister city of Pazardzhik, a virtual exhibition of the famous artist Maria Barakova "Colorita De Lumine" is organized. In the face of restrictions related to the spread of the new Covid-19 coronavirus infection and the closure of art galleries, modern technologies have allowed art lovers to view creative works online.

Festive decoration of the city
In the sister city of Beziers, however all public events were cancelled, on the eve of Christmas and New Year, special attention is paid to the festive decoration of the streets. New art objects have been installed in the city center: glowing stars with a diameter of 3.5 to 7 meters, as well as an arch shining with lights. New Year trees are placed on the squares. It is supposed that the bright design will contribute to the festive mood of citizens and city guests.

Work of the Farmers' Market in winter
In the sister city of Des Moines the Farmers' Market will take place on December 12 this year. Local manufacturers' pavilions will be located along the parking, which will allow purchasing goods without leaving the car. Visitors will also be able to pre-select products online and receive a ready order. On the eve of the holidays, the market will present fresh products from local farmers and various craftsmen - meat, cheeses, bakery products, souvenirs and so on.

Events of the Road Safety Day
December 02 of this year the sister city of Zhenjiang hosted a Road Safety Day events. Particular attention is paid to familiarizing students with the rules of the road. In preschool and educational institutions of the city, lectures by police representatives and training master classes on crime prevention were organized.

Further development of the city
In the sister city of Yerevan, urban development and further improvement have been continued. About 700 energy-saving LED lights have been installed on the streets of the capital of Armenia. This year, two administrative districts were fully illuminated and lighting of the capital's pedestrian crossings was completed.

National award for professional excellence
November 24 this year in the city of Beijing, a solemn presentation of national awards to the best representatives of professions and exemplary workers was organized. About 2.5 thousand representatives of various professions were awarded for high achievements in labor and professional skills. Eight residents of the sister city of Changzhou are among the winners. They are doctors, engineers, managers and representatives of other fields of activity.


Construction of a pedestrian zone
In the sister city of Beziers, a large-scale construction of a nature-saving pedestrian zone was begun. It is planned to construct a system of stairs, elevators, and passageways by 2022 that will allow residents and guests of Beziers to overcome the 40-meter height difference in the city center. Construction is conducted in view of the interests of people with disabilities. It is supposed that the new zone will not block the view of the old Cathedral, which is the landmark of Beziers.

Work of non-profit organizations
In order to support the activities of non-profit organizations in the sister city of Des Moines during the pandemic, an online meeting of representatives of public associations was organized in November this year. During the webinar methods of managing non-profit organizations, practices for attracting members to activities, as well as the most effective ways to achieve goals and present the potential of organizations were discussed.

Popularizing the use of electric bicycles
In order to further promote a healthy lifestyle among the population, rental points for 1000 electric bicycles have been set up in the sister city of Zhenjiang. After a period of testing and route optimization, a decision will be made to place another thousand items. Electric bicycles are becoming popular due to their compact size, ease of use and operation.

Development of innovative technologies
On November 15, this year, the sister city of Changzhou hosted a Summit on the development of new energy and the automotive industry, where the prospects for environmentally friendly technologies were discussed. The main focus was on the development of vehicles using new energy sources. The event was attended by representatives of the Changzhou municipal people's government, research centers, and national academies of sciences.


Participation in the national karate championship
Students of the Tornado sports club in Pazardzhik took part in the National karate championship among children – the final competition of 2020, which was held in the city of Plovdiv (Republic of Bulgaria). Young sportsmen of the sister city won two gold, three silver and three bronze medals.

Providing media services
During the period of quarantine because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Andre Malraux media library in Beziers provided residents with the opportunity to use their digitized funds for free. 622 e-books, 6400 different videos, 1500 online lessons, 1600 magazines and newspapers are freely available to subscribers of the library. Due to sanitary restrictions, an order can be made on the organization's website.

Promotion of the coronavirus reduction
Due to the pandemic, the Stay Safe Pledge is gaining popularity in the sister city of Des Moines. As part of the initiative, entrepreneurs, employees of enterprises, owners of public catering establishments and retail areas, as well as citizens demonstrate compliance with preventive requirements aimed at reducing the risk of infection with a new coronavirus. Special attention is also paid to the promotion of information in social networks using special hashtags and graphics.

Annual online shopping festival
From November 01 to 11 this year, the sister city of Zhenjiang trade enterprises participated in the annual national online shopping festival "Double 11". At the moment online stores have become the most convenient form of shopping, providing wide opportunities for choosing products. In terms of sales, Zhenjiang ranked the 10th in Jiangsu province.

Modern technologies of aquaculture development
The I National Conference on Intelligent Aquaculture was held in the sister city of Changzhou. The event demonstrated innovative approaches to breeding and growing aquatic organisms in natural and artificial reservoirs. There were exhibitions and presentations of more than a hundred aquaculture plants with various functions, as well as modern equipment for aeration and monitoring of water quality, prevention and control of water weeds, harvesting, transportation and packaging of products.


Creating comfortable urban environment
On November 10 of this year, the results of the contest for the creation and maintenance of landscaped and green neighborhood territories "Green Paradise" were summed up in the city of Pazardzhik. The winners were awarded diplomas and cash certificates. The mayor of the sister city noted the importance of holding this competition for creating a comfortable urban environment and improving the attractiveness of Pazardzhik.

Promotion of higher education
As part of the "Monge" campaign aimed at promoting higher education, the sister city of Beziers was visited by former graduates of the Jean Moulin Lyceum, who in 2019 became students of one of the most prestigious universities in France – the Polytechnic School. The main goal of the initiative is to inform Lyceum students about opportunities for further education.

Annual award for the development of inclusivity
On November 10, the results of the annual competition for the "Inclusion Award" among enterprises and organizations actively engaged in the development of an inclusive corporate culture were announced in the sister city of Des Moines. When considering applications, special attention was paid to best practices in the time of pandemic. In 2020, the Meredith Corporation was declared the winner for its active educational activities to ensure social equality.

Improvement of the city of Zhenjiang
For further development and improvement the environment in the sister city of Zhenjiang, a new residential area is being built to relocate citizens to more favorable living conditions, as well as the modernization of two bases where chemical industry enterprises are located. During the reconstruction process, special attention is paid to ensuring environmental safety. The end of construction is planned in 2021.

China international import exhibition
On November 04, this year, the 3rd China International import exhibition was held in Shanghai. The event was attended by about 900 enterprises of the sister city of Changzhou. The main focus was on innovative developments and high-tech production, as well as environmentally friendly industry. Taking into account the difficult situation with the coronavirus pandemic in the world, the exhibition provided an opportunity to establish new business contacts with global traders, and contributed to the further development of foreign trade relations.


Implementation of the youth incentive program
The city of Pazardzhik is successfully implementing the "Civic impulse" youth incentive program. As part of the celebration of the national holiday on November 01, 2020, the Mayor of the Pazardzhik awarded the youth representatives of the sister city for special achievements in the field of education and culture. The award ceremony was held at the Georgi Atanasov concert hall in Pazardzhik.

Construction of a new parking 
In 2021, the city of Beziers plans to build a covered overland parking for 300 vehicles. Inside the building with the original architecture and a mirrored facade, it is also planned to organize 30 parking places for cycling with electric terminals. The first floor of the building will be used for shops and a bicycle rental agency.

Social art project
In the period from October 29 to 31 this year, a social art project "the Dream Cube" was presented in the sister city of Des Moines, designed to draw attention to the problems of young people in difficult life situations. The cubic installation shows aspects of the life of young homeless people. The initiative also provides citizens with information about opportunities to support young people in solving problems.

Traditional autumn festival
On October 25, this year, the sister city of Zhenjiang organized celebrations of the national Double Ninth Festival, which has a thousand-year history. As part of the program of events, annual mountain climbing competitions were held, and theatrical shows dedicated to folklore were presented. On this day, gifts are traditionally presented to the elderly.

Implementation of the strategic development program
In order to promote economic and social development in the sister city of Yerevan, the Green city action program is being implemented, which is a strategic document for the period up to 2030. Within the framework of the program, a number of activities are carried out aimed at improving the city's landscaping, optimizing the road infrastructure of the capital of Armenia, preserving the environment and public health, and much more.

Implementation of the rural revitalization project
In order to further develop cultural and agricultural tourism in the sister city of Changzhou, a new large-scale project "Shunshan Town" has been launched to revive the countryside. According to the three-year plan, a new demonstration area is planned to be created, providing modern opportunities for living, education, culture, sports and entertainment. Business models of creative and high-tech agriculture will also be implemented here.


Participation in the National kickboxing championship
In the period from 23 to 25 October 2020, the National kickboxing championship was held in the city of Burgas (the Republic of Bulgaria). More than 800 athletes from the country took part in the competition. Representatives of the Spartak sports club of the sister city of Pazardzhik were successful and won a gold, three silver and eight bronze medals.

Participation in the Olympiad organization
The sister city of Beziers is defined as a training center for athletes during the Olympic Games to be held in Paris in 2024. Foreign rugby and soccer teams will train at the city's De la Présidente and Sauclières stadiums. This decision shows that the city's sports facilities are in excellent technical condition and meet international standards.

Initiative to the Des Moines Dairy’s anniversary
The Des Moines Dairy, which produces milk, cottage cheese, a variety of sour cream dips, and others, is celebrating its 90th anniversary. To mark such a significant date, it was decided to return the vintage design of cardboard packages of the most popular dairy products. Representatives of the company hope that the images on the boxes will remind of the pleasant and joyful moments of the past, since the Dairy’s products are an integral part of the life of several generations of Des Moines residents.

Flower season
With the onset of autumn, the colorful decoration of the flower fields of the sister city of Zhenjiang attracts many lovers of beautiful landscapes. The flower season lasts from September to mid-November. To promote agricultural tourism in the fields, performances of folk groups demonstrating folk songs and dances, national traditions are also organized.

Reconstruction of the road network
As part of further improvement, the reconstruction of the street and road network continues in the sister city of Yerevan. The Babajanyan-Ashtarak road is currently under construction. The work is expected to be completed within two months.

Sino-Swiss factory founding
On October 15, 2020, the official opening of the plant of the Swiss company "Givaudan", the world's largest manufacturer of food flavorings and perfume compositions, took place in the sister city of Changzhou. The ceremony was attended by the Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai and the Vice-Mayor of Changzhou. The plant is expected to become an advanced center for the production of fragrances and perfumes in the Asia-Pacific region.


A new sports hall construction
The official opening ceremony of a new training hall construction at the Sports School in Pazardzhik took place on October 22, 2020. The event was attended by the Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Republic of Bulgaria Krasen Kralev and the Mayor of the Community of Pazardzhik Todor Popov. The mayor of the sister city noted that recently the number of champions of Bulgaria in various sports, studying in school, increased by 36 people.

The participation in the National Badminton Championship
The National Youth Badminton Championship was held in the city of Haskovo (Republic of Bulgaria) in the period from 17 to 18 October, 2020. More than 70 athletes under the age of seventeen took part in the competition. Representatives of the Sports School of the city of Pazardzhik became bronze medalists of the championship.

The reconstruction of primary and preschool education institutions
The buildings of three city institutions of primary and preschool education were reconstructed and renovated in the city of Béziers in 2020. Work was carried out to add additional premises to accommodate new classrooms, libraries, recreation rooms, school canteens as well as the adjacent territory was landscaped. The construction was carried out taking into account the needs of people with limited mobility.

The farmers market in the city of Des Moines
In order to support small and medium-sized businesses in Des Moines, it was decided to place a traditional winter farmers' market in the open air. Due to the difficult epidemic situation, a mandatory requirement is the observance of social distancing, as well as the use of personal protective equipment. The fair will be operated on November 21, 2020 in the parking area of one of the central parks of the sister city. Shoppers will be able to pre-order online and then visit the farmers' market to get it, or shop locally without leaving their vehicle. The seasonal fruits and vegetables, meats, cheeses, pastries, honey, jams and sauces, as well as gifts from local artists and artisans will be presented.

The development of agriculture
Agriculture accounts for a significant share of the economy of Zhenjiang City. In order to develop the agro-industrial complex, special attention is paid to the introduction of innovative technologies and developments in the field of crop production. An unmanned harvester from one of the Chinese manufacturers is currently being tested on the farm fields of the sister city.

The conference on thermoelectric materials
In the period from 11 to 14 October 2020, Changzhou city hosted 12th China Conference on Thermoelectric Materials and Applications (CCT2020), organized by by Yangtze River Delta Physics Reseasrch Center, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOPLY) with financial support from the Chinese Thermoelectric Society, Chinese Materials Research Society (CTS, C-MRS). More than 600 people took part in the conference; about 350 scientific reports were presented. Special attention was paid to thermoelectric technology - an alternative and environmentally friendly method of collection and return warmth that attracts the attention of academics and industry sectors from around the world.


Day of the Bulgarian community
On October 12, Pazardzhik hosted events dedicated to the celebration of the Day of the Bulgarian community. Representatives of the authorities took part in the solemn meeting of the city Duma. The Mayor of the sister city addressed the residents and guests of Pazardzhik with congratulations, noting the success in urban development in various areas.

Real estate market promotion
In order to promote sales and ensure transparency of operations in the city's real estate market, a meeting with professional property experts will be organized in the sister city of Beziers on October 17, 2020. During the event, citizens will receive consultations on legal issues, construction and architecture, expert examination, as well as banking support for transactions.

Businesses support during the pandemic
To support local food service businesses in the sister city of Des Moines, grants have been announced to equip outdoor areas. The initiative will provide heating equipment for summer verandas and outdoor terraces. The events are aimed at extending the season of outdoor cafes and restaurants, which is safer in the face of the pandemic.

Participation in the World day without car
Paying special attention to environmental protection, as well as drawing attention to the depletion of natural resources, residents of the sister city of Zhenjiang traditionally participated in events organized as part of the World day without car. During the day, citizens tried to avoid using fuel vehicles. Also, for the sixth year, the Chishan lake national park hosted a bicycle marathon, which was attended by about 500 cycling enthusiasts.

Development of wind energy
A forum on robotics and automated wind power was held in the sister city of Changzhou. The event was attended by more than 100 representatives of equipment manufacturing companies, research institutes, as well as developers of innovative technologies. Taking into account the growing interest in the use of alternative energy sources in the world, the prospects for developing powerful equipment and wind power automation technologies were discussed during the forum.


Participation in the national karate championship
Seventeen participants of the Tornado sports club of Pazardzhik took part in the National karate championship among children, which was held in the city of Shumen (Republic of Bulgaria). Young athletes of the sister city won 11 medals in different age categories, two representatives of the club were also awarded special prizes.

Theatrical art promotion
In order to organize cultural leisure for children and teenagers, to introduce the younger generation to the performing arts, the Franciscan theater and the Municipal theater of Beziers are launching the Meetings of Riquet project. Within the framework of the project, monthly master classes and sections on acting, directing, creating theater plays and sets will be held. There will also be classes in modern dance, vocal and circus arts. The project will be from October 14, 2020 to May 2021.

Healthy lifestyle promotion
Taking into account that the restrictions related to the pandemic have led to a decrease in physical activity of citizens, in the sister city of Des Moines, October has been declared “health month”. Within the initiative, weekly events are organized to encourage residents to adopt a healthy lifestyle and promote a balanced diet. Information is distributed in social networks, informational newsletters and motivational posters are published. Special attention is paid to the development of healthy habits among the younger generation.

Development of the city
A new modern recreation park built using innovative "sponge" technology has been opened in the sister city of Zhenjiang. A feature of this structure is a multi-level system that allows rainwater to be safely absorbed and stored for future use, which significantly reduces the risk of flooding in heavy rains. The park offers a wide range of opportunities for recreation activities of citizens.

Development of the instrument industry
The Chinese-German industrial Park for Inspection, Testing and Certification Cooperation was opened in the sister city of Changzhou. The event also included a seminar on the strategic development of China's domestic instrument industry “Brand Building and Marketization of Domestic Instruments”, during which perspectives to improve and expand the instrument industry in China were discussed.

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